UsenetServer Review

UsenetServer Review
4 / 5
UsenetServer Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price $7.95 / Month
Retention 4022 Days
Free Trial 14 Days or 10 GB
Features NZB Search
Fast Speeds
Free VPN Access

US based USENET provider UsenetServer has been in business since 1998 and historically maintained a reputation for high quality, fast speeds and good prices. UsenetServer runs and maintain their own servers throughout the USA and Europe so you can expect stable high speed connections especially if you live in any of these locations.

UsenetServer Quick Facts

  • $7.95 / Month for visitors with a yearly signup
  • Global Search feature that allows you to search for files on USENET
  • Uncapped speeds – other providers will limit download speeds
  • 4022 days of binary retention and growing (most offered by any USENET provider)
  • Free zero-log, unlimited usage VPN service included with yearly USENET plan
  • US and EU NNTP servers
  • 20 connections
  • 14 Day / 10 GB Free Trial for first time users.
  • Compatible with all popular Usenet automation apps like Sonarr, Sickbeard and CouchPotato.
  • Customer support available in English, Dutch, German and French

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Binary Retention – Binary retention for UsenetServer is currently at 4022 days and growing across over 125,000+ newsgroups. UsenetServer has been the leader in binary retention since 2015. UsenetServer  is a tier one provider for USENET newsfeed and maintains a 99.5% completion on articles. Text retention is also 4022 days.

Pricing – UsenetServer offers several different pricing tiers for retail users however if you sign up through our website you will receive the best deals.

usenet server pricing plans

Retail Pricing for UsenetServer

Name Price Downloads Free Trial VPN Included
Yearly Plan $7.95 / Month Unlimited Yes Free
3 Month Plan $8.95 / Month Unlimited Yes (+$4.99/mo)
1 Month Plan $14.95 / Month Unlimited Yes (+$4.99/mo)

Free Trial Info – UsenetServer is offering a 14 day/10 GB free trial for all retail plans. If you decide that UsenetServer is not right for you, cancel any time before 14 days or 10 gigs of transfer and you will not be charged for the plan. Its straightforward to cancel and for 10 gigs of free transfer, it’s definitely worth a try. Please note: the free trial offer is not compatible with’s discounted special pricing so if you want to get the best price for UsenetServer and feel confident with our recommendation then just signup now.

Special Offers / Coupons – By signing up through our website, you can avoid the retail pricing and if you sign up for a year not only can you get the price down to $7.95 a month but also included is UsenetServer’s VPN client.

Speed – Our download speeds max out at 50 Mbps. During our test we were able to utilize all available bandwidth despite the bandwidth despite routing from South America to North America. Note: download speeds can be affected by intermediary Internet connections.

Local Server

Local ISP in Santiago Chile

nntp speed chart usenetserver

Connections – With our special offer, you would receive 20 connections. This is more than enough and having too many NNTP connections could actually slow down USENET downloads. Think of 8 connections as being ideal.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration – in most cases configuring a newsreader will be as easy as entering the hostname and port 563. DNS will then automatically route your connection to geographically closest server.

Standard NNTP Ports: 20, 23, 25, 119, 3128, 7000, 8000 and 9000
SSL Ports: 563, 443 and 8080

IPv4 NNTP servers

  • (recommended geographic auto select hostnames)
  • ( United States hostnames)
  • (European hostnames)

IPv6 NNTP servers

  • (recommended geographic auto select hostnames)
  • ( United States hostnames)
  • (European hostnames)

Note: while currently not all USENET newsreaders support IPv6 its good to know that UsenetServer is thinking of the future.

usenetserver connection settings

Frequently Asked Questions for UsenetServer

  • Which package should I pick ? We recommend the annual plan which includes the VPN service for free.
  • What are the benefits of using a VPN ?  Privacy, spoof your geographical location and prevent hacking to your computer and/or mobile device. Clients are available for Windows, MacOSX, iOS and Android.
  • Does UsenetServer include a Newsreader?  No UsenetServer does not include a bundled USENET newsreader. If you want a USENET service with a bundled Newsreader then considered checking out Newshosting.
  • How do I search USENET and find the content I am looking for?  you could start by visiting’s list of NZB sites and start your search there.
  • Can I pay via Paypal? Yes. Paypal is supported.
  • Any more discounts available ? – In late November, Black Friday discounts are available, if you can afford to wait

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UsenetServer USENET Search Client

UsenetServer USENET search allows you to search and filter USENET messages and create NZB files.

UsenetServer Global Search

While their are other ways to search USENET for content, the nice thing about UsenetServer’s USENET search interface when compared to other popular usenet search alternatives is that UsenetServer’s search mechanism is rarely used so there will be much fewer take downs of message headers relating to popular files. Also you can be assured if you find some content you like via the search mechanism then it will be available for download.

UsenetServer’s VPN Client

UsenetServer offers a full featured VPN client for free when you signup for the yearly USENET plan or you can pay an additional $4.95 / month if you want to stick with monthly billing.

usenet server vpn client

UsenetServer’s VPN client details

  • Support 4 different VPN protocols
  • Access to 0ver 105+ server locations throughout the world
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Nat firewall built into the client to secure your connection.
  • Available for Windows and MacOSX
  • Android and iOS Apps included
  • Linux versions can use OpenVPN config files included.

Support – support is available via email. Email You can also contact UsenetServer via twitter or facebook but ideally its recommended to email them if you have any technical issues. Support emails are issued a ticket number and responded to in the order they are received. Support is available 24 x 7 according to their website.

Contact Information – Contact UsenetServer via email

807 West Morse Blvd.
Suite 101
Winter Park, FL 32789

Security / Company Privacy Policy – UsenetServer states on their website that “We do not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from or what you put in news articles that you post.”  UsenetServer also goes to state that they “will not release any customer information unless ordered to do so by a court of law”. If you are very concerned about privacy  then sign up for via a USENET provider that supports Bitcoin for payments such as PureUSENET. Note: with any USENET provider you will need to have a valid email address associated with your account.

Payment Options – UsenetServer accepts  Major Credit Cards and Paypal

Our Opinion – UsenetServer is one of our favorite brands, they have been around for a long time, they run their own servers and with their built in Newsreader and free VPN service (if you signup for a year) we think that they are currently represent one of our top choices.

Take advantage of UsenetReviewz’s special pricing offer and consider the yearly plan so you can get both a good monthly rate and their VPN service included.

7 Comments about UsenetServer Review

  • Avatar of ber31
    ber31 on

    4Mbits/s ???
    Don’t you mean 4Mbytes/s …. -_-”

    Thanks for the review though. I’ll probably go with usenetserver.


  • Avatar of JimmyJamz
    JimmyJamz on

    the $10/month deal is worth it. Good bang for the buck. maxing out my bandwidth at about 10 connections

  • Avatar of Alan Thompson
    Alan Thompson on

    I’m interested in your monthly plan, do I need any other Usnet Programs installed to use your service? My system is Mac OS X 10.7.2.
    Is your free trial still available?
    Do you have any discount packages still available for first time customer.
    Thank you.

  • Avatar of Cam
    Cam on

    Been using these guys for almost 2 years and it has been fantastic. Just recently I needed some customer support and I was able to get people to respond within a reasonable fairly quickly. They even followed up once they didn’t hear from me.


  • Avatar of Mark Pearce
    Mark Pearce on

    Switched to these after astraweb being s**t.
    $10 per month lifetime is amazing. Customer service is top class & binary retention is good.
    Best on the web as far as i am concerned.

  • Avatar of Saitoh183
  • Avatar of Ray W.
    Ray W. on

    I just signed up a year’s service with this company. So far, I’ve seen marvelous retention and quite good download speed. I did have a problem
    getting their vpn working with my OpenVPN setup but they were VERY good
    with support in helping me with it. I recommend this company.

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UsenetServer Review


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Pricing $7.95 / Month
Stars 4 Stars
Retention 4022 Days
Free Trial 14 Days or 10 GB
Features NZB Search
Fast Speeds
Free VPN Access
Payment Credit Cards and Paypal
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