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We have received too many complaints about UseNext and pressure from Industry partners to keep advertising them. Instead of UseNext we are recommending that you choose a provider on our top providers page. (Hint: Supernews , UsenetServer or Astraweb for unlimited download speeds  for about $10/month and they accept ideal payments).

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Conclusion / Recommendation

Choose among our top Usenet providers .  If you are German then  Supernews or Astraweb will give unlimited high speed download speeds  for about $10/month and they accept a variety of payment options – paypal, ideal, visa, mastercard etc.

If you are technical or with a bit of training (signup for our newsletter / training series on the homepage) you could get more bang for your buck by our by choosing among our top recommended Usenet providers .

Other Suggestions

If you are looking a brainless easy to use Usenet service for viewing photos, you might want to check out Easynews. They have plans starting around $10 and have a VERY easy to use interface.

Usenet can be as simple as

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UseNext, a relatively new player to Usenet hailing from Germany, has become very popular in a short time. UseNext can be good choice for beginners (especially from Germany) as UseNext is bundled with their own very simple Usenet reader. Their web page might be slightly confusing, but nonetheless, their service is popular in Europe. Binary Retention UseNext currently offers   600 of binary retention with a total server capacity over 800 Terra bytes. This is average if you are looking for top retention numbers look at Giganews or Astraweb. Pricing is $10 to $25 monthly. Plans are slightly confusing when compared to typical US plans as they offer a Hybrid plan. This means unlimited download at 2 Megabits connection speed plus you download 35 Gigabytes at high speed . UseNext Free Trial UseNext offers a two week unlimited free trial. Download as much as you want at 2 Megabits  Also you are given an an additional 5 gigs in High Speed Mode for the free trial). Be sure to take advantage of this free trial. We tested it here and we were pleased with download speeds and the unsubscribe process. UseNext Coupons Extend your 15 day free trial to a 30 day free trial with this Link. Click here for Details.UseNext Download Speeds While normal downloads are limited to 2Mbps, in burst mode UseNext can be extremely fast. Check out the video on their homepage where they show exactly how fast they can be. Security/Anonymity Security is managed by the UseNext client. All downloads are 100% Anonymous. Refer to their FAQ.Other Nice Features Free Headers, No X-Trace Conclusion /  Recommendation UseNext could be a good choice for beginners ( especially in Germany ) and while not a bad choice

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2 Comments about UseNext Review

  1. Arie on June 14th, 2013

    Ya, we advertized to usenext.
    People are getting ripped off, we removed all there links.
    In Holland they got some big problems with the law.
    It’s not a newsserver provider, it’s a scam company.

  2. sandra on May 26th, 2016

    Don’t ever have an account with these people!!!!!! I was trying to sign up and at the end my computer failed. I thought it didn’t work and them I decide not to have it and after 15 days they billed me as if I had an account. They never sent a confirmation email or anything and they made me pay for that. I asked for a refund and they said no, and it was all their fault. They are thief, be careful with what you do!!!!!!!

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