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Usenet and usenet industry news collected here. Articles are listed in reverse chronological order.

Does CISA Affect USENET?

Does CISA affect USENET? Well, yes. Now that we’ve ruined your day, let us explain the law and offer you some solutions. What Is CISA? CISA passed the US Senate on October 27. The bill is very similar to CISPA, which made it possible for the government to get information from private companies, like Facebook. […]

Dump Truck Discontinued

Dump Truck, the encrypted file storage service that comes with some Giganews USENET accounts, is going away. The last day for the service will be December 19, so you’ll need to clear out your files before that day comes. Golden Frog, the company behind the service, said that they decided to focus their efforts on […]

USENET Is Big in South Africa

USENET is a big deal in South Africa. According to a recent report, quite a few South Africans use it or Bittorrent on a regular basis. Hitting the Newsgroups The reporting, via, reveals that fifty-eight percent of 3,444 IT professionals surveyed said they use USENET or Bittorrent to get entertainment. Another twenty-eight percent said […]

Sonarr Development Continues Quickly

Sonarr is well-established as one of the best options for downloading TV shows. That doesn’t mean the developers are laying back and letting the reputation of the program carry it. Very Active Development The latest version of Sonarr, v20.0.0.3527, introduced a slew of fixes and added quite a few new features, as well. In addition […]

ZZ9: Sonarr and SickRage JavaScript-Based Alternative

ZZ9, still in development, could provide an alternative for those who can’t run SickRage or Sonarr. The project is still being worked out, but it looks like it could wind up with some great features. Is It Needed? According to the developer, ZZ9 isn’t quite reliable yet, but it is in active development. He’s not […]

WizPar Is Coming, and It’s Worth Beta Testing

Dawe Post has a new app coming out. If you’re an avid USENET user, you might want to sign up for the beta test, because it’s looking like it could make a cool addition to any mobile device. The App WizPar is slated to be available for Android and iOS devices, so only Windows Phone […]

Best 5 Streaming NZB Downloaders

USENET is about as fast as it gets for downloading. To speed things up even more, some NZB downloaders allow you to streamvideo and audiobefore a binary has completed, which makes content even more readily available. Some of these features are so advanced that you can skip forward and back in the files you’re downloading, […]

5 Alternatives to Popcorn Time

Want an alternative to Popcorn Time? Here are some of the other options out there if you want to stream movies. TorrenTV TorrenTV is easy to use, features a drag-and-drop interface and should be simple enough for most people to install. The app will play magnet and torrent files to your streaming devices and, just […]

Free and Shared USENET Accounts 2015

Looking for free or shared USENET? You’ll find it out there, but there will be limitations on what you get. First and foremost, free USENET is not going to come with the speed you’ll get from a paid connection. Given that paid USENET services aren’t particularly expensive, finding free USENET might be more trouble than […]

Kim Dotcom Extradition Case Underway

Kim Dotcom, famously of Megaupload, is on trial in New Zealand. The US wants to extradite Dotcom to the US to be tried for criminal copyright infringement charges, but significant questions about how the US put its case together have already been raised in the extradition proceedings. Faked Translations “At some point a judge will […]