Bintube Review

BinTube  offers  USENET client and a USENET search capability all in one package.

Binary Retention

BinTube offers 900 days of retention, that’s almost a year and a half, and one of the longest retention rates out there. Most people should find this more than enough.

BinTube Pricing

BinTube offers a single price plan only. $10.99 per month for fully unlimited access to both the USA and Europe based servers, and this includes the free custom client and USENET search system.

BinTube Free Trial

Unfortunately there is no free trial of the actual news hosting service. There is however a free trial of the pro version of their USENET client.

BinTube Coupons

None at present.

BinTube Speed

BinTube should be fast and they do offer both USA and Europe based servers, meaning you get to choose the servers most local to you. Their network is multi-tiered and fully redundant, offering maximum bandwidth allocation at all times across a maximum, of 20 connections.


Just like most decent USENET providers these days, full SSL is available for free with every account.

Other Nice Features

The combined USENET client and USENET search works well. While its not as nice as Newsleecher or Newsbin in our opinion. It still is a decent newsreader client and without a doubt their coolest feature is to be able to stream video content while downloading.


BinTube seems to have hit the nail on the head when it comes to providing just what the market needs. A single, unified solution, at a good value price.

Bintube Recommendation

We are going to recommend NewshostingNewsleecher or Newsbin instead as we feel their search services and the continual Newsreader client updates represent better quality at a lower price.

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Free TrialNo Free Trial No
US Serverus server Yes
EU Servereu server Yes
PaypalNo Paypal Accepted No
BitcoinNo Bitcoin Accepted No

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1 Comment about Bintube Review

  1. Bean on November 3rd, 2012

    After having been a dedicated user of Easynews for over a decade, I guess I’ve been spoiled. I just tried out Bintube. Wow…where do I start? Lets start with their servers….forget using a 3rd party newsreader. Sure, there are several superior products out there…just don’t do it. What you’ll end up with is +20GB of useless data before you realize that although their search engine considers the data sets complete EVERY SINGLE FILE in the data sets will be incomplete INCLUDING the pars. Fire up the featureless Bintube reader and you’ll be able to dnload those pars and rescue your data. Ask their support why? “Bintube reader has access to cache servers 3rd party readers don’t”. Roughly translated that means use their reader…or else.

    Lets talk about their reader. First, there’s 0 automation. Second, don’t plan on queuing up files if you need to pause anything or reprioritize. Pausing will pause the current dnload. But, if you say…..happen to dnload another data set with incompletes…yes even with their reader & their search site indicating the set is 100% complete…and you want to stop a running dnload to reprioritize a set of pars to rescue the first data set, as soon as that has completed you’ll notice that the previous dnload you paused has now restarted, every time a new dnload completes. In fact there really isn’t any way to reprioritize your dnloads, you can only pause them or delete them.

    The natural conclusion of that headache is to of course use a 3rd party reader which brings you back to the fact that your completion rate will be a dismal 16% if my experience is any conclusion. Out of 6 data sets I dnloaded, only 1 was complete. That’s an 83% incomplete rate. Geezus, I want Easynews again.

    IDK, maybe I’m just doing it wrong…

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