FrugalUsenet Review

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2019

FrugalUsenet Review
Rating 3 Stars
Price $4.99 / Month
Retention 300 Days
Free Trial None
Features Low Retention
SSL Included
US and EU Servers

FrugalUsenet offers a simple pricing model, with only two plans available, both of them unlimited in speed and download amounts. The service is remarkably inexpensive, but there are compromises in terms of retention.

FrugalUsenet Binary Retention

FrugalUsenet has only 300 days of retention, which is very low compared to our top providers, most of which have closer to 2,000 days of retention. The company says that this is one reason that they’re able to keep their prices low.

FrugalUsenet Pricing

Pricing for FrugalUsenet is as follows:

  • $4.99 for 1 month of service.
  • $50 for 1 year of service.

FrugalUsenet Free Trial Info

None listed.

FrugalUsenet Coupons

None listed. FrugalUsenet prices are already very low.

FrugalUsenet Payment Options

FrugalUsenet takes PayPal payments. This is a recurring subscription, so you’ll have to cancel it if you want to cut off your service.

FrugalUsenet Special Considerations

FrugalUsenet’s biggest difference with many other providers is the very low retention time on their servers. This may be a disadvantage for some people.

FrugalUsenet Security/Anonymity

FrugalUsenet uses SSL encryption and offers a variety of different ports over which you can connect. You are allotted 30 connections to the server.

FrugalUsenet Conclusion

FrugalUsenet has some attractive features to it. It offers a rather bare-bones USENET service with all the basics you need to get going, but doesn’t cut corners in terms of what you actually need. SSL encryption is provided, so your anonymity is protected. The company has two servers, so you can connect to a server in the US or the EU, whichever you prefer and whichever is best for your privacy concerns.

The connection limit is lower than some of the competing companies out there. Those who have very powerful machines and fast connections may not get the most out of the unlimited bandwidth. The company says that what most people get with 30 connections is about the fastest that they can get, though some users may prefer more connections when downloading.

FrugalUsenet’s retention times are very low. The company does suggest that using a block account in conjunction with theirs would be a suitable solution to situations where you need longer retention. For some users, however, going with a company that offers much higher retention rates than 300 days may be a necessity. Overall, this does offer the basics of what people want from USENET, and the prices do live up to FrugalUsenet’s name, making it a suitable service to consider if you really need to keep your costs down.

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Altenatives To FrugalUsenet

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