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December 15, 2015

brazil-858234_640 is gone, but there are alternatives to the site out there. Not all of them, of course, will have the vast selection of Portuguese films for which MegaFilmsHD was known, but there are options, nonetheless.

Where Did MegaFilmesHD Go? was taken down by Brazilian authorities in November 2015. The site, which had boasted as many as 60 million visits per month, specialized in the Portuguese market, offering a huge range of films that could be streamed for free.

The authorities arrested the couple that ran the site, along with several of the site administrators. They’re now awaiting indictment on charges related to the site. Several bank accounts were also blocked.

If the charges stick, the people involved in the site could face as many as eight years in prison for running a criminal enterprise and up to four years for criminal copyright infringement.

If you want access to streaming media, however, there are still a lot of places to check out online.



YiFi was recently targeted by the copyright cartels, but they’re live and kicking. This site specializes in English language releases, but you can certainly find plenty to browse through.

The site is affiliated with the same group that runs the torrent site YTS. That’s a new domain for these folks, but they have the same content as they did at their old site. Their films are compressed to the lowest-possible files size while preserving the quality.



Tamoligado is more of a directory than a direct streaming site, but it does have quite a lot to offer. The site is in Spanish, but for people in Latin America, it’s likely to offer more access to popular content from that part of the world than are the mostly English sites.


You’ll find plenty of entertainment on this site, though it tends to concentrate on music more than anything else. The site is in Portuguese.

MoviesOnline has mostly English language content, but it does have an awful lot to choose from. If you want to see the latest and greatest, this is a good site to check out.


USENET binaries include some of the best multimedia content around. You can take a look at our newsreader reviews to find clients that allow you to stream as you download. On the surface, it’s no different than streaming, but it is much different in an important way that might not be obvious to inexperienced users.

USENET access can be obtained over SSL, which encrypts your connection. While site operators are always at the most risk, the people who stream content are, too. Encrypt your connection and no one can tell what you’re downloading or watching, and that’s exactly the kind of privacy protection you can expect with a USENET account.

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