Review is headquartered in the Netherlands, one of the best jurisdictions for privacy. The company offers quite a lot in the way of protecting your identity. You don’t need to provide any substantial information about yourself to sign up. They also offer block accounts for those who don’t want to have a recurring subscription.

Binary Retention has a retention period of 1000 .

Pricing offers subscription accounts and block accounts. The pricing is as follows:

  • Stingy: €4,95 per month, 10Mbit/sec speed cap, no account sharing, 1TB max transfer
  • To the Max: €8,95 per month, unlimited speed, no account sharing, 1TB max transfer
  • Block: €13, unlimited speed, account sharing allowed, 500GB transfer

Free Trial Info

You can get a free trial with nothing more than your email address. You’ll get 10GB of download with the free trial. There’s no personally identifying information required. Once you get your free trial set up, you can access the user dashboard, which gives you totals on how much you’ve downloaded.


There aren’t any coupons as of the time this review was posted. Check back often, because we do post when we get coupons to give away.

Payment Options

You can pay for with PayPal, Bitcoin or iDeal. The company encourages users to take advantage of Bitcoin if they need the highest possible level of privacy on the service.

Special Considerations

This service has some quirks that are actually good things where convenience is concerned.

You don’t need a username/password to login to the dashboard. You can do so directly from any HTML email sent to you by the company, which might save a bit of time.

This service does have a fair use cap on it of 1TB for all accounts except block access offerings. That cap is so large, however, that it’s unlikely that most users will ever reach it.

Security/Anonymity is great where anonymity is concerned. Aside from their Netherlands jurisdiction, it’s fully possible—even easy—to sign up for service without giving your name.

If you want to be as anonymous as is realistically possible, use Bitcoin. The company itself says that, if you use Bitcoin, they have no idea who you are.

Conclusion seems to be a solid service. If you want a backup, the ease with which you can anonymously purchase block access from this provider makes them a very good option. Those block accounts are unlimited in terms of speed, so you might want to consider augmenting your existing USENET access with a block account from Their regular subscriptions are also competitively priced. Combine that with their sophisticated dashboard and this is definitely a service to keep in mind.

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Editor Rating
3 stars
Free TrialFree Trial Available Yes
US Serverno usa server No
EU Servereu server Yes
PaypalPaypal Accepted Yes
BitcoinBitcoin Payments Accepted Yes

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