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Here is our best information on getting Usenet for free. First, always be sure to take  advantage of free trial Usenet offers.

Here are our top 4 Usenet server free trial accounts.

Best Quality
14 Days 10 GB

Giganews Free Trial
Best Deal
14 Days 10 GB

UsenetServer Free Trial
Best Free Newsreader
14 Days & 30GB

Newshosting Free Trial
Easiest Usenet Server
14 day & 100GB

Easynews Free Trial

Free Usenet Choices

Free Usenet Server List

Probably first you might be interested in what the free servers are. Although binary retention is very limited and features are limited nonetheless if you are really short on $$ and/or you want to play around with Usenet a bit then visiting this page is a good option.

Free Usenet Trial Accounts

Almost as good as completely free Usenet servers, we have free Usenet trial accounts where you can test out Usenet accounts often for periods as long as two weeks. Typically you enter your credit card and then they give you a set number of days or Gigabytes to download after which you will be charged unless you cancel.

Best Free Usenet Clients

In order to properly take best advantage of Usenet you will need a Usenet software program called a newsreaders. Most are paid but fortunately there are a few good and free ones. As you get more into Usenet you probably will want to consider buying a Usenet newsreader but to get started, a free client will work fine.

Free Usenet details

After looking around on our free usenet pages and doing your own research , its becomes obvious that you will not get premium Usenet access for free.

Instead, you really have two options.First, make do with free usenet services from your ISP if you are lucky to have Usenet access included as part of your monthly ISP charges. As mentioned in several places throughout this site free Usenet services from your ISP are limited in nature.

Usenet is nowhere near as popular as other Internet technologies such as email or the WWW but Usenet requires more much more resources than web browsing as an example. Your ISP must store Usenet newsgroup data on their own servers and this can be a resource intensive and technically challenging process.

Faced with this difficultly, ISP’s typically outsource their Usenet services to a company that specializes in this.

Second, investigate free trial usenet offers to get Usenet access free for a little bit and then make your choice. You can waste days and weeks looking for Usenet servers that are accidentally left open but if you want to get decent Usenet access then expect to pay at least $10 a month.

This isn’t much to pay considering all the value you get from Usenet – such as high speed downloads and anonymity compared to other forms of downloading / file exchange on the Internet.

Finally from time to time we have special offers and discounts that we can make available to you on our Usenet special offers pages.

Usenet Providers With Free Trials

Below is a list of recommended Usenet providers that offer Free Trials.  The second column below lists the basic details about the free trial offer.

NameDetails PriceRetentionConn.SSL Location
GiganewsGiganews 14 Days 10 GB 15 2400 50 Yes Yes Yes
UsenetServerUsenetServer 14 Days 10 GB 3-17 3203 20 Yes Yes Yes
NewshostingNewshosting 14 Days & 30GB 7-20 3203 60 Yes Yes Yes
EasynewsEasynews 14 day & 100GB 9-29 3203 20 Yes Yes Yes 7 Days 10 3203 8 Yes Yes 5 days 10GB trial 10 2357 30 Yes Yes Yes
AstrawebAstraweb 24 Hour Free Trial 8-15 3202 20 Yes Yes Yes
NewsDemonNewsDemon 7 Days & 15 GB 5-22 3203 50 Yes Yes Yes

Best Usenet Service Listings
Excellent Deal
Supernews Review
$9.99 Month Unlimited
Visit Supernews
Best Deal
UsenetServer Review
$7 Monthly w/ YR plan
Visit UsenetServer
Best Free Newsreader
Newshosting Review
$9.99 M. & Newsreader
Visit Newshosting
Best Simple Service Review
5-day 10GB trial today!