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Here is our best information on getting Usenet for free. First, always be sure to take  advantage of free trial Usenet offers.

Here are our top 4 Usenet server free trial accounts.

Best Free Newsreader
14 Days & 30GB

Newshosting Free Trial
Best Deal
14 Days 10 GB

UsenetServer Free Trial
Easiest Usenet Server
14 day & 100GB

Easynews Free Trial
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7 Days

Eweka Free Trial


Free USENET Choices

  • “you get what you pay for” and “nothing in life is free” do apply to USENET however ..
  • Exceptions you might already be paying for USENET either through your university or your ISP
  • Free USENET from your university or your ISP will be very limited.
  • Review our list of free USENET providers.

Free USENET Trial Accounts

Free USENET Newsreader Clients

  • Good News: Quality Free USENET Newsreaders do exist!
  • Research all USENET Newsreader first to see if you need one.
  • Read the reviews of all USENET newsreader here best USENET clients first.
  • Many Best Free USENET clients work very well

Free USENET details

After looking around on our free usenet pages and doing your own research , it will become clear that one cannot get high speed and quality USENET access for free. However in some cases your ISP or University will provide limited USENET access.

USENET, despite making a comeback in recent years, is nowhere near as popular as other Internet technologies such as email or web browsing as USENET requires many more resources that web browsing as an example. Your ISP must store USENET newsgroup data on their own servers and this can be both a resource intensive and technically challenging process.

Faced with this difficulty, ISP’s either outsource their USENET services to companies specializing in this or completely eliminate USENET services.

That said, it is worth your time to go a quick review of free USENET providers or services to see if your ISP can help you.

Next investigate free trial USENET offers to get USENET access free at least for a little while and then make your choice. You can waste days and weeks looking for USENET servers that are accidentally left open but if you want to get decent USENET access then expect to pay at least $10 a month.

Considering the value you could get from USENET: high speed downloads and anonymity , $10 monthly in many cases is very little.

Finally from time to time we have special offers and discounts that we can make available to you on our USENET special offers pages.

NameDetails PriceRetentionConn.SSL Location
NewshostingNewshosting 14 Days & 30GB $8/Mo. 3291 60 Yes Yes Yes
UsenetServerUsenetServer 14 Days 10 GB $9/Mo. 3291 20 Yes Yes Yes
EasynewsEasynews 14 day & 100GB $10/Mo 3291 20 Yes Yes Yes
EwekaEweka 7 Days $9/Mo 3291 8 Yes Yes
PureUSENETPureUSENET 7 Days €7/Mo 3000 12 Yes
NewsDemonNewsDemon 7 Days & 15 GB 5-22 3291 50 Yes Yes Yes
ThundernewsThundernews 3 Days & 1 GB 9-19 1500 20 Yes Yes Yes
GiganewsGiganews 14 Days 10 GB 29 2367 50 Yes Yes Yes

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