Maximum Usenet Review

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Maximum Usenet Review
Rating3 Stars
Price$3.00 / Month
Retention4908 Days
Free TrialNone
FeaturesUS and EU Servers
High Retention Rate
Unlimited and Block Access Plans

Maximum Usenet is a US-based Usenet service provider that has been around since 2006 and offers high binary retention. Maximum Usenet also has multiple server farms located in the US and EU giving you maximum satisfaction with high speed, completion and privacy.

Maximum Usenet Quick Summary

  • US-based Usenet service provider
  • US and EU Servers
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • 256-bit SSL Connections
  • 50 Connections
  • Uncensored Newsgroups
  • Maximum Usenet Servers - United States and Amsterdam
  • High Binary Retention - 4908 Day
  • 24/7 Support
  • Bitcoin not accepted
  • Unlimited and Block Access Plans

Binary Retention

Maximum Usenet currently offers 4908 days of Binary and Text retention. This is at the same level of the best Usenet service providers.


Maximum Usenet offers multiple plans ranging from unlimited access and block access plans. Pricing are as follows:

Maximumusenet Pricing

Free Trial Info

Maximum Usenet does not have any free trial offering. You may want to check out our list of the best Usenet service providers for those that have free trials so you can test out their service first.

Special Offers/ Coupons

This Usenet service provider does not have any special offerings or promos. However, do check back with us for future promotions and possible coupons.

Speed Test

Like other Usenet service providers, Maximum Usenet performs well in terms of speed. With servers in both US and EU, you get the best possible speed for your Usenet access. Please note, however, that your Usenet activity greatly relies on the speed of your internet service provider.

Maximumusenet Speed Test


Maximum Usenet offers 50-high speed connections included in all their plans.

News Servers/ Ports/ Configuration

Standard routing ports for their US servers are:

  • (ports: 119, 443 and 8080)
  • (SSL ports: 563, 80 and 81)

Standard routing ports for their European servers are:

  • (ports: 119, 443 and 8080)
  • (SSL ports: 563, 80 and 81)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Maximum Usenet?
A: A premium Usenet service, Maximum Usenet offers users high-speed connections to newsgroup servers that offer a high completion and retention rate.

Q: Does Maximum Usenet limit download speed?
A: No, your download speed will depend on internet traffic, connection speed and route to servers. Maximum Usenet does not rate limit its users.

Q: Where do I see how much I’ve downloaded?
A: Simply go to the members area. There you’ll find an overview of how to use the members area and check bandwidth.

Q: Does my account automatically renew, and when does that happen?
A: A monthly account will be automatically renewed at the end of each billing cycle until the user cancels his or her account. Keep in mind that the billing cycle may not coincide with the calendar month. The cycle will begin when the user signs up for service and renews after 30 days.

Q: How many newsgroups are there on Maximum Usenet?
A: There are currently in the vicinity of 107,000 newsgroups available on Maximum Usenet. We are able to offer access to over 100,000 groups, although some groups are considered ‘dead’ and do not have content or have very little content, so we try to exclude these. We are willing to take suggestions from our users regarding newsgroups they’d like to see.

Q: How fast am I able to download files?
A: Download speed depends on various factors such as internet traffic, connection speed, etc. Maximum Usenet will not rate limit or throttle speeds for any user. Access is available from the US and EU servers to help ensure users may take advantage of the fastest speeds available.

Q: How are downloads and transfers measured?
A: Maximum Usenet counts every byte of information going from our server to our users' computer including files that come from binary groups and text groups. Transfer amounts for posts our users make to groups are not counted, however.


Maximum Usenet has a comprehensive FAQ page for all your basic service inquiries. If your questions are unanswered by the FAQ page or if you have other concerns, you can reach out to them through their support page or email them at Their support team is available 24/7.

Contact Information

MXU Services, INC
3504 Highway 153,
Box #14,
Greenville, SC 29611,

Phone: 1-800-495-6046

Security/ Company Privacy Policy

As mentioned, Maximum Usenet offers SSL connections across all their plans, both unlimited and block access plans. To keep your activity private, make sure to connect to an SSL port.

With regards to their privacy policy, Maximum Usenet makes use of your email address for internal communication purposes as well as possible promotional purposes. They do not, however, do not share your personal information to any third party parties.

Payment Options

Maximum Usenet accepts US dollars and UK pounds using credit cards and debit cards. They also accept PayPal payments only if the user is paying in US dollars. Unfortunately, they currently do not accept bitcoin payments. You may want to check out our list of the Best Usenet service providers for those that add an extra layer of anonymity by allowing cryptocurrency payments.

Our Opinion

Maximum Usenet has been around for quite a long time and has somehow established itself as one of the more reliable Usenet service providers with the type of plans they have and the service they give to their users. Their retention rate and number of connections is at the same level of some of our recommended providers. While they may not be on our top list yet, with all the things Maximum Usenet has going they may be on their way to getting on that list. It would have been great if they did have a free trial offering so that users can test out their service and see if they really are a competitive Usenet service provider.

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