Top 5 Best USENET Providers of 2019

Listed first are our top 5 best USENET providers for 2019 and below that we have some advice about choosing a USENET service provider.

# Name Price Retention Rating Details Visit
1Newshosting $8.33/Mo 4053 5 Stars
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  • Best Price
  • Free Newsreader
  • Free VPN Access
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2UsenetServer $7.95/Mo 4053 4 Stars
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  • NZB Search
  • Fast Speeds
  • Free VPN Access
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3Eweka €7,50/Mo 3278 4 Stars
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  • Best EU Provider
  • Lifetime Discount
  • Fast Speeds
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4Easynews $9.98/Mo 4053 3.5 Stars
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  • Easy Web App
  • File Previews
  • Free Trial
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5TweakNews €7,50/Mo 3400 3.5 Stars
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  • Free Newsreader
  • Free VPN
  • High Speeds
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Listed above are the top usenet service providers for 2019. This is our premium usenet provider list and we only mention the best of the best here so please read the reviews and make your choice based on among the top providers.

Winner – Newshosting – Top USENET Provider 2019

Newshosting Review
  • Built in Newsreader
  • Best retention in USENET industry
  • Zero-Log VPN included with Yearly Signup
  • VPN Only available with Yearly Signup

Longtime Usenet access provider Newshosting meets all of our criteria for a top recommendation. The company provides access at a great price point, years of retention time, secure connections and servers in a variety of locations. To top it all off, they offer a two-week free trial, putting them at the top of our list.

Newshosting is fast. One of the first things we check with any Usenet provider is their speed and, with Newshosting, there’s no need to worry about subpar download speed. Even with their least-expensive plan, you get up to 30 connections to the Newshosting's server.

Other benefits include a free newsreader, no logs, SSL security and the option to connect to EU servers.

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2nd place - UsenetServer

UsenetServer Review
  • NZB Search and Fast Speeds
  • Best retention in USENET industry
  • VPN included with Yearly Signup
  • VPN Only available with Yearly Signup

UsenetServer also comes highly recommended, but doesn’t offer a newsreader with the subscription. This service offers excellent speed at an affordable price.

UsenetServer offers a lower number of connections—10—with its plans than do some other providers. They offer enough to exceed the minimum 8 connections we recommend, however, keeping them in our top five. For users who need a great many connections, they can be purchased at a cost of $3 per 10 additional connections.

Download amounts are not capped; all UsenetServer accounts offer unlimited access. The accounts are differentiated by subscription length: anywhere from three days to three months. If you want a free trial, sign up for one- or three-month access and you’ll get 10 days free. If you want SSL security, which we highly recommend, you’ll need to sign up for a month or for three-months.

With more than three years of retention and server farms in the US and Europe—plus blazing speed—we highly recommend considering this provider, particularly if you already have a newsreader and NZB downloader.

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3rd place - Eweka

Eweka Review
  • Best EU Provider
  • Super Fast Speeds
  • Ideal and other European Payments
  • European Servers Only

There are definitely advantages to downloading binaries from the EU—the absence of DMCA takedown requests primary among them—and is our most recommended EU provider. This company has been around for a long time, going online in 2001 and consistently offering top-notch Usenet access since then. They meet all our criteria for a leading Usenet access provider. They offer a seven-day free trial and affordable plans. The plans run for thirty days and are based on the download speed you want; either 50 or 300Mbps. offers 20 connections for each account, plenty for most users. The company also has high completion rates—>99%–and more than 3,000 days of retention. If you’re on a budget, take a look at their shared account. You’ll only get 8 connections with this account and 50Mbps speed but, for light Usenet users, it should suffice. The best overall deal with this provider, however, comes with a monthly subscription plan.

You’ll get the highest speeds and no worries about running out of downloads. provides SSL security and, combined with the EU server location, it’s a great option for people who are most concerned with privacy. Their support, online control panel and other features, however, are more than enough to let this provider stand on its own against competitors.

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4th place - Easynews

Easynews Review
  • Quality Web App
  • File Previews
  • Discounts with Yearly Signup
  • Web App requires Learning

EasyNews is another of our top Usenet companies. They provide two different ways to access the newsgroups they offer. EasyNews has both a web interface and NNTP access. There’s a discrepancy with download allotments between web and NNTP access. If you use the web interface, your data limit conforms to what’s advertised on your plan. If you use NNTP access, your data limit is doubled. While that might seem like a lot to figure out, it’s actually a nice bit of flexibility.

If you just need occasional access and aren’t worried about maxing out your usage, the web access option is a fine and easy-to-use offering. Bear in mind that EasyNews does offer data rollovers, so you can roll over up to 500GB of unused downloads. That’s with their most basic plan. If you go Big Gig, as the company terms their most generous plan, you get 150GB of web-downloaded data—double that if you use NNTP access—plus nearly 4,000GB of rollover.

Easynews offers SSL privacy protection, but they are located in the US. That means they are subject to DMCA takedowns. The big selling point with this provider is the web access. The data cap policies and rollovers might be a bit complicated, but the web access really will pay off if you’re not that familiar with Usenet. This company offers nearly seven years of retention. Their speed is good and, particularly for those who are just getting to know how Usenet works, the web access is a great deal.

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5th place - TweakNews

TweakNews Review
  • Free VPN Service
  • Free Newsreader
  • Fast Speeds
  • European Servers Only

Tweaknews is another top choice, along with Eweka, for users who want servers located in the EU. Tweaknews is based in the Netherlands, so you immediately get rid of any DMCA problems you’re trying to avoid. Tweaknews has a variety of plans both monthly recurring and block accounts. Perhaps you have a slow Internet connection and/or you don’t use USENET often, if so Tweaknews can be an excellent choice. Prices vary greatly depending on speed and connections. All plans generously include free SSL. Also you can receive discounts for signing up for longer terms.

If you signup for a year you will get the best possible price. Perhaps best of all included with the USENET access there is also both a USENET newsreader and VPN software. Both the USENET newsreader called UsenetWire and the VPN connection are high quality. If you are not familiar with Tweaknews, you are in luck because they have a 10 day or 10 GB trial for first time users. We highly recommend Tweaknews, at the very least, you can do no wrong taking advantage of their free trial.

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10 Points to Consider when comparing USENET providers

We take into account several different factors when assessing a Usenet provider. While there are other criteria that could be used to rate providers, we believe what follows encompasses what really matters in a Usenet service.

  1. Price: A good Usenet service is going to run you around $10 per month on average. Some of the providers that follow actually beat that, but we regard $10/month as a good starting price point.
  2. Retention: Messages and binaries are only temporarily stored on Usenet servers. All of our top providers offer long retention times, with retention times in excess of three years being more or less the standard these days.
  3. Free Trials: These Usenet providers offer free trials. We prefer providers that let you test out what they’ve got to offer before you pay for the service.
  4. Connections: We recommend no fewer than 8 connections to your server. Adding more will increase your download speed somewhat, but even jumping from 8 connections to 30 might not shave much off your download times. Eight is a good minimum, as it provides enough connections to download headers and binaries at the same time.
  5. Groups: Most providers offer somewhere around 100,000 groups, but the number of groups any given provider offers isn’t all that important. Binary downloads are mostly available in a small number of groups, so we don’t recommend choosing a provider based only on the number of groups they offer.
  6. SSL: SSL provides you with protection against surveillance. We consider it a necessity and only recommend providers that offer it. If you’re in the US or Europe, it’s particularly important to connect to an SSL server. Providers that offer SSL sometimes offer unencrypted servers, as well, so check your provider’s setup information and make sure you’re connected to the encrypted server.
  7. Server Location: For the highest speed, connect to a server geographically close to you. We included both US and EU servers in our recommendations.
  8. DMCA Policy: How quickly will a USENET provider delete content from their servers. They all have to take down copyrighted content but some of the providers have automated and rapid systems for taking down content.  Slower and less automated is better for the end user.
  9. Add On Services: Many USENET service companies also thrown in related services if you sign up for a year.  Typically this will be in the form of either a VPN service or cloud hosting for data backup.
  10. Newsfeed Quality: Some USENET users refers to this as completeness, as in a post is 98% complete.

UsenetReviewz Annual Signup Discounts

We normally recommend monthly pricing because Usenet providers are always changing, competing and offering new services. That said, if you are comfortable signing up for a year, then be sure to take advantage of these special discounts.

Usenet Provider Normal
Rating Visit
$8.33/MoSave 38% yearly vs monthly
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Discount Offer Link
$7.95/MoSave 25% yearly vs monthly
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Discount Offer Link
€7,50/MoSave 22% yearly vs monthly
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In the above list, we only list the best in the industry and we don’t bother with any Usenet services that we don’t feel are at least a decent quality. There are many Usenet service providers and in some cases there can be Usenet for free but we only bother with the top premium Usenet service providers.

To save the most money possible be sure to check out our UsenetReviewz Special Offers page page.

All Usenet Providers Reviewed

Name Price Free Trial Retention Details
Newshosting Review$8.33/Mo14 Days / 30 GB4053 Days Best Price, Free Newsreader, Free VPN Access
Eweka Review€7,50/Mo7 Days/Unlimited GB3278 Days Best EU Provider, Lifetime Discount, Fast
UsenetServer Review$7.95/Mo14 Days or 10 GB4053 Days NZB Search, Fast Speeds, Free VPN Access
TweakNews Review€7,50/Mo10 Days / 10 GB3400 Days Free Newsreader, Free VPN, High Speeds
Easynews Review$9.98/Mo14 Days / 10 GB4053 Days Easy Web App, File Previews, Free Trial
Supernews Review$11.99/MoNo Free Trial2357 Days US Servers, No EU Servers, SSL Included Free
PureUSENET Review€6.63/Mo7 Days/Unlimited GB2000 Days Good EU Provider, Free SSL, iDeal Accepted
Astraweb Review$8.00/Mo24 Hours4033 Days Free SSL, US and EU servers, Complete Headers
UsenetBucket Review€12.95/Mo7 Days1600 Days Dutch Servers, SSL Included, Accepting
XLned Review€7.39/Mo7 Days900 Days Fast Speeds, EU Servers, Accepting Bitcoin
NewsDemon Review$9.99/Mo7 Days or 15 GB4053 Days Block Account Options, Free VPN with some
Thundernews Review$8.99/MoNo Free Trial2993 Days SSL Included, VPN Add On, Live Chat Support
XSUsenet Review$11.95/Mo10 Days or 25 GB1100 Days Dutch Servers, VPN Available, Yearly Discount
Snelnl Review€8.95/Mo3 Days1238 Days Streaming Newsreader, SSL Included, Accepting
UsenetCentral Review$10.95/MoNo Free Trial2500 Days Newsreader Included, SSL Included, US and EU
NGroups Review$12.95/Mo3 Days or 5 GB2999 Days US and EU Servers, VPN Add on Available,
Giganews Review$10.99/Mo14 Days or 10 GB2367 Days Fast Speeds, VPN add on, Good Retention
PowerUsenet Review$14.95/Mo5 Days or 10 GB2357 Days Free SSL, OK Retention, US Servers Review$14.99/Mo5 Days or 10 GB2357 Days Decent Speeds, Simple Pricing, No VPN Service
NewsgroupDirect Review$9.99/Mo7 Days or 15 GB2156 Days US and EU Servers, Email Support, VPN
Newsleecher Review$9.95/Mo14 Days or 10 GBs2000 Days Good Newsreader Included, USENET Search
Newsguy Review$9.99/Mo2 Days 20 GB300 Days Monthly Limits, Selling Email accounts,
Xsnews Review€8,20/MoNo Free Trial1100 Days Netherlands Based, Unlimited Speeds, Block
Bintube Review$9.16/MoNo Free Trial3000 Days Newsreader Builtin, No NNTP Only Connections,
UnlimiNews Review$9.99/MoNo Free Trial1000 Days No logging, Speed limited plans, 3 Price
FastUsenet Review$9.95/Mo14 Days or 15 GB3000 Days Grabbit Newsreader Included, Fast Access,
Tera News Review$14.95/MoNo Free Trial1000 Days SSL Included, Bitcoin Accepted, No Logging
Cheapnews Review€9,75/Mo10 Days or 10 GB1200 Days Email Support, VPN Available, Since 2009
Newsgroups Review$10.95/MoNo Free Trial600 Days Email Support, SSL Available, Now Closed
UseNetNow Review$12.00/MoNo Free Trial3000 Days EU and US Servers, Cash Accepted, 50
TheCubeNet Review$9.99/MoNo Free Trial3014 Days Many Plans, Block Plans, Cryptocoins accepted
UsenetStorm Review$12.95/MoNo Free Trial1440 Days Formerly called alt.binaries, US and EU Review€14.95/MoNo Free Trial1100 Days Dutch Servers, SSL Included, 20 Price Plans
ExtremeUsenet Review€9.95/MoNo Free Trial1100 Days Dutch Servers, SSL Included, Account Sharing Review€6.99/MoNo Free Trial1000 Days Many Services, Many Services, VPN Service Add
Altopia Review$6.00/MoNo Free Trial400 Days Since 1995, Low Retention, Uncensored Review€7,95/Mo10GB1000 Days Bitcoin Accepted, SSL Included, Dutch Servers
UsenetDiscounter Review€10,99/Mo7 Days950 Days Dutch Service, SSL Included, Dutch Servers
Alibis Review$12.95/MoNo Free Trial1600 Days 30 Connections, SSL Included, NewsRover
Sunny USENET Review€8.95/Mo7 Days1000 Days Dutch Servers, SSL Included, 12 Connections Review€15.00/MoNo Free Trial1100 Days Dutch Servers, VPN Add on Available, Selling
Readnews Review$9.99/MoNo Free Trial2000 Days USENET Reseller, Since 1997, US and EU
BlockNews Review$11.79/MoNo Free Trial2000 Days Block accounts only, SSL Included, US and EU
FrugalUsenet Review$4.99/MoNo Free Trial300 Days Low Retention, SSL Included, US and EU
Z51 Review€8,99/MoNo Free Trial1000 Days Newsreader Builtin, SSL Included, EU Servers
RhinoNewsgroups Review$9.99/MoNo Free Trial200 Days No Frills Service, SSL Included, US and EU
GoGo Usenet Review$14.95/MoNo Free Trial200 Days Web Based Newsreader, SSL Included, Limited
Newsoo Review€5.99/MoNo Free Trial1000 Days French service, Shutdown in 2016, EU Servers
UsenetLink Review$14.99/Mo1 Day2000 Days No Newsreader, SSL Included, US and EU
Hitnews Review€9,95/Mo3 Days1000 Days Dutch Servers, SSL Included, 12 Connections
Usenet Access Review$19.95/MoNo Free Trial200 Days Low Retention, Limited Accounts, SSL Included
Usenetbinaries Review$12.95/MoNo Free Trial500 Days Web Based USENET, Easy to use, Limited Binary
100 Proof News Review$14.95/MoNo Free Trial200 Days Unlimited Downloads, 8 Connections, US
Simply Usenet Review€11,50/MoNo Free Trial420 Days UK Usenet Provider, No Frills, High Price
UseNext Review€19.99/Mo30 Days or 10 GB2000 Days No Newsreader, Careful with Free Trial, 6 Review€19.99/Mo30 Days or 10 GB2000 Days No Newsreader, Careful with Free Trial, 6 Review€19.99/Mo30 Days or 600 GB2000 Days Built in Newsreader, Careful with Free Trial,
Unison Usenet Review$9.99/MoNo Free Trial300 Days Software Included, SSL Included, 8
Red Orb News Review$14.95/MoNo Free Trial630 Days Email Support, 7 Plans, Now Closed
Newsservers Review$12.95/Mo7 days/3GB550 Days Three Metered plans, Free SSL, Now Closed
Binverse Review$9.99/MoNo Free Trial800 Days Shutdown in 2015, Built in Newsreader, 3 Year
Stealthnews Review12.957 Days or 3 GB550 Days Shutdown in 2015, SSL Optional, Now Closed

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