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Hitnews is a Dutch provider that offers nighttime and 24-hour USENET accounts. Those nighttime accounts might be the perfect way for some users to save money.

Binary Retention

Hitnews has a relatively low retention rate for binaries compared to other providers out there. They offer 850 days of retention.


Hitnews offers standard, 24-hour access accounts and nighttime accounts. The nighttime accounts have a reduced download cap of 1 mbit outside of their assigned hours, which are Mon-Fri 12 am to 4 pm CET and Sat-Sun 12 am-10 am CET. The download speeds during the assigned hours are 120MB.

All prices are in euros.

  • Speed 2.5 mbit Connections 2:1 Month 2,95; 3 Months 8,45; 6 Months 15,95; 1 Year 26,95
  • Speed 5 mbit Connections 4: 1 Month 4,95; 3 Months 13,95; 6 Months 26,95; 1 Year 44,95
  • Speed 10 mbit Connections 8: 1 Month 5,95; 3 Months 16,95; 6 Months 31,95; 1 Year 53,95
  • Speed 25 mbit Connections 8: 1 Month 6,95; 3 Months 17,95; 6 Months 34,95; 1 Year 67,95
  • Speed 50 mbit Connections 20: 1 Month 7,50; 3 Months 18,50; 6 Months 36,00; 1 Year 69,00
  • Speed 80 mbit Connections 30: 1 Month 7, 95; 3 Months 21, 50; 6 Months 42,50; 1 Year 84,95
  • Speed 120 mbit Connections 30: 1 Month 9,95; 3 Months 28,95; 6 Months 55,95;1 Year 105,95

Nighttime accounts run 4,75 for 1 month of service or 52,50 for 1 year of service.

Free Trial Info

Hitnews offers a free 3-day trial period that you don’t have to pay a dime for. You can also use the news servers for 48 hours with a €1,50 payment and no obligation.


This provider doesn’t have any coupons right now, but the nighttime account discounts are good for the night owls.

Payment Options

Hitnews offers a diverse selection of payment options. You can use:

  • iDeal
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit cards (MC, V)
  • Bank transfers

Special Considerations

This is a Dutch provider, so you do get the benefit of having your USNET access provided by an offshore company.


You can connect to the server over port 563 to access with SSL encryption. This is highly recommended, as privacy cannot be assured otherwise.


Hitnews takes Bitcoin, which is usually regarded as the best option for those who want anonymity. The service also allows the special, discounted nighttime accounts, and that might be very good for those who want to avoid full price and who won’t be inconvenienced by the restricted hours. The retention rates are low, but the service is flexible.

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Editor Rating
3 stars
Price€ 9,95
Free TrialFree Trial Available Yes
US Serverno usa server No
EU Serverno eu server No
PaypalNo Paypal Accepted No
BitcoinNo Bitcoin Accepted No

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  1. Hiltru on March 18th, 2017

    I dunno how old that review is, but retention has gone up for some time now (currently 1600). Also, they don’t take Bitcoin (maybe they did then), but accept Paypal.

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