Newshosting Newsreader Review

Newshosting Newsreader Review
5 / 5
Newshosting Newsreader Review
Rating 5 Stars
Price Included
Features Multi Platform Newsreader
Bundled USENET service
Quickly Scan Header Files
Good USENET Search

Top-rated USENET provider Newshosting created a USENET newsreader client back in 2011. Since then, they have been making gradual improvements.

The Newshosting newsreader looks good and works well. Newshosting’s newsreader runs on multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows and Linux.

The newsreader is free if you have a subscription to Newshosting. You can download it from their site or from a link in the welcome email you’ll get when you sign up for the service.


  • Built In Search – Search Newshosting backend servers easily
  • Unlimited File Previews – Built In Image Viewer
  • Filtering – You can filter by Language, Category Type – i.e. Audio, Video, Images, ISO
  • Unrar and Unpar – Nice presentation of downloaded files
  • Easily Import NZBs – NZB drag and drop import support
  • Download scheduler
  • SSL Available – Nice for avoiding traffic shaping restrictions.
  • All Platforms supported – Windows, Mac and Linux versions
  • File repair feature automatically fixes broken downloads
  • Ability to use alternate ports
  • Configurable connection speed limit

You get access to this newsreader when you sign up for the fourteen-day, 30GB trial from Newshosting.

The Newshosting newsreader was remarkably smooth in testing. Check out the screenshots below to get an idea of what the interface looks like. There’s also a video you can watch that gives you an introduction to the newsreader.

This is a great enhancement to an already impressive provider’s offerings.






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4 Comments about Newshosting Newsreader Review

  • Avatar of Theo
    Theo on

    Amazing service at an amazing price. I took the special offer of $9.99 a month (that’s what lured me in the first place). Now I will choose an annual subscription for $99.

    Their newsreader application is one of the best I’ve seen (and I’ve seen plenty).
    One bad point is that there aren’t many regular updates: there are some quirks here and there but you get the job done in an eye-pleasing GUI.

    Great work.

  • Avatar of Kelly
    Kelly on

    After having had experience with usenext I was looking for a cheaper service. I looked at sevral choices and saw Newshosting was offering speical with ulimited downloads. Sounded almost to good to be true but I gave it a try and am finding it excellent as far as speed and also with their newsreader works very well. If you have a little internet savy this is got to be an excellet choice for anyone.

  • Avatar of Dave Parry
    Dave Parry on

    I have been using the Newshosting newsreader for some months now and I am very impressed with it, particularly as it comes with a usenet search engine. The only criticism I have is that the group listings are not user friendly. Unlike, say, Forte Agent or Grabit, there seems no way to list, for example, albums and contents i.e. each individual track. Often all you see is a song title and then you have to check the file size to make a guess that it’s actually an album and not just a song. You then need to look at the faded text underneath the song title to see if the album name is there. It is a real pain and I do wonder why it was designed or released like that. All other aspects of the newsreader are very good but if the binary listing were improved then it really would be an excellent newsreader.

  • Avatar of Marion Marshall
    Marion Marshall on

    Thanks for your intelligent comment Dave. I forwarded this one to the programmers

    Here is a suggestion meanwhile ” An end-user should be able to readily spot if it’s a single audio file or an archive by the file size. If they’re still not able to tell, you can simply right click the file and pull up the nfo to see exactly what’s in the file.”

    Its not the perfect Newsreader but its pretty damn good considering it comes free with a high quality USENET service

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