Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022 Review
Rating3 Stars
Price€7.95 / Month
Retention3000 Days
Free Trial10GB
FeaturesBitcoin Accepted
SSL Included
Dutch Servers Only

UsenetFarm is a good and simple USENET service provider. They allow account sharing on two of their access options, which is a good way to reduce costs.

Quick Facts

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Block Access
  • SSL (Privacy Protection)
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Account Sharing
  • 3000 days of retention
  • Up to 50 connections
  • With fair use policy

Binary Retention

Binary retention at USENET farm is currently at 3000 days. This is a little lower than what some of the best usenet service providers have.


UsenetFarm has several decent plans that are metered and vary in speed and connections. If you exceed the fair use limits, your speed will be reduced to 3072 KB/s or 24Mbits for the remaining days of the months. Keep in mind that these fair use limits are very high. Block access accounts may be shared by unlimited users. You’re also allowed to share a “To the Max” account with one other user.

NamePrice/monthFair Use LimitSpeedConnectionsAccount Sharing
Stingy  €4.95  4 TB  12.5 MB/s  40  No  
To the Max  €7.95  6 TB  Unlimited  40  Yes  
500 GB Block  €15.00  500 GB  Unlimited  50  Yes  

Free Trial info

UsenetFarm has a great free trial. You can sign up for it without filling out a registration form or providing a payment method. All you have to do is give the company your email address and you get a 10 GB free trial to test out the service.

Special Offers / Coupons

Right now there aren’t any special offers or coupons available for this provider. The generous free trial that they offer, however, makes it worth your while to try them out and see what you think. It is also noteworthy to say that UsenetFarm comes out with occassional special promos especially during holidays like Halloween specials, Black Friday and Christmas deals.

Speed Test

UsenetFarm was fast in testing, as are most USENET service providers these days. You should be able to use your entire bandwidth allotment from your ISP with the correct configuration. Speed Test


With Stingy and To the Max accounts, you’re allowed 40 connections. Block accounts have access to 50 connections. Most users shouldn’t need more than 20 connections to get maximum speeds, and probably fewer than that.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration


  • Unsecured Ports: 80, 119
  • Secure Ports: 443, 563

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is a fair use policy?: A fair use policy limits the amount of data you can download on Unlimited accounts, but it shouldn’t affect you at all with this service. On the Stingy account, you get 2 TB of data before your speed is reduced until your subscription renews. On the To the Max subscription, you get 3 TB of data. That’s a lot of data, so most users are not going to come close to approaching the fair use limit on their accounts.
  • Q: How does account sharing work?: On the To the Max account, you’re allowed to provide access to one other user, which makes it possible for you to share the cost of your USENET access. On the Block access account, you can share your account data with as many people as you wish. It’s simply a way to make USENET more affordable for people.
  • Q: With the difference between the Stingy account and the Block account?: The Block account expires after you download the allocated 500 GB of data. If you want to renew that access, you’ll have to buy another block account, for the same price. The Stingy account is limited to 3 Mb/s, but you can download as much as you want and the subscription will renew automatically at the end of your subscription term.
  • Q: Is paying with Bitcoin better for privacy?: Yes. Bitcoin functions quite a bit like cash on the Internet, so it’s much more difficult for anybody to trace any of your transactions. People who are very concerned with maintaining their privacy tend to prefer paying with Bitcoin.


Support is available through the user dashboard on this site or by emailing The user dashboard for UsenetFarm is very advanced, so you may well be able to answer some of the questions you have simply by logging into the user dashboard and checking your data.

Contact Information

Usenet Farm
Postbus 4052
1620HB Hoorn
Netherlands, CoC 37113555

Security /Company Privacy Policy

UsenetFarm does not log your activity while you’re accessing their USENET servers. They do access the amount of data you download—for Block access—and your speed information, but they do not record or store your activities, according to the company.

Payment Options

UsenetFarm accepts credit cards and PayPal, as well as Bitcoin.

Our Opinion

UsenetFarm isn’t a bad USENET service at all. What they offer really isn’t at the level of what our best providers offer. For example, while UsenetFarm offers a decent USENET service, most of our best providers offer more options in terms of block access accounts, speed throttled accounts, pricing for unlimited accounts and so forth. In addition to that, many of our best providers offer enhancements such as VPNs, web access, and other features. While UsenetFarm is a good USENET provider, they’re rather bare-bones compared to what many of our best providers offer.

That being said, they did test well in terms of speed. We also like how easy they make it to sign up for this service. All you have to do is enter an email address, you get a confirmation email, and then you’re good to go. You get 10 GB to play with, which is pretty good compared to what most providers offer for their free trials. We would like to see, perhaps, more coupons or features added to this USENET providers service, however.

While this provider does offer anywhere between 40 and 50 connections, depending upon the package you choose, we do like to remind readers that those high numbers of connections aren’t really something that you should use as a criteria for evaluating the quality of a USENET service. Most people aren’t going to need 20 connections to Max out their bandwidth, so there’s very little reason to put too much weight on connections, unless there are fewer than 20 allowed.

Overall, we still recommend our best USENET service providers over UsenetFarm. Even though that is the case, however, this is a good USENET service and, for some users out there, it might be what you’re looking for. The account sharing is particularly nice and they offer block access, which is something we always like to see a USENET provider do, simply because it offers a lot of value for the money that you spend.


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