Alibis Review

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Alibis Review
Rating3 Stars
Price$12.95 / Month
Retention1600 Days
Free TrialNone
Features30 Connections
SSL Included
NewsRover Included

Alibis provides web and NNTP access to newsgroups. This provider’s page is dated and their service is more expensive than our best Usenet service providers. While they have been in the Usenet business for the past 15 years, they seem to have not kept up with the times and has not moved at the same pace in terms of service and improvements of that of some of the best Usenet services in the market today.

Quick Facts

  • Web access
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Speed
  • 30 Connections
  • 1600 days of Binary Retention
  • SSL (Privacy Protection)
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Binary Retention

Alibis currently has 1600 days of binary retention. The company says this is “industry leading” but it is not. Newshosting and most of our best Usenet service providers have far higher retention figures than this.


There’s only one package with this provider. You may purchase it on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis.

1 month  $12.95  30  
Semi-Annual  $69.95  30  
Annual  $139.95  30  

For the first month of the recurring monthly fee, Alibis only will charge you $6.95. After the first month, you will be rebilled at $12.95.

Free Trial info

There is no free trial available for this Usenet service provider.

Special Offers / Coupons

Alibis offers lower pricing during the first month of service. Succeeding months will then be back to regular pricing.

Speed Test

Alibis did well in speed testing. Any slow download issues you have with USENET services will usually be due to having too many or too few connections configured in your newsreader or downloader.

Alibis Speed Test


You’re allowed a maximum of 30 simultaneous connections to Alibis’ servers. This is more than most people will need to maximize their speed.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

Server Address:
Standard Ports: 119 - 8080
SSL Ports: 563
Maximum Connections: 30

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: This site’s FAQ advertises a VPN as providing a more secure NNTP experience. Do I need a VPN for USENET?:

  • A: This is stated oddly on the site but, no, you do not need a VPN for private USENET usage provided that your USENET company offers an SSL connection. We recommend that you always use SSL. VPNs offer privacy protection for everything else you do, including Internet surfing, Bittorrent and so forth. If you are using SSL to connect to your USENET service provider’s news servers, however, you do not need to use VPN on top of it. Use VPN for everything but USENET access.

  • Q: It says on this site that their retention figures are “industry leading,” is that true?:

  • A: It appears that Alibis’ site hasn’t been updated in a while. Their 1,600-day retention figure is far from the 3,000-plus-day retention figures our best Usenet service providers offer. Alibis’ 1,600 days of binary retention lags behind what our recommended providers offer.

  • Q: What do USENET providers mean when they say “unlimited”?:

  • A: It can mean an unlimited quantity of downloaded data, unlimited speed or both. It depends upon the provider. Some of our best Usenet service providers offer limited accounts as a way to make USENET more affordable. For example, Tweaknews offers block access, as well as unlimited access. Block access is great for people who don’t need a monthly subscription. Block access offers a limited amount of data for a fixed price, but the access doesn’t expire until you use all that data. Other companies offer speed limits on their connections.

  • Q: Can I use my own newsreader with this service?:

  • A: Yes, you can use most any newsreader with Alibis. They have a configuration page you can use to set up your newsreader if you get confused during the process. You can also use the preconfigured newsreader that comes with this service or their web access version.

  • Q: Is web access to USENET rare?:

  • A: It’s not the most common service, but some of our best Usenet service providers offer it. If you want web access for a better price, Easynews is what we recommend. In addition to their better prices, they have longer retention times and all-around better customer service, so go ahead and give them a try.

  • Q: I don’t know anything about newsreaders, what do I need?:

  • A: Newsbin is very popular and we highly recommend it, but be aware that the learning curve with it can be a bit steep. Go ahead and check out our information on newsreaders and don’t be intimidated. For a lot of users, newsreaders will look new but, we assure you, they’re not hard to use and you’ll be on your way in no time. You’ll find the server configuration information included with the reviews on all the providers we write up.


You can contact support at or you can use the website FAQ to find information for the most common questions. Configuration information for various newsreaders is also available at the company’s website.**

Contact Information

Usenet News Server Co.
5150 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Suite #101, PMB #362
Carmichael, CA 95608

Security /Company Privacy Policy

Alibis says that they do not keep log files of user activity on their servers. They will, of course, have to cooperate in the event of a legitimate law enforcement investigation.

Payment Options

Alibis accepts major credit cards for payment. You can also send a money order or personal check to the contact address for service. Checks and money orders must be in US dollars.

Our Opinion

Alibis has a service that, in our opinion, is dated and expensive. Their retention figures, despite carrying the bullet point “industry leading,” aren’t even close to leading the industry. Any of our best providers have much higher retention figures than does Alibis.

Alibis also offers a very expensive subscription relative to what our best Usenet service providers, and even most other providers, offer. Alibis offers its subscription at half the regular price for the first month. At that fifty-percent price, Alibis’ subscription price is closer to our best providers than it is once the price goes back up to its regular level, which is more than $12 per month. In our opinion, that is far too much to pay for USENET access. If you need a subscription, any of our best providers will give you a better deal. If you need block access, any block access provider can do better, and many of our best providers do much better on price.

Overall, we cannot recommend this provider to our readers. Their prices are too high and, despite the boasting on the company’s websites, they are not industry leaders in retention. If you want web access to USENET, Easynews will give you just that—with a better client—for less than $10 per month and with much better retention fees. If you want USENET access that’s unlimited and fast over NNTP, any of our best Usenet service providers offer it for a lower price than Alibis.

Visit Alibis
Visit Alibis

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