FileSharingTalk Review

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2022

FileSharingTalk Review
Rating4 Stars
Retention500 Days
Free TrialNone
FeaturesForum-Based Site
Option to Donate
5 Pricing Periods

FileSharingTalk is not your average NZB indexer. It is a forum-based site where you can get links to NZB files from threads and posts.

Finding and downloading NZBs is a little different with FileSharingTalk if compared to other NZB sites. Since they are a community-based site, it allows you to search for links to files through threads and posts within their forum. Some users may like this type of function and others may not, but FileSharingTalk is still an interesting option. With its active community of users you will not have a problem engaging with other Usenet aficionados.

Highlighted Features

  • Open site with required registration
  • Forum access
  • Access to NZB section
  • Access to BitTorrent Trackers and trades
  • With advertisements
  • Up to 500 private messages for donators
  • Multiple membership plans
  • Advanced search option
  • Single or Multiple content type searching
  • Features recent Activity Stream
  • Ad Services
  • Privacy: SSL


As mentioned, FileSharingTalk does not follow the usual interface of most NZB sites. Users have no access to download actual NZB files for this site but instead they provide links to through threads or posts made by its community of members, hence why they are called FileSharingTalk. Although actual files cannot be downloaded from this site, FileSharingTalk is pretty easy to explore. Their advanced search feature allows you to go through all types of posts from NZB collections, articles, pictures, posts and even static pages.

Membership Levels

You can go through the site as a free member once you’ve registered, but opting to donate to their site gives you certain upgrades such as up to 500 private messages and instant access to their NZB section and Bittorrent Tracker. You can donate via PayPal over several periods.

  • One month - $2
  • Three months - $5
  • One year - $10
  • Three years - $20
  • Five years - $30


As a forum-based site, the main support system of users would be the community itself. Check out the forum page of FileSharingTalk for some helpful discussion, like guides and tutorials and file sharing information. The site also has an FAQ section that has a lot of information on board rules, how-tos, and other necessary details.

What’s good about filesharing to is that it has a active community of users with forums constantly participated in through useful information and responses

Uptime Status

FileSharingTalk relies on advertisements and donations to keep their site running, and so far, that works well for them. The site has had a great uptime status and their response time is fast, which is convenient for a lot of its members.

FileSharingTalk Status / Uptime Charts

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FileSharingTalk may not be for everyone since the site does not index actual NZB files, but that does not mean that they are not a reliable source of NZBs. With its active community of members whose posts and threads contain sharing of files, you will still be able to get quality NZBs. And not only that, FileSharingTalk also has discussions for BitTorrent and other types of file sharing. Although it is important to be reminded that since this site is a very community-oriented site, they have a certain set of rules that users must abide by. Break the rules and you are at risk of getting your privileges reduced or possibly kicked off from the site.

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