Altopia Review

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Altopia Review
Rating3 Stars
Price$6.00 / Month
Retention500 Days
Free TrialNone
FeaturesSince 1995
Low Retention
Uncensored Newsfeed

Altopia has been around for two decades as of 2015. The service has some attractive features and competitive pricing to offer. It doesn’t have all the features that come with some of our preferred providers, however.

Binary Retention

Binary retention from this provider is a bit shorter than it is with most of our preferred providers. For single-part binaries, the retention time is 500 days. For multi-part binaries under fifteen parts total, the retention time is 401.2 days. For multi-part binaries with more than fifteen parts, the retention time is 9.5 days.


Altopia prices its service based on the number of connections you’re allowed per IP address. It offers unlimited data and transfer speed for all subscriptions, and SSL is included with all accounts. The pricing is as follows:

  • Two connections per IP for $6 per month
  • Five connections per IP for $9 per month
  • Ten connections per IP for $12 per month
  • Fifteen connections per IP for $15 per month
  • Twenty connections per IP for $20 per month

Be aware that the pricing might be slightly different when you go to the site and, in fact, from what the site itself says. The administrators say that they try to keep their pricing page up to date, however.

Free Trial Info

There’s no free trial with this provider.


No coupons are currently available.

Payment Options

Altopia is currently set up to take credit card payments.

Special Considerations

Altopia doesn’t have all the features you might want from a USENET provider, such as an included newsreader. The web page is also rather limited, so those who need a bit of guidance getting set up or who don’t want to learn how to use a newsreader on their own might want to try a different provider. Tweaknews and Newshosting, for instance, both offer newsreaders along with their subscriptions.

If you need information about getting set up, you’ll want to check the Altopia Status page, available from their homepage. You can get help with the service via email.


Altopia offers encrypted access over ports 443 and 563. You can also use port 666 if your newsreader doesn’t support TLS, but that port uses SSL 3.0, which isn’t secure. If you’re only worried about getting around traffic shaping by your ISP, however, 666 should be fine.


Altopia has a decent service, but it is rather barebones compared to our recommended providers. It’s most likely going to appeal to those who don’t need a lot of user-friendly features to make USENET intelligible to them.

The pricing at Altopia is competitive, but not significantly better than what most providers offer, and worse than some of our preferred providers. Those preferred providers have much longer binary retention times, as well.

Is Altopia good? Yes. It’s a decent service. For those who want to make getting on USENET as easy as possible, however, any of our preferred providers might offer a better choice.

Altenatives To Altopia

Newshosting$8.33Best Price / Free Newsreader
UsenetServer$7.95NZB Search / Fast Speeds
Eweka€7,50Best EU Provider / Lifetime Discount
Easynews$9.98Easy Web App / File Previews
TweakNews€7,50Free Newsreader / Free VPN
PureUSENET€6.63Good EU Provider / Free SSL
XLned€7.39Fast Speeds / EU Servers

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