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Over the past few years, Newshosting has made massive infrastructural and front-end upgrades to their service, launching it back to the top-tier of premium newsgroup providers.

Newshosting has access to some of the best-in-class security and access speeds to 107,000+ newsgroups. If you are looking for speed, security, completion and retention, then Newshosting should be on your short list.

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Special Offer Details: UsenetReviewz has worked with Newshosting to give our members access to their new exclusive Unlimited special: $9.99/month (Retail: $14.95) or $99.99/year (VPN Service Included) (Retail: $155.40)

Binary Retention

Current retention across binary newsgroups is 3263 days  and they keep going and going. Also over 4 years of text retention is supported. Visit the Newshosting webpage for current figures and special offers.


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NH Unlimited: $12.95/month ($9.99/Month or $99/ Year Newshosting Special Offer):

-14 day/30 GB free trial (limited time only)
-Unlimited access and uncapped speed
-Free SSL
–3263 binary retention
-30 connections
-VPN Service included Free with the Yearly signup option

XL Powerpack: $15.95/month ($4.00 off per month Newshosting Special Offer ):
-14 day/30 GB free trial (limited time only)
-Unlimited access and uncapped speed
-Free SSL
–3263 binary retention
-60 connections

If you are going to signup with Newshosting we are recommending trying the NH Unlimited free trial to see if that will work for you.  For reference, here are all the Newshosting plans.

Newshosting Pricing / Service Plans Overview

NamePriceDownload LimitsConnectionsFree TrialSSL
NHXL Powerpack$15.83Unlimited60YesYes, Included
NH Unlimited$12.95Unlimited30NoYes, Included
NH Lite$1020 GB / Month30NoYes, Included

Newshosting Free Trial

Newshosting is offering a 14 day/30 GB free trial with all plans, including both of the discounted special accounts. If you decide that Newshosting is not right for you, cancel any time before 14 days or 30 gigs of transfer and you will not be charged for the plan. Its straightforward to cancel and for 30 gigs of free transfer, it’s definitely worth a try.

Newshosting Coupons

By signing up with you are taking advantage of our special pricing offers ) Click here to get 33% off the regular monthly price! UsenetReviewz has worked with Newshosting to give our members access to their new exclusive Unlimited special: $9.99/month (Retail: $14.95)  or $99.99/year  (Retail: $155.40)

Newshosting Speed

Newshosting is connected to multiple Internet backbones and has very good NNTP connection speeds. You can do a traceroute on their website to get an idea of how fast the Newshosting NNTP servers are here

Newshosting vs Giganews Vs UsenetServer Chart

Retention3262 2367 3262
VPN ServiceYesYesNo


Newshosting offers free 256-bit SSL Encryption on all 3 plans and no server logs are kept.

Other Nice Features

Update – Sept 2014 -Newshosting’s newsreader is one of out top recommended USENET newsreaders. With their newsreader you can search USENET quickly and find exactly what you are looking for and it’s dead simple to use. Check out our review of Newshosting’s newsreader for more details

Newshosting’s offers their Lightning Accelerator which is similar to the Giganews accelerator which improves header download speeds using stunnel. While most people typically don’t take advantage of this nonetheless this is a nice additional feature.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Newshosting is one of the best premium providers in the industry and, considering the resources that they’re continuing to invest into the service, will be for years to come.  We recommend taking advantage of their yearly special and getting the free included VPN service.

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7 Comments about Newshosting Review

  1. Platt on February 17th, 2012

    I am still within my 14day Trial. I will say I am extremely happy with their service. Very fast! Tops out my connection. And so far I have found EVERYTHING that I searched for. Well worth the monthly cost for such a reliable source for all my DL’s. I will recommend them to others for sure!

  2. Brad on August 18th, 2012

    Just signed up with newshosting. Having never used usenet before I don’t have anything to compare them to but I couldn’t be happier with their service. I would recommend them to anyone.

  3. Sam on December 4th, 2012

    First I would like to thank this site( their informative and helpful reviews. The coupons and discounts they offer are an added bonus.

    Last week I joined newshosting because of the price, the built in browser and it sounded like one of the easier providers for a first time user. Im happy to say that newshosting is pretty easy to set up and use. They have a tremendous amount of content that is easy to DL. Im very happy with the service and would recommend to all.

  4. Jesse on December 30th, 2013

    I took a trial with these guys, and it worked well (after a few minutes waiting for the automatic setup, the download speed was nice and the retention perfect). You actually don’t need a credit card, a PayPal account works, too. When I was done trying their service, I managed to mess things up and accidently turn my account into a paid one without meaning to. I sent them an e-mail, and within hours they cancelled my account and paid back the full amount! My trust in online companies has been pleasantly restored :). Thank you Newshosting!

  5. marc on June 21st, 2014

    I have used newshosting, but there is just too much crap and junk postings that pollute the groups. Also, some interesting groups disappeared.

  6. Mike Baker on October 13th, 2014

    I’ve had Newshosting for about 2 Years now and all has been good since day one. They have always been fast, reliable and any questions I’ve had have been answered within a day. Great service.

  7. Marion Marshall on November 12th, 2014

    Junk and crap postings are a reflection of USENET in general and not Newshosting. Typically you would need to use a USENET provider like Newshosting together with a well run NZB site (See the list here to help your filter out the junk.

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