Stealthnews Review

Stealthnews Review
2 / 5
Stealthnews Review
Rating 2 Stars
Price 12.95
Retention 550 Days
Free Trial 7 Days or 3 GB
Features Shutdown in 2015
SSL Optional
Now Closed

As of March 2012 – Stealhnews is now closed for business. So we do not recommend them anymore. Read about better alternatives here on

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Below is our review that we keep on our website for historial purposes..

Stealthnews is a new Usenet provider as of 2010 as far as we can figure out. Stealthnews Binary Retention Stealthnews’s binary retention is over 550 , while the retention rate for the text groups is over 3 years. Stealthnews pricing Stealthnews offers three metered packages and one unlimited option. The package with an unlimited bandwidth costs $12.95 per month, while the metered options come with 3GB, 15GB and 25GB of monthly bandwidth whose prices are $2.95, $6.95 and $7.95 respectively. They accept credit card payment from almost all the credit card types. Monthly accounts are automatically renewed at the end of the client’s billing cycle which starts on the date the client signed up for their services, while an account is rebilled thirty days from the signup date. Currently, there is no option of renewing the account earlier. Stealthnews Free Trial Stealthnews offers 7 day/3GB free trial which features 50 connections, unlimited speed and free SSL encryption for safer use. Stealthnews Special Coupons Currently, there are no special coupons for the service discounts, but you might want to try their 7 day/3GB free trial option. Stealthnews Speed They allow their subscribers to connect at whatever speed they are capable of. The speed will be determined by the Internet traffic, Internet connection speed, and the route to their servers. Up to 50 connections can be used. Stealthnews Servers The server address is, while this server is available through ports 119, 7500 and 7505. The SSL port is 563, while the address of the secure server is Stealthnews Security/Privacy All plans include free stealth 256-bit SSL encrypted connections. Stealthnews Customer Support According to their marketing “they do their best to provide a Usenet service of the highest quality” Therefore, they have established a 24/7 customer support, check the FAQ section on their official website first. Conclusion / Recommendation Stealthnews is pretty new and untested as of yet — we recommend you check out < our listing of best usenet deals first</a

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