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Rating3 Stars
Price$8.25 / Month
Retention3800 Days
Free Trial30 Days or 600 GB
FeaturesBuilt in Newsreader
Careful With Free Trial
6 Plans is a Usenet service provider that hails from the Netherlands. They offer plans that have very fast download speeds up until a specified limit, after which your connection speed will slow down, and they throw in their own newsreader.

Quick Facts

  • Very Simple Plan Structures
  • 256-Bit SSL Privacy Protection
  • Five Server Farms
  • 3800 Days Retention
  • Free Usenet Software
  • 16 simultaneous connections

Binary Retention has more than 3800 days of binary retention, putting them in the same league as other good providers.

Pricing has a very simple package structure. There are only two packages. They offer the same features, but you’ll get a discount with the “Relax” version, which gives a discount for subscribing for twelve months. Yearly debiting for Relax Plan is at $99.00. You can subscribe to SpyOff VPN for an additional fee, but this VPN access is already included for free with their Compact Plan.

PlanPriceDownload at Maximum Speed
Compact  €14.00/mo  70 GB/mo  
Relax  €8.25/mo  35 GB/mo Pricing offers a free newsreader software that you can download from their website. They have multiple options that would fit your Windows, Mac, Linux or Mobile device.

Free Trial Info

You can get a 14-day or 10 GB free trial of by signing up. Note: Be careful with this free trial as you will be billed for a regular subscription if you go over.

Special Offers / Coupons

Right now, we don’t have any special offers from, but check back because we share them when we get them.

Speed Test did very well in speed testing. If you’re not happy with the speed, try using another server farm or changing the number of connections you’re using. Speed Test

Connections doesn’t specify connection limits per plan but according to their site you can get a maximum of 16 simultaneous connections.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

High speed:

  • Newsserver:
  • Port: 119/443 for unencrypted connections or port 563 for SSL connections

Standard Speed (2,000 kbit/s)

  • Newsserver:
  • Port: 119/443 for unencrypted connections or port 563 for SSL connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I want a USENET service in the Netherlands?
A: The Netherlands are a very privacy-friendly jurisdiction. Because the Netherlands might be better on privacy than your nation—or the nation of other users—having an account with a company located there might be of benefit.

Q: Is the preconfigured newsreader worth it?
A: It can be, particularly for users who are new to USENET. The good thing about it is that, if the newsreader supplied isn’t to your liking, you can copy the settings over to one you do like and try that out. USENET software is plentiful and varied, so never feel like you’re stuck with a newsreader you don’t like. There are always other options.

Q: Why did my downloads slow down?
A: Remember that this provider offers a form of metered access. While you can download all month long, if you burn through your data allotment early, you’ll be downloading at a reduced speed. Keep an eye on how much you’re downloading to avoid this. At the same time, 30 GB is a lot of data, so most users shouldn’t have a problem with overages.

Q: I keep seeing Usenet service providers brag about the number of connections they offer. This one doesn’t. Why?
A: the number of connections you can make to a provider’s USENET servers is usually promoted in advertising, but it doesn’t really make that much of a difference. Most users won’t need more than 10-12 connections to max out their bandwidth. We don’t recommend that you rate a USENET service by the number of connections they allow. Generally, all of them offer plenty of connections and most offer more than you’ll need.

Q: What does EcoMode mean?
A: Slower downloading, basically. It’s just the term this provider uses for their slower server connections.

Q: My connection isn’t that fast. Is this a good option for me?
A: If your connection is slow, most any provider will do, but we recommend our best Usenet service providers, as they give the most bang for your buck. If your Internet speed can’t max out what this provider offers, it won’t make any difference in your service, though. You’ll just download at your maximum rate.


You can contact support via phone at: +1 877-257-3360
You contact support via a web form

Contact Information S.r.l.
Via XXV Marzo, 4
47895 Domagnano
San Marino
C.O.E. SM 22403

Company Privacy Policy says they do not collect information about your usage of the service beyond that required for payment and account usage monitoring.

Payment Options

You can pay for your subscription with PayPal and credit cards.

Our Opinion

While is not our best Usenet service provider, we would have to call them an OK service because of their built in newsreader. They’re located in a jurisdiction where the laws may well be more privacy-friendly than they are for the jurisdictions in which many of our readers live, so they deserve consideration on that alone. The plans are simple and straightforward and they have decent retention.

Users who aren’t that familiar with USENET might get a lot out of having a pre configured client. Some of our top providers offer this and some of them even offer web access to USENET articles, so it’s worth checking them out, as well, since they are the best companies out there, as far as we’re concerned.

The one thing that might be difficult for some users is the metered download speeds. When you run out, you might find that you’re only getting a fraction of your maximum broadband bandwidth from this provider and that might be frustrating. If you’re worried about that, go ahead and check out our top providers, as it’s a bit easier to understand than metered access.

With block access, you pay for a certain amount of data and, if you go over, your account just shuts off until it’s refilled instead of slowing down. Some of our readers save money by going that route, since they don’t really need a subscription to meet their needs.

Our top providers offer excellent support, flexible plans and other benefits on a larger scale than does, however if you do decide to go with be careful with the free trial. If you go over you will be billed for the year.

Altenatives To

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Easynews$9.98All-in-One / Usenet Search
TweakNews€7,50Quality Retention / Quality Completion
PureUSENET€5.97Good EU Provider / Free SSL
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