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Free UsenetIf you are looking to gain access to Usenet, then you will most likely have to go through a different provider than the one that you use for your internet. Some internet service providers do still operate some kind of access to Usenet but it is limited.

In most cases, an ISP will refer a customer on to a Usenet provider, one that specializes in giving full unlimited access to the Usenet for its subscribers. The reason is that not all ISP™s run news servers, as they are very difficult to maintain, not to mention costly. The Usenet tends to have users that download large amounts of data in comparison to internet users. For this reason, an ISP really does not focus on encouraging Usenet users, as they are a lot of work for no extra money.

There are still some ISP™s that provide a limited access to the Usenet, but the service tends to be far from ideal with restricted volumes of downloads and quite often restricted access. One of the main reasons for the sustained life of the Usenet is the freedom of information, so to have a restricted service kind of defeats the point.

ISP closing is a fact of the Usenet and very soon you will not be able to access any Usenet facilities through a normal ISP. Many people use their ISP just to get a taste for the Usenet. Once they understand how it works and what is possible with it, they sign up to a premium provider.

A premium Usenet provider is a service that will give you non restricted access to the whole of the Usenet. Most providers will have a range of plans that a user would select from. For a light user of the Usenet, a block plan is usually the best choice. This will allow a user to download a set amount of data, with the amount available usually starting around 5 gigabytes a month. The other option is unlimited download, which has no limits to the amount of data you can pull from the feeds. The only thing that will then restrict you is your internet connection speed and any restrictions that your connection may have.

The difference between premium and ISP is really that you have full and unrestricted access to the Usenet. The problem with accessing the Usenet through your ISP (if possible at all) is that you will only be able to access certain areas of it. The whole point of the Usenet is that it is unrestricted, so to limit yourself with what you can and cannot access seems to be a bit pointless. For the actual cost of a premium Usenet provider starting as little as $3 a month, you get far more access and speed available to you.  Check out our list our premium Usenet provider list.

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