TweakNews Review

Last Updated: May 07, 2024

TweakNews Review
Rating3.5 Stars
Price€7,50 / Month
Retention4200 Days
Free Trial30 Day Moneyback
FeaturesQuality Retention
Quality Completion
Unlimited Access

Tweaknews holds the top spot among Dutch USENET service providers, renowned for their high-speed, quality USENET feed. All of TweakNews’ plans come with unlimited downloads, a complimentary USENET newsreader, and a free VPN service. Highly recommended for an excellent USENET experience.

TweakNews Quick Summary

  • €7,50/Month for visitors with newsreader and a free VPN account with a yearly signup.
  • Normal price is € 12,95/mo – visitors save 43%
  • UsenetWire newsreader to search, preview and download content.
  • Uncapped speeds – other providers will limit download speeds
  • 4200 days of retention and growing
  • Free zero-log, unlimited usage VPN service included with all USENET plan
  • Block Accounts Available
  • EU NNTP servers only
  • Up to 60 connections
  • Compatible with all popular Usenet automation apps like Sonarr and CouchPotato.
  • Customer support available in English and Dutch

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How We Test

Selecting the right Usenet service provider involves assessing various crucial aspects to guarantee an outstanding service experience. Retention is a key factor, indicating how much content users can access; top providers offer extensive retention periods, improving both search functionality and overall user experience. Ensuring that retention rates continue to grow is vital for maintaining access to older content.

The infrastructure of the service provider is critical for performance; those who own and manage their networks and servers, and invest in top-tier bandwidth, are known for their reliable and speedy services. Essential features such as unlimited access, high completion rates, and extensive header storage are crucial for achieving the best user experience. Security also plays a pivotal role, with SSL encryption being essential to protect privacy and anonymity.

Extra features like integrated newsreaders with advanced search capabilities and included VPN services offer additional value, improving both functionality and security. The pricing often mirrors the quality of the service, with premium providers usually demanding higher fees in exchange for superior features and reliability. When choosing a Usenet provider, a thorough evaluation of retention, infrastructure quality, security measures, and additional benefits is essential for a rewarding experience. For more insight into our evaluation process, please explore our methodology here.

Binary Retention

Binary retention for Tweaknews is currently at 4200 days. Text retention is set at the same. Binary retention was upgraded from 2500 to 3400 days in June of 2019. This is a massive upgrade that affects both text and binary data. This upgrade comes free of charge and has been rolled out across all servers. Sidenote - Many providers claim both more binary and text retention than they actually provide as it is difficult to test as an end user. Tweaknews does deliver however.


Tweaknews offers a variety of  monthly pricing plans which vary according to download speed and number of connections needed. Of course, the longer you sign up for the more of a discount you will receive. All plans include SSL encryption and 4200 days of binary retention with downloads only limited by connection speeds. Note: these monthly pricing packages are for retail users, you can receive  discounted pricing of €7,50/month for a yearly sign up or €9,99/month recurring monthly subscription  when you signup via

Tweaknews Pricing

Block Accounts

In addition to monthly pricing plans tweaknews offers block accounts which can be very useful if you are looking for USENET fill servers to fill in parts of missing binary files.  If you don ’t want your data to expire or only download very occasionally then a block account could be right for you.  With a block account, you paid a fixed price for a set amount of data which you can download at a maximum rate of 100Mbit.  Occasionally used accounts are also known as ‘fill account ’.

Tweaknews Block Accounts

Free Trial Info

TweakNews offers a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Just send an email if you are unhappy with the service for any reason and you can get your $$ back.

  • Free Trial Terms have been improved to 30 Day MBG in 2024 with no limits on the number of GBs used.
Tweaknews Free Trial Offer

Special Offers / Coupons

By signing up through our website you will get the best price of €7.50 a month for unlimited download speeds for the yearly plans which includes a VPN service and an easy to use Newsreader.  Time to time, Tweaknews will offer special offers. So if you sign up to our newsletter you can be notified when there is a special seasonal offer.    Note:  €7.50 a month is already a great deal as this is more than 40% off the regular €12,95 / month price.


Our download speeds max out at 50 Mbps and at that speed we had no difficulty maximizing the bandwidth despite routing from the USA to Europe. Note download speeds can be affected by intermediary Internet connections.

Tweaknews Local Speed Test Tweaknews Speed Test


Depending on the plan you select NNTP connections allowed range from 4 up to 40.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

NNTP Server address and configurations for Tweaknews are kept pretty simple here is the information you need: Server hostname:



  • 119(No SSL)
  • 563(SSL)
  • 443(SSL)

Frequently Asked Questions for Tweaknews

  • Which package should I choose ?
    • First, assess the speed requirements for your USENET connection and understand your intended usage. If you are new to USENET, begin with a free trial, followed by a monthly subscription as a suggested starting point. For those familiar with USENET and equipped with a fast broadband connection, consider opting for the annual plan. This plan is priced at €7.50 per month and includes unlimited speeds, a high-quality USENET newsreader named Newswire, and a VPN service to safeguard your internet privacy and anonymity.
  • Can I test the speeds with Tweaknews?
    • Tweaknews has a dedicated speed test page where you can try downloading randomly generated data. By testing these download speeds you will get an accurate idea of what your USENET experience should be like.
  • How can I speed up my USENET downloads?
    • Tweaknews connections can be slowed down for a variety of reasons. Here are a few things to try: first try switching your connection ports from 119 to 563 to enable SSL if you don’t have SSL enabled. Also try switching from 563 to port 443 in the event your ISP is slowing down USENET traffic. Also experiment with the number of threads to your USENET provider. An ideal number of connections or threads could be 8 - try adjusting upwards and downwards and test your USENET speeds. Also as mentioned in the question above test the download speeds of randomly generated data to see if only USENET traffic is being affected or all traffic is slow.
  • Are Discounts offered for yearly sign up?
    • Tweaknews does offer discounts for longer term signups. The best price you can receive on a Tweaknews subscription is €7,50 / month which includes the USENET service, Usenet Newsreader and a VPN connection. Note: This offer is only available through a few few select affiliate partners such as
  • Does Tweaknews have a newsreader included?
    • Yes, your tweaknews subscription includes a free high quality USENET newsreader called UsenetWire. Take a look below to see UsenetWire in action. More detail below.
  • Does Tweaknews include a VPN connection?
    • Yes with all plans!
  • Can I pay via Paypal?
    • Yes, Paypal is supported along with common European payment methods including but not limited to Major Credit Cards, SOFORT, Giropay, iDeal and / or Paysafe card

UsenetWire Newsreader Client

The UsenetWire Newsreader is a high quality USENET newsreader supporting both Windows, MacOSX and Linux users. Best of all included for free for all Tweaknews customers no matter what plan level. UsenetWire Newsreader allows you to search and filter USENET messages, import NZB files and add backup NNTP server if needed.

Usenetwire Newsreader

Here in the image above you get an idea of how easy the UsenetWire newsreader is to use. Just start up and search for whatever you want. Notice that we are able to search and filter in various ways such as but not limited to size, name and file type.

Tweaknews VPN Client

Tweaknews offers a fully featured VPN client included with every plan. Choose either monthly or yearly billing and take advantage of their high quality VPN software.

Tweaknews VPN Client

Tweaknews VPN client details

  • Supports 4 different VPN protocols
  • Access to 0ver 100+ server locations throughout the world
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Nat firewall built into the client to secure your connection.
  • Available for Windows and MacOSX
  • Linux versions can use OpenVPN config files included.


support is available via email or telephone. Email  Phone +31.728500710

Contact Information

Contact Tweaknews via email, in person or the web contact form.

Mailing Address
Base Network Services

Staten Bolwerk 1
2011 MK Haarlem

+31.728500710 (Not For Support)

Support Hours: 10:00 - 16:00 CET
Support Email:
KVK no. 60916605
VAT no. NL854117970B01

Security / Company Privacy Policy

Ttweaknews states on their website that “We only use your personal information for own internal business operations and to give you the information you requested. In particular, we retain your name, address and related information for billing purposes. We won ’t share this information with or sell it to third parties, unless you gave us permission to do so or unless we are legally obliged to do so.”.  

Also Tweaknews mentions that “The TweakNews user is personally responsible for any messages and/or data that are placed by the user. The assigned username and password are, and should be held, as strictly personal and confidential.” Be careful with your username and password and use SSL which is available for free with Tweaknews. (SSL on port 563 or 443 for download privacy). Note: you will need to have a valid email address associated with your account.

Payment Options

Tweaknews accepts: Major Credit Cards, iDeal, GiroPay, Paypal and Sofort Banking for payment.

Our Opinion

Tweaknews is one of our most popular USENET providers for many good reasons: price, speed, the Usenet newsreader and the VPN client. While they may not have the best binary retention on the market, Tweaknews delivers on speed and the additional value added products.

Take advantage of the generous free trial offer available through our link and try out Tweaknews for 30 days to see if they work well. We think you will be happy.

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TweakNews Review


Visit TweakNews Visit TweakNews
Pricing€7,50 / Month
Stars3.5 Stars
Retention4200 Days
Free Trial30 Day Moneyback
FeaturesQuality Retention
Quality Completion
Unlimited Access
PaymentCredit, iDeal, SMS, etc.
Visit TweakNews Visit TweakNews