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XSnews is a Netherlands-based company that offers a full range of USENET services. Their prices are competitive, but be aware that you’ll have to convert them to other currencies manually, as the site is setup in Euros.

All of their support information is in Dutch, so English speakers might have a tough time of it with this service. Nonetheless, they do have a good service and, if you know you’re way around USENET well enough to not need the site instructions—or are just handy with Google translate—Xsnews is worth checking out.

If the lack of English language documentation is going to make this service not work for you, you can see our list of best USENET providers for alternatives.

Binary Retention

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XSnews offers flat rate and block accounts, so you do have options. The packages vary by speed and the number of connections allowed. They are as follows:

Flat Rate Packages with Unlimited Transfer:

  • Basic: €3,70 per month for 4 connections, 5Mbit speed
  • Pro: €5,60 per month for 8 connections and 20Mbit speed
  • Super: €6,90 for 12 connections and 50Mbit speed
  • Elite: €8,20 per month for 12 connections and unlimited speed

Block Accounts, Unlimited Speed:

  • Small Block: €9,95 20 connections, 20GB transfer
  • Medium Block: €34,95 20 Connections, 100GB transfer
  • Large Block: €99,95 20 Connections 500GB
  • XL Block: €124,95 for 20 Connections, 1000GB

Xsnews Free Trial

XSnews is very generous with the free trial offer they provide. You get five days of access to their service. You’ll have to provide a valid mobile phone number to try it out; you get a verification code via text message.

Xsnews Coupons

None at Present


XSnews provides speeds up to 120Mbps, according to their site. This is likely true in the Netherlands, but it’s probably not going to be realistic if you’re connecting from the US or another region very far away from the company’s servers. If you want unlimited speeds in areas outside of the EU, Giganews is probably more likely to give you the speed you want, as are other providers located close by.


XSnews offers free SSL. Most providers do offer that these days, but it’s nothing to sneeze at, given that it offers you excellent privacy protection at no additional charge.

Other Nice Features

This company has 200,000+ newsgroups, so you shouldn’t have trouble accessing your favorites. XSnews is the backend provider for quite a few USENET resellers, as well, so their network is definitely tested and true.


If you speak Dutch and are located in the EU, there’s really no reason not to recommend this provider. They’ve got great packages, good pricing and a reliable service. If you’re an English, Spanish or other language speaker, however, you’re likely to get frustrated with the lack of documentation in your language. One case where we can strongly recommend this provider is as a backup, block access service to go along with your regular subscription.

If you want something a bit simpler and without the language barrier, however, check out our list of best USENET providers for options.

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  1. Henk on September 2nd, 2011

    Moeilijk he een naam verzinnen jullie profiteren gewoon van het succes van http://eweka.nl/

  2. Felix on February 18th, 2013

    I signed up for this site. They don’t honor their trial program. Once you login their service language changes to Ducth. Their support is non existant. I recommend going with another euro usenet provider.

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