Z51 Review

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Z51 Review
Rating 3 Stars
Price €11,99 / Month
Retention 1200 Days
Free Trial None
Features Newsreader Builtin
SSL Included
EU Servers Only

Z51 is a partner of Unliminews that offers some advantages for European users, primarily the payment methods accepted. The pricing designs are similar and they offer a no contract, non-auto renewing service. Like Unliminews, they provide the PureNZB Newsreader client to their customers.

Retention and completion

Z51 is well over 1200 days of retention at this point. The current figure is published on their site.


The pricing for Z51 services are as follows. All come, excepting the free trial, come with unlimited downloads and for 30 days of service. They do not renew automatically:

  • €0,99 Trial offer, 1GB download, 25 slots
  • 256 KB/s for €5,99, 4 Slots
  • 640 KB/s for €7,99, 12 Slots
  • 1280 KB/s for €11,99, 20 Slots
  • 2560 KB/s for €13,99, 30 Slots
  • 5120 KB/s for €15,99, 40 Slots
  • 10240 KB/s for €19,99, 50 Slots

Z51 takes PayPal payments and credit card payments through the PayPal service.

Z51 Free Trial

The free trial is detailed above, with 1GB of service for €0 99.

Z51 Coupons

None on offer at present.


Speed depends upon the package that you choose.


This company doesn’t log your activity. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption for privacy.


The PureNZB USENET client is offered along with the service, completely free of charge. This is an advanced newsreader with plenty of multimedia features built into it.

The newsreader comes set up to work with the Z51 service, so you’ll be able to get to work checking your favorite USENET groups right away. It’s easy enough to bookmark groups, search and download binaries. Binary downloads are automatically decompressed and repaired by the newsreader.

There’s also an advanced version of the newsreader called the Black Edition. This allows you to access the more advanced multimedia features. They include streaming video while you’re downloading. You can also get more information on your downloads from a variety of popular sites and take advantage of plenty of other features.


Z51 is solid. It allows you to choose a package that you’ll get the most out of and the non-renewing feature is nice, particularly for those who might not use the USENET service that much, but who want to make sure they have a good point of access to it when they need it. This service is very similar in many regards to UnlimiNews and, if you use the PureNZB newsreader, you’ll be able to keep on using the software if you switch from one to the other.

The free trial is a great offer and allows users a chance to try out PureNZB and the Z51 service.


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Altenatives To Z51

Name Price Info
Newshosting $8.33 Best Price / Free Newsreader
UsenetServer $7.95 NZB Search / Fast Speeds
Eweka €7,50 Best EU Provider / Lifetime Discount
Easynews $9.98 Easy Web App / File Previews
TweakNews €7,50 Free Newsreader / Free VPN
PureUSENET €6.63 Good EU Provider / Free SSL
XLned €7.39 Fast Speeds / EU Servers

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