Review currently boasts that it is the number one USENET provider in all of Europe. The service has several different subscription options, good security and competitive retention.

Newsgroup Binary Retention

The current binary retention on is subject to change, which is announced on their site. They currently keep the headers and the overview for any binary newsgroup for [retention]. NZB files will still work after this retention period. The company claims a 99 percent or better completion rate on binary downloads.


Pricing on the service is based upon the download speed. All packages come with unlimited download bandwidth. The prices are:

  • 10 megabit for 6€
  • 30 megabits for 6,75€
  • 60 megabit for 7,50€
  • 120 megabit for 10,50€
  • 180 megabit for 14€

These are all monthly rates. By purchasing a longer period of service, you get a steeper discount.

Free Trial Details

There is currently no free trial available on this service.

Newsgroup Download Speed

Download speeds on are based upon your subscription level. You can utilize anywhere from 20 to 50 connections, depending upon the level of service for which you subscribe.

Security/Anonymity offers free SSL encryption. You can connect unencrypted over port 119 or you can encrypt your traffic by connecting over port 563. SSL encryption is given at the 256 bit level, making it competitive with most of the other providers out there.

Other Nice Features offers good online support. They also take PayPal and credit card payments, making them versatile enough for most users.

Conclusion has a decent service and the fact that all of the plans are unlimited is a nice feature. One caveat that users may want to pay attention to is that, even on the company’s webpage, getting to an English version of the pages is extremely difficult. Much of the support information is also given in Dutch, which may cause problems for users from other nations. The company’s servers are located in Amsterdam and provide access to 100,000 different newsgroups.

That being said, not being able to read some of the technical documentation may be discouraging for some users and make the service entirely unusable for others. If you don’t download very large files, you may find the low prices on the speed-capped plans to be more than adequate for your needs. This is also the case if you happen to have an Internet connection that maxes out at a lower bandwidth level than what the top plans offer.

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3 stars
Free TrialNo Free Trial No
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EU Servereu server Yes
PaypalPaypal Accepted Yes
BitcoinNo Bitcoin Accepted No

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2 Comments about Review

  1. Frank Disher on April 17th, 2013

    Not at all impressed. I use Astraweb and Newgrabber to download an occasional film and Newgrabber is always lightning fast to DMCA.

    Great service if you;re Sony, hopeless for the rest of us.

  2. Marion Marshall on November 20th, 2013

    Newsgrabber is based in the Netherlands its not a DMCA process although something simliar

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