We have received too many complaints about to keep advertising them. Instead of we are recommending that you choose a provider on our top providers page. (Hint: Supernews or Astraweb for unlimited download speeds  for about $10/month and they accept ideal payments).

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Conclusion / Recommendation

Choose among our top Usenet providers .  If you are Dutch then  Supernews or Astraweb will give unlimited high speed download speeds  for about $10/month and they accept ideal payments.

Other Suggestions

If you are looking a brainless easy to use Usenet service for viewing photos, you might want to check out Easynews. They have plans starting around $10 and have a VERY easy to use interface.

Usenet can be as simple as

If you want to learn more about about Usenet signup for our special offers list and learn about Usenet and receive special offers. offers a simplified and basic Usenet service for their price. is known for their built in Usenet newsreader client that works well . They have high retention, broadband connection speeds and an decent free trial. currently has 500  of binary retention and approximately 2000 plus days of text retention. Article completion, in our testing, appears to be good although there are no published figures on their website. has one price plan ($18/monthly) However, they offer discounts for 3 month and 1 year prepayments ($15 and $12 respectively). Free Trial Yes, there is a free trial and downloading is unlimited at a speed of up to 1000 Kbps (equivalent to about 150 gigabytes in two weeks) and 5 gigabytes of very high-speed downloading volume. You have 2 weeks to evaluate their service. and during that time allows you to choose one of its fixed prices during the trial period. Remember you will be charged if you do NOT choose a package so be aware of this when you signup for – by default the yearly package is selected so you will be billed for a year if forget to terminate the free trial.From their website If you do not choose a package and do not cancel your membership will be automatically renewed in package Usenet Relax at € 8.33 per month (12 month term). From their website During the trial period the contract can be cancelled at any time before the end of the 14 days. No Coupons available presently. However, you can save more than 20% with a year prepayment.Download rates are restricted to 2000 KBps however monthly you can download 35 GB in ultra high speed mode.Security/Anonymity SSL is available and built into their client.Other Nice Features As mentioned free trial and their Usenet newsreader are our favorite features with

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14 Comments about Review

  1. Bernd on August 5th, 2010

    Provider went offline 2 days ago. No response since then…

  2. Mariana on November 5th, 2010

    I am frankly desperate for I suscribed just because I was looking for some books that supposedly they did have and could be downloaded. So stupidly, I suscribed and gave my credit card and personal data but once being a member of USENET.NL, the books weren’t nowhere to be downloaded. What is worst, I want to unsuscribe the very moment I realized that the site wasn’t safe ,but I can’t for there is no place to go and cancel it. They say to look for the members area in the site but there is none, and so on…. what shall I do?

  3. wayne powers on December 8th, 2010

    This service is a ripoff if you go and forget they nail you for almost $150. Half of what they had wasn’t useful anyway and it’s a lure which they hope you (as I did ) miss the 14 day trial, then stick you with a big bill for a service that you have no use for. DO NOT EVEN REGISTER FOR THEIR TRIAL, cause if you have some unexpected thing happen and you forget they will make you pay

  4. Andre on February 15th, 2011

    What happenebd to Wayne happenend to me…..Truth saying”Its out own fault,if you do some research. You’ll bound to find some better sites,recommenede than Use……Don’t even sign up…..

    Lesson learned….

  5. Suzana on November 27th, 2014

    Hi to anyone dealing with don’t they are a fraud!

    I was in a hurry trying to get hold of a file for a uni deadline, usually I do my googling with things like this but just rushed this time. The company makes it appear as if you are signing up for a free trial which will then be charged at 8.33 euros / month if you forget to cancel. Actually the charge you the full yearly fee straight up nowhere do you agree to pay a $99 dollar transaction in one hit. It may be hidden somewhere deep inside the fine print, but the information on the payment page and even the faq is very misleading and unclear, and make it sound like it’s 8.33 euros / month. If you have already been RIPPED OFF by DO NOT LET THE FINE PRINT DETER YOU FROM DISPUTING THIS CHARGE. This company is clearly trying their best to mislead and trick customers, and even if the $99 fine is hidden somewhere in the ten pages long fine print this is just not good enough – as a consumer you should not have to conduct and FBI investigation for what appears to be a small 8.33 euro transaction. This company do not deserve your money, so contact your bank and dispute the charge if you can!

    It is no point to contacting them, I used the form four times no reply, I tried two email addresses ( and supposedly posted by their customer service team on other complaints pages (more likely bots as it’s always the same generic message posted as an answer to all problems) and both emails bounce. Accroding to other people with problems you can’t phone them either you just end up in a never ending loop where you don’t get to talk to anyone, and no problem is dealt with! So unless you want to waste stress and money on international calls it’s probably easier dealing with PayPal or your credit card provider. I have seen posts of PayPal refunding this so I repeat do not be deterred by the fine print; you do not want nasty un-ethical people like this to have your money or credit card details.

    To top it off the software shows up as malware / virus, and I couldn’t even get the file that the search showed up they had on their servers. So basically they give you a shitty service a virus and charge you 99 euros for it while laughing at you!


  6. Suzana on December 13th, 2014

    I actually got them in a legal dispute! Jury found them guilty of anti trust issues. They are charged for about 1.3 million $(USD).
    Merry christmas everyone! :).

  7. John on January 14th, 2015

    I went to giginews site to register. Apparently I was redirected. I filled out all the info and up pops “welcome to usenetnl. They won’t answer my complaints. I’m canceling my credit card number before they rip me off.

  8. Buzz on June 19th, 2015 must be dead! They will not answer the phone (Whatever time I call, it is not within “Business Hours”!
    My account that I paid a year in advance no longer works. They ask you to fill out an online form – BUT it will not accept it as it states my account info is incorrect.
    These guys are major criminals – AVOID USENET.NL AT ALL COSTS!!

  9. bruce manti on August 25th, 2015


    Ask bruce about

  10. Fah Q-usenet on January 4th, 2016

    **Warning – the following review contains obnoxiously vulgar language for the purpose of comedic-ally degrading to the max, if you are easily offended by harsh language and occasionally graphic descriptions used as comparisons etc., please refrain from reading this review… However, if you would enjoy verbally, and maybe one day physically, assaulting Usenet as a company as much as I do, than please proceed ;)**

    This service is a complete SCAM! I signed up using the free 14 day trial, aware that i would be charged for the monthly package if I did not cancel before the trial was up… The day after I downlaoded their software, and had began my trial, i quickly realized that their service was terrible and I wouldn’t even use it were it completely free, EVER. I began trying to login to their site and figure out how to cancel my account and end my trial. This was pretty insane that they have almost no information on how to cancel your subscription (only upgrade to other awful plans for their terrible piece of shit service). Than, when I found info on how to cancel (which was to email two provided emails – one of which sent me a reminder on a later date before trial was up – and let them know that you wish to end your trial and subscription altogether). However, neither email did a damn thing… I tried emailing multiple times and either received a bullshit automated response that had not addressed my concern whatso-fking-ever. Other times the email just bounced. So, I found their other suggested alternative – calling their hotline (which is said to be available during certain inconvenient hours mon-fri, and sat only). Again, despite multiple attempts calling during their posted hours and also during off hours not once was I able to be connected to a human being, and most of the time I just spent time on the phone to be ultimately disconnected.

    Basically this scumbag scam clusterfck of a worthless scheming website/service only serves one sole purpose – to trick you into signing up for a “FREE” trial that requires your credit card – yes we all knew that – and to all of the people ive seen on forums posting comments about how anyone who is complaining is ignorant and should have read the terms before signing up for the trial, YOU are missing the MAJOR POINT….. Yes, of course we knew after the free trial which we all submitted a form of payment for of course they will charge after the trial should we decide not to cancel the subscription. Thats common fking sense (im sure 99% who have made those comments work for usenet or are simply excellent candidates to be on the receptive end of a darwin award one day in their future). The part that they don’t realize is that pretty much all of us who have been charged and are disputing making a $99 withdrawal from our accounts tried every bullshit various method possible to cancel our subscription in time, delete our account, even some people had to cancel their cards – and those who won the dispute because all major banks or paypal know that usenet is owned by a group of unethical scum bucket scam artists, still have to deal with debt collection agencies harassing them indefinitely for the $99 charge that (hopefully) the user was able to have refunded from their bank/paypal post disputing the charge. However, these debt collectors are just using scare tactics and even though they may persistently continue trying to reach you from different emails and other routes of harassment, do NOT give into the slimy uselessnet-dickless-debt-collectors, for they are trying to trick you into thinking you are liable to pay them and that you broke the law by not following the contract …. The contract that promises users that they will be able to cancel their free tial no problem but than doesn’t hold up to their end of the deal and, like the extremely immature and childish pee-ons that they are, use any number of their various scam-tactics to make sure it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to actually quit their service before the free trial is up (from giving faulty emails to send requests to, to providing hot-line phone numbers that even during the officially posted hours of operation wont even connect when you call them unless you are lucky enough to get an automated response taht will eventually drop anyway, to emails saying theyve received your request and will cancel your account/trial but than STILL charging your account anyway at some point after sending you the cancellation confirmation, etc.).

    TO THE EMPLOYEES (AND NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS) OF USENET AND ALL OF THEIR ASSOCIATED DEBT COLLECTORS, A MESSAGE FROM ME TO YOU (and from the tons of other mislead customers usenet has clearly dicked over who have responded wayyyyy more maturely and politely than you chicken-fckers deserve):

    Dear filthy scum-dumpsters of and all related associates,

    I hope you are having a wonderful day full of pain and suffering! I would just like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my testicals for doing a great job of providing such overwhelmingly AWFUL customer service, practicing FRAUDULENT, MISLEADING, and overall UNETHICAL business tactics, and especially for your complete lack of holding up to usenet’s END OF THE CONTRACT by making it even remotely possible to cancel the free trial and avoid being charged for a whole year up front for what is deceptively advertised as a monthly plan to use your awful service, “USENET,” which is so ironically USELESS to actually use for its intended purpose that it makes buying a full set of Firestone tires circa year 2000 to put on the car you use to transport your children in a considerably worthwhile purchase. It would be wonderful if you could proceed to take me off of your email list, remove my account and any other of my personal information linked to your fraudulent service, locate the nearest toilet plunger and put it to good use by first F*CKING YOURSELF before using it to unclog the loads of shit that seem to be overflowing from every asshole-like aspect of your business. Then perhaps try spending your time doing something that may help reach your desired goal of stealing hard-earned money from people who’s ass farts you would be lucky to inhale since you must spend quite alot of time around a company built upon business ethics that reek worse than a life-size replica of the taj mahal built in a third world country near the equator and made entirely of human feces & decomposing bodies. Instead of trying to convince me to pay your laughable invoice – which you apparently just help yourself to without confirming with customers to authorize purchasing your service – i get it, its so awful nobody in their right mind would buy it after a 14 day trial… only took me 10 minutes to realize pictures of cat memes would be a better use of my computers hard drive space (its okay though – i filed a fraud dispute with my bank, chase – youve probably heard of them seeing as they are a successfully enormous bank who likely refunds plenty of your victims all the time – and their CEO’s also likely wipe their ass with Usenets entire net worth, and they will be refunding me the entire amount of which you attempted to steal from me – good luck in your quest to steal my $ back, the cute attempt at using incompetent and unqualified debt collection agencies is a total waste of time silly Usenet, because i PROMISE you that i will NEVER EVER EVER give you so much as a cent of my money EVER. has a better chance of finding an actual customer of usenet (who isn’t employed by them or paid by them) to write a positive review of their experience with the 14 day free trial that your “company” so generously offers – and no, the fake posts all over the internet defending usenet that are merely a weak attempt to seem written by customers are so obviously written by the unethical, unconvincing, unoriginal, and unlikely even human (or intelligent human) employees of Usenet. If you wish to continue pursuing the collection of this debt, nothing would make me more satisfied than to see your entire operation (including your other list of scam artist website just like / usenext, etc) taken down and cyber-skull-Fcked by Anonymous like they have done for so many other wonderful groups doing such positive things for humanity on the internet, such as the KKK & Westboro Baptist Church. Thank you for stealing my money during the holidays, merry christmas & a happy new year to you 🙂 Sending well-deserved karmic vibes your way – I hope they reach you sooner than later 😉

    Yushouldgow Playentraffik Sr.(sly)

  11. John Jenks on March 24th, 2016

    I think the previous poster has just about summed up albeit using colorful language. I signed up on the 28th Dec but there is nothing there even if you can log-in. So I cancelled using their form as per the website and also my PayPal subscription to them the following day.

    Never received any confirmation of cancellation but they would have been notified by PayPal anyway. Then out of the blue, a week ago they’ve got some German debt collectors involved. So why is a company, based in San Marino using a German debt collector? Anyway, I responded politely via e-mail but apparently I didn’t cancel in the ‘correct fashion’ – their phrase not mine.

    Largely irrelevant as whether they like it or not the contract is governed by EU law and hidden small print does not override EU law. I pointed this obvious fact out to their debt collectors but they always respond with the ‘correct fashion’ statement. I will not be responding to them further and look forward should they decide to take the matter to civil court.

    Whatever, avoid them like the plague. If you can eventually manage to log-on there is nothing of value to be had. They are total scam artists and that’s being mild about it.

    There are numerous complaints about them and I’m surprised that Google accept paid adverts from them but such is profit eh!!

  12. burnedonce on October 30th, 2016

    DO NOT DISREGARD THE ABOVE, ITS ALL TRUE. It seems as if I will have to deal with debt collectors now too?? Paypal is your friend here but just why do it???

  13. Carissa on November 4th, 2016 – FRAUD!!

    I cancelled my 14 day Trail period on the day i subscribed to the trail!

    They need took £99 off my account, for a subscription i did not authorize!

    Where else can i post this on, so that we can get this website removed!!!

  14. Rob on January 19th, 2017

    ALL TRUE – serious scam. DO NOT signup

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