XLned Review

Last Updated: May 05, 2024

XLned Review
Rating3 Stars
Price€7.49 / Month
Retention4100 Days
Free Trial7 Days
FeaturesFast Speeds
EU Servers
Accepting Bitcoin

XLNed is a Dutch Usenet service provider that offers SSL encryption, a Bitcoin payment option and, to top it off, you can get support in both Dutch and English from this company. For US users, this is a good choice in providers if you want direct access to EU servers.

XLned Quick Summary

  • EU-based Servers
  • 256-Bit SSL Encryption (Privacy Protection)
  • Compatible with Most Usenet Automation Apps
  • 99.99% Completion Rate
  • Up to 12 connections
  • Flexible Pricing, with Inexpensive Plans Available
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Support Available in Dutch and English

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Testing Methodology

Selecting the right Usenet service provider involves assessing various crucial aspects to guarantee an outstanding service experience. Retention is a key factor, indicating how much content users can access; top providers offer extensive retention periods, improving both search functionality and overall user experience. Ensuring that retention rates continue to grow is vital for maintaining access to older content.

The infrastructure of the service provider is critical for performance; those who own and manage their networks and servers, and invest in top-tier bandwidth, are known for their reliable and speedy services. Essential features such as unlimited access, high completion rates, and extensive header storage are crucial for achieving the best user experience. Security also plays a pivotal role, with SSL encryption being essential to protect privacy and anonymity.

Extra features like integrated newsreaders with advanced search capabilities and included VPN services offer additional value, improving both functionality and security. The pricing often mirrors the quality of the service, with premium providers usually demanding higher fees in exchange for superior features and reliability. When choosing a Usenet provider, a thorough evaluation of retention, infrastructure quality, security measures, and additional benefits is essential for a rewarding experience. For more insight into our evaluation process, please explore our methodology here.

Binary Retention

XLNed offers 4100 days of binary retention.


XLNed has 5 different plans available and, in addition to credit cards and other popular online payment options, XLNed accepts Bitcoin. XLNed currently offers a 1 week free trial with unlimited downloads on all of its plans.

Plan1 mo. Price6 mo. Price1 yr. PriceSpeedConnections
XL Lite  €2.99  €2.62/mo  €2.24/mo  2.5 Mbit  2  
XL Small  €4.99  €4.37/mo  €3.74/mo  5 Mbit  2  
XL Basic  €5.99  €5.24/mo  €4.49/mo  10 Mbit  4  
XL Plus  €6.99  €6.12/mo  €5.24/mo  20 Mbit  8  
XL Gold  €9.99  €8.74/mo  €7.49/mo  120 Mbit  12  
Xlned Pricing

Free Trial info

XLNed previously had a 1-week free trial. However, based on our recent check, their website no longer provides any information on free trials.

Special Offers / Coupons

Nothing right now, but check back, as UsenetReviewz.com regularly gets access to special offers from Usenet providers that we can pass along to our readers.  Bookmark our website and/or signup to our mailing list to stay informed about discounted pricing.

Speed Test

XLNed doesn’t offer as many connections as some other providers, but keep in mind that more connections will not necessarily make your connection any faster. In fact, XLNed offers good speed, even for those located outside Europe. Note that the maximum allowable speeds for this provider do vary by package.

Xlned Speed Test

Also check out XLNed’s service status indicator here below

Xlned Server Status Indicator


If you want the maximum possible number of connections, XL Gold is the package for you. For our money, it’s actually the best deal all around, as you get the highest possible speed and you may not even need to use all 12 connections to reach the maximum download speed your ISP provides you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will using an EU server be too slow if I’m in the US?

  • A: For US users, an EU server might be slower, but XLNed, with enough connections, should still max out many people’s Internet connections in terms of download speeds. Usenet servers are almost always faster than torrenting and other downloading options.

  • Q: Can anyone see what I’m downloading?

  • A: XLNed provides SSL encryption, which protects your download activity from being monitored by your ISP or other parties. Simply set your downloading app to connect to the XLNed SSL server to get this protection.

  • Q: Why would I want an EU Usenet service if I’m not located in the EU?

  • A: For users in some nations, the laws in the EU provide better privacy protection than the laws in the user’s home nation. If you’re concerned about privacy in your nation, having Usenet service from the EU can offer a layer of privacy protection.

  • Q: Does the limited download speed reduce the value of the lowest-priced packages?

  • A: That’s entirely up to you. For some users, the lowest, 2.5 Mbit/sec speed on the XL Lite plan will max out their Internet connections. For others, it’ll be intolerably slow. If you really want the fastest possible download speeds and your Internet connection is faster than 10 Mbit/sec, you’ll need the XL Gold package. If your Internet connection is slower or equal to one of the lower speeds, there’s no point in getting a faster connection.

  • Q: Does it make a difference that XLNed is in the EU and I’m in the US?

  • A: Functionally, no. XLNed has around-the-clock support, so you’ll never be without an answer to a burning tech question because of the time difference. XLNed provides English-language support, as well, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers. Where payment is concerned, XLNed takes Bitcoin among their other payment options, so you don’t even have to worry about credit card acceptance or other Internet payment option issues. You won’t even notice that XLNed is in the EU, in all likelihood.

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XLNed offers both Dutch and English-language support. For users in the US who want an EU-based Usenet service, this is one of the few companies that offer support in English. There are FAQs and options to contact support on the XLNed site. The documents are very well translated into English, so users in the US shouldn’t have any trouble finding answers to common questions. There’s also a forum where you can get support.

You’ll get a welcome email with all the information you need to start using your account shortly after signing up. Keep in mind that some payment options can take up to five days to process.

Contact Information

Lakahraun EHF
Sudurlandsbraut 18
Reykjavik 108 Iceland

Security /Company Privacy Policy

XLNed doesn’t share your IP address with third parties. If you have more questions about privacy issues specific to Usenet in the EU, you can ask support.

Payment Options

XLNed accepts iDeal, Mastercard, Visa, Sofort and Paysafe card payments. They also accept Bitcoin payments. If you’re concerned about privacy, Bitcoin is a great payment option.

Our Opinion

XLNed is excellent, particularly for those who want an EU company as their primary or as an alternate Usenet service. Offering support in both Dutch and English gives XLNed an edge over some other Dutch service providers. It is considered as on of our best usenet service providers included in our top 10 recommended list.

The best package this company offers is the LT Gold and, in our opinion, this is the obvious choice for most anyone who wants to use this service. With excellent speed, a healthy number of connections and SSL encryption, there’s not much more one could ask for from a Usenet provider.

We highly recommend XLNed for its pricing, support and the general high quality of its service. Particularly if you want to do business with a company located outside the US, XLNed is worth considering.

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