How Usenet Looked 30 Years Ago

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2011

We ’ve told you about how Usenet preceded the internet by years, if not decades. And that the history behind their newsgroups is very long…decades in fact. And in the natural course of events, almost like our own human evolutionary ladder created a special branch for technology. the internet has evolved and expanded into a force that drives the world economy and affects governments globally for both good and ill. If the inventors would have only known the scope of their concept.


But, evolutionary history has a way of leaving the old, outdated, and unused by the wayside to be forgotten. The new generations using the internet now understand the concept of making a search query, but todays ’ average internet user can ’t, (or isn ’t old enough,) to remember the days of old…when the internet was a black screen and green text. You picked your files then downloaded them to find out what was inside. The internet required a lot more know how and skill to use it, but all that has changed now, and nobody remembers the old days.

Until now. The guys over at have found a way to bring back the old dys for those of us who miss them. There may even be a few educators around that would love to see more of this kind of thing. It ’s good to know how difficult it used to be, you will begin to appreciate the things you do have all the more. At the proprietor runs the posts that were posted from 30 years ago, and updates the posts daily. In other words, if you posted today, you would have to wait the 30 years to see your post scroll past.

With all the posts being that old, and any new posts that are made taking 30 years to appear, then the Usenet at are kind of useless outside of the nostalgia and educational values. But then, aren ’t there people out there who can remember walking to school in the snow…uphill both ways. At least with we can prove our assertion.

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