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NewsLeecher is a newsreader offered by the USENET access provider of the same name. It can be purchased without subscribing to the NewsLeecher service, however. This is a Windows-only application.


Installation is performed via a standard Windows installer, so there are no surprises there.

NewsLeecher without the USENET service will run you $2.99 per month for the client on its own. If you want to add the SuperSearch Service and the SuperLeech service to the client—SuperLeech is anauto downloader—the price goes up to $3.99 per month.

You have fourteen days to try out NewsLeecher before you buy. You’ll get a thirty-second nag screen that lets you know how much time you have leftwhen you start up the program.

Using the Program

NewsLeecher has a tabbed interface—see the screenshots below—that makes it easy enough to navigate your way through the program’s various features.


Adding a server is very easy. You can access advanced settings if needed, but the default add server screen handles the big options: username/password, server address and encryption.

Once you have a server hooked up, you’re good to go.

Technical Details

NewsLeecher supports NZB files. You can download them from SuperSearch results—remember the extra subscription fee—or you can import them from your computer.


RAR and PAR files are both supported and the program will repair them if they’re damaged.


You can prioritize servers, set up scheduled downloads and use SSL encryption to protect yourself while you’re online.


Downloading headers is easy enough. When you find a binary, the client supports up to 99 connections, so you have plenty of power to work with when it’s time to download.


You have the option to use beta versions of this software or to stick with the latest release. The betas give you access to the newest features and the program will notify you if there’s a new one available when you open it up.

Where the cosmetic options are concerned, you can change the colors from the default Windows-style blue. The interface doesn’t change much beyond that, which is good, since it’s laid out sensibly and easy to navigate.


NewsLeecher is decent. It’s not particularly sophisticated compared to options like Newsbin, but that might be a good thing for newbies.

If you happen to be a subscriber to the NewsLeecher USENET service, then using this software makes sense. If you’re not, it’s worth checking out if you don’t have a newsreader you’re particularly attached to, especially if you want something simple and straightforward.

Summary Page

NewsLeecher is offered by the USENET service of the same name. It has a tabbed interface, supports multiple servers and is integrated with a search and automatic downloading service. It’s not at all hard to learn to use NewsLeecher, which is one of its most appealing aspects. You can purchase it along with a subscription to the NewsLeecher USENET service or as a stand-alone client that works very well with any other USENET service of your choice.

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2 Comments about Newsleecher Review

  1. Jo Bali on November 22nd, 2011

    “Newsleecher has a few pricing plans. Unfortunately, they all are yearly pricing plans. $20 / year for just the Newsleecher software”

    ..IMO is not precise enough. You pay $20 for Newsleecher and you will receive software updates for 1 year. After that you can renew your license or just continue using the latest version within this year.

  2. David on May 29th, 2013

    Newsleecher is fantastic and easy to use and I can highly recommend it. It is unfortunate that they changed to a yearly fee. I was lucky to still get the one off fee a couple of years ago, although I am now stuck on version 4.0. Would pay another $20 for an upgrade to 5.0, but that is not how it works 🙁

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