Newshosting Review

Last Updated: May 02, 2024

Newshosting Review
Rating5 Stars
Price$5.99 / Month
Retention5763 Days
Free TrialNone
FeaturesBest Overall
Fastest Speeds
Free Newsreader

Newshosting is currently our best USENET service provider. They have provided Usenet access since 1999 and consistently earn top industry recommendations due to their exceptional network, speeds, and service quality.

Newshosting excels in binary and text retention levels, surpassing other providers by a considerable margin. This top-tier retention capacity ensures that Newshosting maintains the most extensive Usenet archive available, translating into better search results and higher completion rates. As of this review, Newshosting has a retention period of well over 15 years for every post made to every newsgroup, representing a significant service level advantage over alternative service options.

As a Tier-1 provider, Newshosting has direct ownership and control over its servers. They also purchase premium bandwidth routing to provide users with the fastest and most stable Usenet connections.

Overall, Newshosting offers the most comprehensive and top-quality all-in-one Usenet access. Here is an overview of the benefits you receive with a Newshosting account.

Newshosting Quick Summary

  • EXCLUSIVE DEAL (3 FREE Months): $5.99 / month special price for visitors + free newsreader with search + a free VPN account
  • Normal price: $19.94/month
  • Fastest and most reliable Tier-1 usenet service provider
  • Global server farms in N. America and Europe. Newshosting auto-routes you to the best server location in real-time for the fastest download speeds.
  • The industry-leader in retention with billions more articles available than most providers. Because of this, you get the best search results and most complete downloads.
  • One of the few providers dedicated to continued retention growth. No article posted to Newshosting’s server is ever expired. In other words - you get access to an ever-growing database of Usenet articles.
  • The exact retention number is listed clearly and prominently on their website and updated daily.
  • Newshosting keeps multiple copies of every article to ensure 100% availability
  • 100% unlimited access is provided with zero usage logging, speed throttling or download caps.
  • All plans include a free newsreader software with integrated search technology. Software features at-a-glance:
  • Free software for Windows, Mac and Linux
    • Instant setup – the newsreader is pre-configured with your account, so no manual configuration is required
    • Built-in Usenet search with file previews included
    • Automated search and downloads – set personalized search queries based on keyword, size file range and file type (e.g. video, audio, image, software and documents) to regularly look for articles not yet posted to Usenet.
    • Supports NZB files via simple drag-and-drop or manual file import
    • Bookmark and browse your favorite binary and/or text newsgroups
    • Server connection speed graph to monitor your speeds
  • All headers are stored at the full retention period - important for users who prefer to manually browse newsgroups to discover articles and also necessary for newsreaders with built-in search since they use headers to run their searches.
  • A free no-logs VPN service is included with ample server coverage, free software, SOCKS5 proxy servers, and a kill switch feature
  • Compatible with all popular Usenet automation apps like Sonarr, Radarr, and CouchPotato.
  • Customer support available in English, Dutch, German and French

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How We Test

When choosing a Usenet service provider, several key features must be considered to ensure a quality experience. Retention is paramount, as it determines the breadth of posts accessible to the user; top providers offer extensive retention times, which directly enhance search results and usability. Retention growth is also crucial, ensuring that older posts remain accessible over time.

The infrastructure of the service provider significantly affects performance; owning their networks and servers, as well as investing in premium bandwidth, ensures reliable and fast connections. Features like unlimited access, high completion rates, and comprehensive header storage are essential for optimal usability. Security is also a critical aspect, with necessary protections like SSL encryption to maintain privacy and anonymity.

Additional perks such as integrated newsreaders with search capabilities and bundled VPN services offer added value, enhancing both functionality and security. Pricing reflects the quality of service, with better providers generally charging more but offering superior features and reliability. Overall, the choice of a Usenet provider should be based on a combination of retention capabilities, network quality, security measures, and additional functionalities to ensure a satisfactory Usenet experience. Learn more about our testing methodology here.


Newshosting has the best retention rates among Tier-1 Usenet service providers. Presently, they offer 5763 days (and growing) of retention capacity in all 125,000+ text and binary newsgroups. Compared to providers that might only offer only a few months of complete retention, you’re getting access to a full USENET archive with hundreds of billions of more Usenet posts, resulting in significantly enhanced article availability.

Complementing its industry-best retention, Newshosting delivers an impressive 99% article completion rate. When you factor in additional service levels and features like unlimited monthly data, uncapped connection speeds, a free newsreader with search, and a free VPN, this is easily our top recommended service in terms of both quality and value.


Newshosting offers several packages with pricing varying based on the number of connections, amount of monthly data allowed, and whether or not VPN is included. For a limited time, UsenetReviewz readers can get a $5.99 / month special price for visitors + free newsreader with search + a free VPN account

Newshosting Retail Pricing

Retail Pricing for Newshosting

NamePriceDownload LimitsConnectionsFree TrialSSL
XL Powerpack  $15.83  Unlimited  100  true  true  
Unlimited  $12.95  Unlimited  100  true  true  
Lite  $10  50 GB / Mo  30  true  true  

Free Trial Info

Newshosting offers a 2 week free trial with all its standard plans. The free trial includes 30 GB of high-speed downloads (i.e. speeds are not capped) from all of their server farms, access to full retention, as well as the free newsreader with USENET search.

Should you find that Newshosting does not meet expectations, you can cancel any time before reaching either the 14-day mark or 30 Gigabytes of data transfer - whichever comes first. In such cases, you won’t incur any charges for the plan you selected during registration. It’s a straightforward process and a risk-free way to test the service with 30 GB of complimentary data transfer.

Please note: the free trial offer is not included with’s discounted special pricing. If you want to get the best price for Newshosting and feel confident with our recommendation, we suggest locking in the 70% off special rate instead, which includes the addition of 3 free months to your account.

Special Offers / Coupons

An exclusive Newshosting discount, offered through UsenetReviewz, will not only save you 70% off the regular monthly price but also includes a bonus of 3 FREE MONTHS added to your account. This offer applies to Newshosting’s top-tier plan, typically priced at $19.94 per month, currently available at $5.99 per month.

This special plan includes:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited speed
  • Access to Newshosting’s full retention
  • Access to All Newshosting servers
  • 100 Connections
  • Free Newsreader with search (this app also supports NZB import functionality)
  • Free premium VPN account


We maxed out at 50 Mbps during our testing and were able to utilize all available bandwidth despite the bandwidth routing from South America to North America. Newshosting owns and operates their own network and has the best bandwidth routing, meaning you get the best possible speeds when connecting to their Usenet servers. This top provider also has multiple server farms in North America and Europe and auto-routes you to the optimal server location in real-time for the fastest download experience.

Newshosting Local Speed Test
Connection Speed Test
Newshosting Speed Test

Server Connections

The discounted Unlimited plan available through UsenetReviewz gives you up to 100 SSL-secured connections, which should be more than enough to maximize your ISP’s bandwidth. Keep in mind that using more connections than is needed could actually slow down your Usenet access speeds (for us, 8 connections was optimal), so you’ll want to be sure to run a few tests with varying number of connections to find the configuration that works best for you.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

In most cases, configuring a newsreader with Newshosting is as simple as entering the hostname and port 563 along with your Newshosting username and password. From that point forward, DNS will then automatically route your connection to the fastest and closest server to get you the fastest and most stable access speeds.

However, if you are looking for more specific server information for your configuration, please see below.

  • Hostname:
  • Standard NNTP Ports: 119, 23, 25, 80, 3128
  • SSL Ports: 563, 443
IPv4 NNTP servers
  • (recommended geographic auto select hostnames)
  • ( United States hostnames)
  • (European hostnames)
  • (Dutch hostnames)
  • (German hostnames)
IPv6 NNTP servers
  • (recommended geographic auto select hostnames)
  • ( United States hostnames)
  • (European hostnames)
  • (Dutch hostnames)
  • (German hostnames)

Note: while currently not all USENET newsreaders support IPv6 its good to know that Newshosting is thinking of the future.

Newshosting Nntp Connection Settings

Frequently Asked Questions for Newshosting

  • Which package should I pick ?
    • We recommend the annual plan for a few reasons – It gives you the best price per month ($8.33, which is a 58% discount), gives you unlimited downloads, and includes the Newshosting Newsreader as well as unlimited zero-log VPN access for free.
  • What are the benefits of using a VPN ?
    • VPN provides many benefits including online privacy protection for all your Internet-enabled devices. It will secure unsecured wifi networks and gives you the ability to circumvent online censorship and geo-IP blocking.
  • What Newsreader should I use?
    • We recommend the Newshosting Newsreader. It’s free and includes all the features of a premium Newsreader including integrated search, article previews, and even scheduling. It also supports NZB files (manual and also drag-and-drop import). If you find that the newsreader does not meet your criteria, take a look at our newsreader clients to shortcut the research process.
  • How do I search USENET and find the content I am looking for?
    • We recommend starting with’s list of NZB sites.
  • Can I pay via Paypal?
    • Yes. Paypal is supported.

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Newshosting Newsreader Client

The Newshosting Newsreader is a full-featured USENET newsreader available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is available for download for all Newshosting users, regardless of plan level, including free trial users.

Listed below are some of the main features that we like about the newsreader.

  • It’s free
  • Fast setup (just download, then put in your Newshosting username/pw)
  • Integrated Usenet search that is easy to use and which provides accurate search results
  • Article previews, helpful for USENET browsing
  • Ability to browse all newsgroups
  • Scheduling feature to automate tasks
  • Auto-unpacking and auto-repair
  • NZB file support
Newshosting Newsreader

The accompanying screenshot above provides a glimpse of the user-friendly interface, which is intuitive and includes advanced features for those looking for a hands-on USENET experience. With this newsreader, you can search and filter content based on various criteria, such as size, name, and file type.

You can check out our review on Newshosting’s newsreader for a more in-depth look at it’s features.

Newshosting’s VPN Client

Newshosting provides a great VPN service, complete with premium features, for free when you sign up for the yearly plan. If you go with a monthly plan, the VPN is available as a $4.95 / month add-on service.

Newshosting VPN Client

Newshosting VPN client details

  • Zero-log VPN
  • Premium network with fast speeds
  • Global VPN server network
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Easy-to-use apps (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, FireTV, and AndroidTV)
  • Streaming and P2P support
  • IP leak protection
  • Kill switch
  • Split tunneling
  • Advanced security features: Ad, malware, ransomware, crypto scam, and phishing blocker
  • Up to 10 devices with one account
  • 24/7 customer support


24/7 support for Newshosting is available via email. Just email and you will get a ticket notification emailed to you, followed by a personal ticket response from a Support agent. You can also contact Newshosting via Facebook, although it is recommended to email directly with any technical issues.

Contact Information

Contact Newshosting via email

Security / Company Privacy Policy

Newshosting states on their website that “We do not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from or what you put in news articles that you post.” Newshosting also goes on to state that they “will not release any customer information unless ordered to do so by a court of law”. Although these no logging statements read black and white, if you are very concerned about online privacy and anonymity, then you can sign up for a USENET service provider that supports Bitcoin such as PureUSENET. Note: with any usenet provider you will need to have a valid email address associated with your account.

Payment Options

Newshosting accepts  Major Credit Cards and Paypal

Our Opinion

Newshosting has remained our preferred Usenet provider for years and continues to hold top position in our recommendations. With over two decades of good service, Newshosting excels in several key areas:

Best Network: Newshosting operates the fastest and most reliable network with server farms worldwide.

Best Retention: Newshosting has the highest retention rate in the Usenet industry, providing access to the most extensive Usenet archive available.

Fastest Speeds: Usenet access speeds are consistently the fastest.

Free Newsreader with Search: All Newshosting plans include a complimentary newsreader equipped with integrated search functionality. A great value-add.

Complimentary Zero-Log VPN: Newshosting includes a free VPN account to enhance your every day online privacy.

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Newshosting Review


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Pricing$5.99 / Month
Deal: 3 Free Months
Stars5 Stars
Retention5763 Days
FeaturesBest Overall
Fastest Speeds
Free Newsreader
PaymentCredit Cards and Paypal
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