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Rating3 Stars
Price€15.00 / Month
Retention1900 Days
Free TrialNone
FeaturesDutch Servers
SSL Included
20 Price Plans is a Dutch USENET service provider with subscriptions priced based on the number of connections allowed. They have EU servers and accept many payment methods.

Quick Facts

  • Flexible Plans
  • SSL (Privacy Protection)
  • EU Location
  • 24-Hour Support
  • Many Payment Options Accepted

Binary Retention

Binary retention from this provider is currently at 1900 days. This is about half of what most of our best providers offer, but still ahead of some other companies. If you want better retention rate, you can check out our list of the best Usenet service providers.


Pricing from this provider is based on the number of connections allowed, maximum speed of the connection, and the length of time for which you subscribe.

Package/SpeedConnections1 week1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year
10 Mbit/s  20  €1.75  €5.00  €14.25  €27.00  €48.00  
30 Mbit/s  25  €2.15  €6.50  €18.55  €35.10  €62.40  
60 Mbit/s  30  €2.50  €7.00  €19.95  €37.80  €67.20  
120 Mbit/s  35  €2.75  €9.00  €25.65  €48.60  €86.40  
200 Mbit/s  40  €3.50  €12.00  €34.20  €64.80  €115.20  
Unlimited  45  €4.25  €15.00  €42.75  €81.00  €144.00  

All packages include the following:

  • 62,000 groups available (including almost all binaries)
  • 1900 days
  • with 20-50 connections simultaneous access
  • SSL ports
  • Unlimited access 24 hours a day
  • Also for Belgian/German/French customers. Peering with many providers at home and abroad
  • No automatic renewal. No long-term commitment
  • Prepaid so no cancellation period. After your subscription ends, your usenet account will stop.

Newwsgrabber also has a nighttime unlimited account which allows you to download between 10 PM and 8 AM with 45 connections for €3.25 per month.

Free Trial info

There is currently no free trial available from this usenet service provider.

Special Offers / Coupons

There aren’t any special offers for this provider at the moment, but be sure to check back soon as we always update when we get offers to share.

Speed Test delivers the speed it promises. Remember not to overbuy; i.e., don’t buy a faster subscription than your broadband connection can handle. Speed Test


The number of connections allowed varies according to your subscription. While the Unlimited subscription offers up to 45 connections, most users won’t even require the full 20 connections offered with the 10Mbit subscription.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration Unsecured Ports 119 SSL (Secure) Port: 563


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I’m an English speaker. Does have English-language customer support? : Yes: Newsgrabber provides all relevant information about their service and support for it in English and Dutch. You may have to translate the web page using your browser’s built-in capabilities, as there are far fewer English-language questions and answers on the FAQ than there are Dutch.
  • Q: What’s the point of having a USENET service on another continent? : Some users have serious concerns about the privacy policies in their nation and want to get their USENET service from a company located elsewhere. If you’re in such a nation, you might want to look at EU- or US-based USENET service providers. Some US and EU users will get their service from another nation, as well, simply to increase their privacy.
  • Q: Should I use SSL or unsecured ports? : Use the SSL port, if possible. SSL protects your privacy. If your ISP throttles USENET bandwidth—many of them do—you’ll also get better speed by using SSL, in all likelihood. We always recommend that users hook up to USENET servers via SSL.
  • Q: Does SSL protect me all the time? : No. SSL from your USENET provider only protects you when you’re accessing their news servers. If you’re using an NZB site to download NZBs, for instance, you’re not protected by your USENET provider’s SSL. You’ll need a VPN for expanded protection; many of our best providers offer discounted VPN with their USENET services.
  • Q: What I’m really interested in is block access. Does this provider offer it? : No, you can’t get block access from this provider. There are several providers among our top five, however, that offer block access at steep discounts, so we’d recommend that you check with them to see what kind of prices you can get for block access.
  • Q: Can I use automated downloaders with this service? : Yes, you can use automated downloaders such as Couchpotato, Sonarr and others with this service., like many other USENET providers, allows you to use whichever programs you want with their service. There aren’t any limitations in that regard.
  • Q: What does “logging” mean? : This is covered under our privacy policy subsection. Logging refers to whether or not the USENET provider keeps track of when you connect and what you download when you do. Some providers that have speed or download limitations have to check to see that you’re within your limits, but other than that, there really shouldn’t be any reason for a USENET provider to log your usage. Most of them explicitly state that they do not.
  • Q: Is USENET better than Bittorrent? : In many ways, yes it is. USENET providers offer SSL in most cases, which protects your privacy. To get the same protection on Bittorrent, you’ll have to get a separate subscription to a VPN service. Some of our best providers actually offer both, making them great deals. USENET also downloads much faster than Bittorrent, in most cases. With Bittorrent, your speed is limited by the number of seeders. With USENET, your speed is only limited by your subscription and your maximum Internet speed, for most users.

Support offers support over an online ticketing system. You can also check their server status page to make sure the problem isn’t coming from the servers, or use the company’s knowledgebase, which is quite extensive, though most questions and answers are in Dutch.

Contact Information

Contact this company with any questions using their support form located on their website.


Security /Company Privacy Policy says that they do not monitor or log your activities. They do not provide customer information to any third parties without a court order, according to their site.

Payment Options accepts many different payment methods. You can use a bank transfer or credit card over PayPal. You can also use Safebay, OverBoeking and several European payment providers.

Our Opinion is a bit outdated in terms of their pricing and offerings, but they do offer a decent product. Their speed is good and they have very flexible pricing options, which is also a good thing to see with any USENET service provider.The Netherlands location is likely to be what’s going to sell a lot of users on this service, and it does make them worth considering. There are plenty of reasons to get your USENET service from a privacy-friendly jurisdiction and the Netherlands certainly fits the bill in that regard.The greatest difficulty English-speaking users will have with this service stems from the company’s site being largely in Dutch, with few English-language FAQ sections.

We had to translate the pages over and over again to navigate through the site, and that might push some users away. does offer English-language support, however, and that should make things quite a bit easier for many users. The support is available around the clock, so don’t worry about calling from another nation and not being able to get through; there are always techs available to handle your issues.


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