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XS Usenet will let you try out their service for free and they make it very easy to sign up. This is a free lifetime account that offers 1Mbit of speed, so it’s really nothing to scoff at. It’s probably enough for some users, but XS Usenet has other advantages that make its paid packages worth considering, as well.

Binary Retention

Binary retention from this provider is 900 days across the board, excepting for the free package. That package only has 10 days of binary retention that comes with it. For the paid accounts, the retention rates are competitive.


Pricing for XS Usenet is as follows. All plans have unlimited downloads.

  • 3 Mbit, 5 connections for 3,19 € / month
  • 10 Mbit, 10 connections for 5,00 € / month
  • 100 Mbit, 20 connections for € 8,19 / month
  • 120 Mbit, 50 connections for € 9,19 / month

This is certainly competitive with other providers out there.

Free Trial Info

XS Usenet has a lifetime free trial, so there’s really no way to improve on that.

XS Usenet Coupons

Not at present.

Special Considerations

The free package is a nice deal, obviously, but it doesn’t come with encryption. This is a big drawback but, as long as you’re downloading public domain items, there shouldn’t be any risk of being noticed by an ISP or other agency. Still, for any serious USENET user, it’s best to go with an encrypted package.


SSL is offered with all the premium, paid subscriptions from XS Usenet. This is pretty much a requirement for any USENET service that wants to be responsible with user information and security and XS Usenet delivers in this regard.


XS Usenet offers some competitive prices. Their retention rates aren’t among the top options out there, but not everyone needs to access posts from years ago and, if you’re such a person, that might not really matter to you. XS Usenet certainly has enough retention to be taken seriously.

The one caveat with this service is that the XS Usenet free package should really only be used for the most banal USENET purposes. This is a service that’s great for checking your astronomy newsgroup and, in fact, it’s a handy service for XS Usenet to offer for nothing. Just make sure that, when possible, you use SSL encryption, which XS Usenet can hook you up with, conveniently enough.

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Editor Rating
3 stars
Free TrialFree Trial Available Yes
US Serverus server Yes
EU Servereu server Yes
PaypalPaypal Accepted Yes
BitcoinBitcoin Payments Accepted Yes

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10 Comments about XSUsenet Review

  1. damion on February 20th, 2013

    XSusenet does not allow sabnzbd apparently

  2. Billytsik on May 27th, 2013

    As a customer here is my opinion.
    Lets get the facts straight.
    The free account doesn’t work EVER !
    They DON’T have paypal. They DO have paysafe (in a confusing. eat all your points way)
    No Credit Card.
    The price is about 8 euros/ month
    And last but not least I Renew my subscription from Friday and i still can’t connect (Monday). I opened a support ticket, I send a Facebook message i even posted on their wall but haven’t heard from them.
    They have taken my payment and never returned my account to a working condition.
    In a nutshell the DON’T HAVE customer support at all !

  3. UW8-ANE-3QRE on June 26th, 2013

    XSUsenet will steal your money with paysafecard. the transaction will proceed far enough to have your $$ deducted but you WILL NOT receive the service you paid for.

    I filed a complaint with Paysafecard as well and still my money is stolen!


  4. whatever on July 9th, 2013

    DO NOT USE THEM – Lost money with paysafecard as well. Can’t get any response from them, no ticket support.. nothing.

  5. Daniel on January 14th, 2014

    I’ve only ever used the free tier of XSUsenet so far and cannot confirm Billytsik’s problems. I don’t remember ever having had any problems connecting with my free account, and I always got the full promised 1Mbps. Maybe you should check your client configuration. XSUsenet has proven to be far more reliable and consistent than the previous free binary Usenet access I’ve been using (j***4*****).

    I would be interested to hear whether they have taken care of the paysafecard payment problems, because I’m thinking about upgrading my account to the 3Mbps tier, and paysafe would probably be my only way.

  6. ely on February 4th, 2014


  7. Marco on July 13th, 2014

    A lot of misinformation in the comments section here. I’ve been using paid XSUsenet for half a year now, and before that the free service for about a year. Granted, not a lot of time to give much of an experience report, but enough to correct some of the wrong info spread here.

    Why would they block SABnzbd? (Can they even find out what you use?) I’ve used SABnzbd on both free and paid accounts exclusively, never any problem. Check your settings.

    The free account worked for me most of the time. There are occasionally downtimes of a few hours, once it was a few days. It’s free, get over it.

    They do take credit cards. Visa and Mastercard directly, more cards via Google Wallet. They also accept Bitcoin, some bank transfer services, and Paysafecard (the latter a big plus in my book).

    No subscription is €8 a month. Prices range from €3.19/m (3 Mbit) to €9.99/m (120 Mbit). That is when using monthly payment. Discounts when paying for 3/6/12 months in advance. No auto-renew.

    I get the problems after renewal of the subscription too. You get a new password *and* a new login for every renewal, so you have to reset all your settings in SABnzbd. Sometimes I also have to restart SABnzbd to get it to log in, but it always worked in the end.

    I only ever paid using Paysafecard. In one instance I had strange problems that wouldn’t let me pay. I don’t know which side was at fault, XSUsenet or Paysafecard, but it sorted itself out after a day. Never lost any money due to this. Sure annyoing though.

    The customer support sucks, that I can agree on. XSUsenet is a good provider if everything works as it should, which it mostly does. But don’t expect a lot of help if something breaks. I guess that’s the price you pay for the very low subscription fees. Very annoying I imagine when it’s about payment problems.

    Decide for yourself. I happily accept the lack of customer support in return for the best combination of price, retention, completion and speed I could find.

  8. John on December 20th, 2015

    Strange – I’ve been using XSusenet for nearly a year and never had any problems with their news server ever – seems reliable and worth it as far as I’m concerned!

  9. JohnBrel on November 3rd, 2016

    Though I’ve been happy with the performance of both the free and paid servers of xsusenet for over two years now, I’m very unhappy about the changes they’ve implemented in their plans this year (2016).
    While they used to offer a whole range of packages, they now only offer an unlimited package for 11 euro. And worse, where these packages were prepaid before mid 2016, they will now recycle. This means that you cannot temporarily suspend your subscription, for instance during holidays. Usenet will continue to work even if you don’t pay, but you will be sent an invoice, which you are supposed to pay. A very clear deterioration of the way it used to work. Somebody at XSUsenet got greedy.

    I will be looking at different providers, even though I like XSUsenet’s performance.

  10. Erik on November 20th, 2016

    Well I am new on XS USe net.
    Since we do not have a regular internet provider, we work via our mobile hotspot.
    So Now I have got it work with some help by Patrick!
    Tnx a Lot for that.
    Kind regards Erik

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