NZBGeek Review

NZBGeek Review
4 / 5
NZBGeek Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price $12/Yr
Retention Days
Features No Free Account
$12/Year for VIP
GeekSeek Search Engine
Platform Custom

NZBGeek offers a forum and a USENET indexer. The USENET features are Newznab based. The site launched in 2014 and is still going strong has grown since. The site describes itself as a “positive, forum-based community” and continues to develop features and gain members.

Membership Plans

Donating to the site makes you a Very Important Geek (VIG). For the cost of becoming a VIG, you get quite a lot.

  • Custom searches
  • Language flags
  • Movie trailers
  • Unlimited NZB and NZBGeek API
  • Spam filtering
  • Dashboard
  • Most popular releases
  • Giveaways
  • Gaming
  • Content requests
  • Much more

Membership prices are low:

  • 6 months for $6
  • One year for $12
  • Two years for $18
  • Lifetime for $30

You can pay via PayPal or with Bitcoin.

While you can join and become more of a part of the community, registration at this site is open. The developers aren’t interested in becoming an invitation site and, as a nice extra bonus, NZBGeek doesn’t carry any ads.

Membership Plans NZBGeek

Free$0 / 3 Days30 NZBsNo
VIG$12 / YearUnlimitedYes
VIG Lifetime$30 / LifeUnlimitedYes

NZBGeek Status

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Technical Details

The index on this site is updated every ten minutes, providing fast access to NZBs as they become available. The developers are still growing the site and their attention appears to be applied equally to the indexing features and the community features.The site’s indexer is referred to as GeekSeek.

The developers are more concerned with the community than they are with being the largest NZB indexing site out there. If you want to network with people, this might be a good NZB site to consider.

When last checked, the site was running on a 4-CPU server with 2GB of memory. It provides a 100MB pipe. The hardware is located outside of the US.


Ad-free and allowing open registration, NZBGeek is attractive right from the start. This NZB indexer really concentrates on fostering a sense of community among members. It updates its indexes every ten minutes and has numerous filtering options.

The membership options are inexpensive and offer a lot in the way of increased access to site features. This site isn’t trying to be the biggest NZB indexer out there—and it’s not—but it does have some very nice features built into it and the people behind it seem to be genuinely interested in constantly improving what they have. The site provides value for the money in both the forums and the indexer.

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15 Comments about NZBGeek Review

  • Avatar of Johnlong
    Johnlong on

    Wow, this must have been written awhile ago. Site has about 20,000 members now. They have a private VIP server that has some cool features and are developing more. The VIP indexer updates every 17 seconds. I think they may have change a bit since this was written. Very cool place, great people and help at the drop of a hat. I am new to usenet and went there knowing completely nothing. Can’t say enough about the service I have received.

  • Avatar of iKidunot
  • Avatar of pj
    pj on

    I’ve used a bunch of different nzb indexers since nzbmatrix died and can vouch for nzbgeek as being one of the best by far. If someone is looking for the best nzbmatrix alternative then nzbgeek is the best choice. They have an awesome community, great service that works smoothly with sickbeard, sabnzbd, couchpotato, etc. They offer free service public along with paid “VIG” which is more then worth it. Check them out, I’ve been a member since January and can vouch that they are solid.

  • Avatar of iKidunot
    iKidunot on

    I am not sure what was wrong with my previous comment, but it is still awaiting moderation. I came back to check on it, because the world needs to know about this place. I am so thankful to have found it. I took a chance on VIG, figured after all the money I have wasted on the rest to be disappointed, the $6 was nothing. Well, really glad I didn’t give up. Somebody out there somewhere had to know what they were doing and have some ethic. NZBgeek is that place. And that review is really outdated.

  • Avatar of phenom
    phenom on

    wow this review is very old..

    I have been a VIG (very important geek) at NZB geek..

    I’m very happy and after trying others… i’m proud to say NZB geek the best out there.. and it is now my only NZB indexer..

    soon NZB geek will be invite only… since we are getting a lot of members..

    And features keep being added so frequently and you will not regret it if you join NZB geek..

  • Avatar of Peter
  • Avatar of Gavin
    Gavin on

    You may like to consider redoing this review now, as they have released GeekSeek, it’s all very different and incredible.

  • Avatar of Marion Marshall
  • Avatar of John Dogus
    John Dogus on

    There is no listing of the groups indexed by the site and that is not offered before registration. Isn’t that a bit BOGUS?

  • Avatar of Bob
    Bob on

    NZBGeek is a hot mess, but it’s also a very good indexer with a ton of content. Unlike every other indexer, it has a (unique?) character all of its own, which might not be for everyone. It’s not the best looking site, but it’s my go-to backup if my primary doesn’t have what I’m looking for.

  • Avatar of Larry
    Larry on

    Don’t bother getting a free account. It’s not possible to download anything with a free account.

  • Avatar of Gersen
  • Avatar of William Neyman
  • Avatar of Edwin
    Edwin on

    Site is great however the captcha is crap. It blocks me for skipping pictures that I cannot make out. The pics are to small to see the details. I cannot get to the site and thus cannot contact them. My only recourse is to have my credit card refund my money. I belong to another site which does not use the captcha crap. I guess I learned a lesson. Captcha is shit. You can expect the site to block you half of the time. And that you will have to jump through captcha hoops each and every time you access the site. Not worth it, there are better choices.

  • Avatar of Steven

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