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Here is a brief list of the top Usenet search engines compared. An alternative to Usenet Search Engines are NZB Sites — For more info –> our Best NZB Site list.

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Website Details
Binsearch Binsearch
Binsearch is free and allows searching of 1100 of binary USENET data. Binsearch indexes every binary newsgroup however the default search is limited to the top 500 groups. While they may lack some fancy features such as RSS feeds and a search tag cloud, They do offer very reliable service and quick searches and of course the ability to create NZB files from your search result
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BiNZB is a search engine for Usenet network. It indexes the most popular newsgroups for newest binary posts and provides easy Usenet search.
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NZBIndex NZBIndex
NZBIndex maintains a database of 1000 of USENET message headers on average. Popular groups often go up 100 plus days higher. Using NZBindex enables you to quickly search and create NZB files. NZBIndex is one of the top Usenet search engine presently. And to give you some starting ideas they show commonly searched for terms on their homepage. Recommended.
Review of NZBIndex or Visit NZBIndex is a minimalistic NZB search engine, having two simple goals; simplicity and efficiency. supports 800 of search data On their website, there are no fancy features, but only search box is available. is different from other NZB search engines due to fact that it sorts the results according to relevance, unlike other search engines which sort results by date.
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UsenetServer Global Search UsenetServer Global Search
UsenetServer has significantly improved their Global Search with version 2.0. You are now able to search their entire retention range and may be a bit more convenient than some of the other common ways that people find content on USENET. It gives you an NZB of whatever you find that you want to download,
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NZB Club NZB Club
NZB Site newcomer NZBClub indexes binary content in the top 300 most popular Usenet newsgroups in real time and keep NZB files around to support 1200 of retention. While not all the features work perfectly, the price is right and the Usenet content does seem to be indexed pretty quickly. Recommended
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NZBFriends NZBFriends
NZBFriends bills itself as a USENET search engine with a unique algorithm. The site does have a very nice search engine with some advanced features that USENET fans may be very appreciative of.
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NZBStars NZBStars
NZBStars has two years under its belt as a USENET indexer. The site has a 1 year index of NZBs and a growing membership.
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UsenetHub UsenetHub
UsenetHub is sponsored by GetNZB. The service doesn’t have very many files added to it yet, but they are adding files on a daily basis and it is a new service, so some flexibility in this regard is merited.
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NZBSearch NZBSearch
NZBSearch is a USENET search engine that offers another option for those who might be looking for something different. It is a new system that primarily competes with options such as Binsearch.
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Fanzub Fanzub
If you have a hankering for anime, you may want to take a look at Fanzub. Fanzub is an NZB indexer that specializes in files related to anime and Japanese media.
NZBKing uses a sophisticated pattern-matching algorithm to make it easier to find NZB post that you are interested in.
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Newzleech Newzleech
Newzleech , a popular NZB USENET search engine hosted in Russia, offers free access to over 1500 days of binary Usenet posts. You can search through particular newsgroups or search all of them at the same time. Fast and Recommended
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MysterBin MysterBin
MysterBin is a new Web 2.0 style Usenet search engine indexes 1269 of Usenet headers and offers good results and some innovative ways to filter, search and create NZB files. Mysterbin has unfortunately closed their doors in 2012. We recommended you look elsewhere Dead Site as of 2013
An indexing site with a small subset of news. Closed mid 2013. Dead May 2013

We hope you like our list of USENET binary search engines. We have listed them in the order of our preference. The best USENET search engine presently would be binsearch. Newzleech used to be the best but they are no more.

Some of these Usenet search sites are slightly complicated especially if you are not used to Usenet and don’t have a techie background.  (Remember though Usenet does have 2 big advantages: privacy and high speed downloads)

Anyways, if you are interested in Usenet but a bit technically intimidated then check out our Best NZB site list as NZB sites tend to be easier to use.

Usenet  Search Conclusion

There is so much data being added every second that searching Usenet to rapidly find what you are looking for can be difficult. We talk a little about how to quickly search Usenet in our article there and give you some pointers. Keep in mind, that Usenet search services are being developed right and left so this page will be updated frequently.

Expect to see more Usenet search services as Usenet gets more popular.

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