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TheCubeNet offers both limited and unlimited USENET access plans. Their pricing scheme is based on either connections or the amount of bandwidth that you use over the subscription period. The retention time is comparable to other providers.

TheCubeNet Binary Retention

Binary retention on TheCubeNet service is 1392 or more.

TheCubeNet Pricing

TheCubeNet has several different pricing models, based upon the type of plan you purchase. For unlimited plans, the pricing structure is follows:

  • Unlimited downloads with 10 connections four $9.99 per month
  • Unlimited downloads with 30 connections for $10.99 per month
  • Unlimited downloads with 50 connections for $12.99 per month
  • 12Mbps speed capped with 20 connections for $8.99 per month

Metered Plans:

  • 30 gigabytes per month for $4.99
  • 60 gigabytes per month for $5.99
  • 125 gigabytes per month for $7.99
  • 250 gigabytes per month for $8.99

Block Plans:

  • Five gigabytes for $1.99
  • 25 gigabytes for $6.99
  • 50 gigabytes for $10.99
  • 75 gigabytes for $12.99
  • 100 gigabytes for $14.99
  • 200 gigabytes for $19.99
  • 500 gigabytes for $39.99
  • 750 gigabytes for $59.99

TheCubeNet Free Trial

None at present.

TheCubeNet Coupons

None at present.

TheCubeNet Speed

TheCubeNet offers some plans that come with speed capped service and others that are unlimited. Access to servers in both the United States and Europe is provided, maximizing the potential speed for users.

TheCubeNet Security/Anonymity

SSL encryption is used on all downloads to provide anonymity for customers.

Other Nice Features

There’s a money back guarantee with unlimited and metered plans, so you do have an option if you don’t end up liking this service.

TheCubeNet vs. The Competition

TheCubeNet has prices that are very competitive compared to what other providers charge. The SSL encryption puts them on par with the security measures undertaken by most USENET providers.


TheCubeNet claims that its business model is essentially built around providing USENET access that is affordable. In that regard, they do provide prices that are certainly competitive with what most other USENET providers offer.

The flexibility to purchase block plans, metered plans and unlimited plans is also a nice touch that might appeal to some users. While there is no free trial, being able to purchase five gigabytes of downloads for $1.99 is about as close to a free trial as anyone could ask for. Overall, TheCubeNet is a decent USENET provider that may be worth looking at for some users. The binary retention is certainly competitive with other providers and the money back guarantee will mean that you won’t end up stuck with a service that you’re not happy with if you want to take your business elsewhere.

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3 stars
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2 Comments about TheCubeNet Review

  1. Pete on August 8th, 2013

    I just got kicked off for doing 2.4TB on their so called Unlimited package -spread the word I have support tickets as proof!

  2. James on July 8th, 2016

    POS service. I have the unlimited 50 account and after downloading 1TB, my speeds got capped from a 300 Mbps to 400 KB/sec… yes, that is 3.2 Mbps…

    Spread the word, these guys are a SCAM!!. I have the proof and I have tested other newsgroup servers like UNS (highly reccomended) and they are truly unlimited!

    Pete I feel your pain and I wish I read your message sooner before signing up for thos Piece of Crap service.

    I paid with Bitcoins and they of course will not refund.

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