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Supernews , recently upgraded,  offers an excellent choice for Usenet. They have jumped up to about 2357 days of binary retention and upgraded their service. You can get access to discounted pricing of $9.99 / month by clicking  here . Only available at some select places like

Click here for Supernews Usenet Special Offers

Newsgroup Binary Retention

Supernews has recently upgraded their Usenet service and now  offers 2357 days of binary retention and over a 2000 days of text retention. Please refer to our speed test video below but we are showing close to full utilization of our 10 Megabit internet connection. That’s fast.


Supernews Newsgroups is currently offering a special plan available only through a few select websites – $9.99 / month for unlimited downloads with unlimited speed. This plan also includes 30 connections and FREE SSL.

Free Trial Details

Supernews does not offer a free trial with our discounted pricing but as their servers are powered by industry best Giganews their should be no reason to need one.  If you are considering Supernews, then you probably know exactly what you want and know about their reputation for quality. UsenetReviewz special pricing for Supernews saves you an additional $2 a month and even with competition, we don’t see Usenet getting much cheaper. If you need a three day free trial you will have to signup for the $11.99/month plan which we don’t recommend.

How to Save $$ on Signup / Usenet Coupons

Click here to take advantage the $9.99/month offer  which includes unlimited high speed downloads. This is about as cheap as Usenet will get. Be sure to lock in the $9.99/month rate because this price may go up – why not lock in an excellent rate now if you are considered Supernews.

Newsgroup Download Speed

Download rates are not limited. The only limiting factor would be your ISP as Supernews is connected directly to the Internet with server farms in the USA and in Europe. Refer to our speed test video below.


SSL connections is included with all plans. For further details about privacy – look at the privacy policy here.  Usenet, in general, offers more anonymity and privacy than bitorrent.

Other Nice Features

Supernews’ main selling point is their price performance and simplicity. Not a lot of extra bells and whistles but just a very solid Usenet service with everything you need.


Supernews offers excellent price performance, retention and speed. Overall a very good Usenet experience. Lock in the price of $9.99 / month for Supernews Usenet by clicking here.

UsenetReviewz Recommendation

Supernews is a recommended Usenet provider. With their new revamped, improved and simplified usenet, supernews is a top recommendation especially as the offer a very good price performance.

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Editor Rating
3 stars
Free TrialNo Free Trial No
US Serverus server Yes
EU Servereu server Yes
PaypalPaypal Accepted Yes
BitcoinBitcoin Payments Accepted Yes

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9 Comments about Supernews Review

  1. Eric on September 26th, 2009

    Well first off your speed test shows you a tad over 7 megabits, not 9. That aside you left out one valuable bit of information about the service, completeness. 300+ days of retention is useless for large binary posts if they’re missing parts. I’ll probably give them a try based on the price though. I know for a fact GigaNews has a top flight service but they want 25/month for unlimited transfer.

  2. Marion Marshall on September 27th, 2009


    Thanks for your feedback. I needed to reboot my router the next time I update the review as im on a wifi network with lots of other computers here in the house.

    Also – I will show completeness in the new redone video review coming out. All of the Usenet providers reviewed so far on video Giganews, Supernews and Astraweb have not shown any problem with completeness.

    Also going to follow up with you privately. Thanks

  3. Eric on October 1st, 2009

    Just thought I’d touch base here again in case anybody else stumbles across this and is trying to decide. I’ve been using Supernews now for several days and so far it’s worked great. Good retention, completeness and speed. Also the signup process using paypal went smoothly and I had my login credentials within a minute after completing my payment. Personally I’m giving them 5 stars across the board except for retention which is slightly less than some other ‘premium’ providers. But in all honesty their retention is more than long enough so that’s just nitpicking really. As far as speed goes I can only test up to my lines capacity of 8 megabits (which their servers can keep maxed out), if you have a faster pipe your mileage might vary..I’d be interested in seeing just how fast their servers can really go though.

  4. rob on June 22nd, 2010

    i had used giganews for about 2 months and the service was great but it cost me $30. So i switched to supernews a few weeks ago and it works great. to the poster above i have a 25 megabit connection and i consistently download at 2.99 MB/s and i live in canada so yes their servers are fast.

  5. alan on May 26th, 2011

    Oh just great. If you’re a current $11.99 subscriber they don’t offer a price drop. Maybe I should cancel and resubscribe. Or maybe I’ll take the recommended BEST deal with another company. Yeah, sounds like a plan boss.

  6. Arman on January 14th, 2012

    I’ve been using super news for about two years now and their service has been 100% rock solid for me. Supernews is a reseller of giganews so you get the reliably and retention of giganews without paying the premium price. I have the 9.99 plan which is the cheapest unlimited plan you can find.

  7. Apollo on August 18th, 2012

    Supernews does offer a 3 Day Free Trial

  8. Marion Marshall on August 20th, 2012

    Thanks for pointing that out Apollo however the Supernews three day free trial is only available if you signup for the $11.99/month. We don’t recommend that. Instead just signup via our $9.99/month discount link as you will probably be happy and stick with them for several months.

  9. Supernews User on April 5th, 2013

    I use Supernews along with an Astraweb fill server & they are awesome highly recommended

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