Newzleech Returns to USENET scene

March 18, 2019

newzleechNewzleech, a popular NZB search engine hosted in Russia that was offering free access to over 600 plus days of binary Usenet posts, was taken offline December 2010. This was an unexpected shutdown, as there was no previous information indicating that something like this might happen.

Update: January 2017 – Newzleech is back in business.  Be sure to visit Newzleech’s review page to check if they are currently up.

Newzleech closed their doors from 2010 to 2016 due to an incident involving the Ukrainian Police and Security Services. The text below was taken from the Newzleech website while still briefly available:

On 19/11/2009 Newzleech’s host in Ukraine Colocall got raided by the country’s secret service. Newzleech wasn’t targeted specifically. Every server in the building was removed as part of an unrelated criminal case. Why they took every server nobody knows. Lots of legitimate Ukrainian businesses have been affected. In case you’re worried there was zero logs on the server so don’t worry about that.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a recent backup on the server scripts. I am currently rebuilding the site from the old backups that I have. Please be patient while the site is being rebuilt. We should be back before the end of the year.

Although currently not available, it does not mean that you should skip our detailed Newzleech review. If not interested in history, feel free to visit our brief list of the top Usenet search engines compared.

Update: January 2017 – Newzleech is back in business.

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