100 Proof News Review

100 Proof News Review
3 / 5
100 Proof News Review
Rating 3 Stars
Price $14.95 / Month
Retention 200 Days
Free Trial No Free Trial
Features Unlimited Downloads
8 Connections
US Servers Only

The altbinaries, that is formerly known as “100 proof news” and “iusenet.com” offers web-based Usenet browsing. They have 200 days of binary retention which by current 2010 market standards is relatively low but typically when using web based Usenet browsing you are only interested in current material.

Uncensored Access

The access is uncensored, meaning, they filter nothing and lets you decide the content you want or you don’t want to see. All the accounts have web based interface for the image manipulation; the picture access is unlimited. They provide more than six months of retention which while not a very high number is nonetheless decent.

In order to avoid the unfinished downloads, they provide more than 99.9% of newsgroup completion. While talking about security, they offer 256 Bit SSL Encryption so there are no unwanted eyes watching your traffic.

Alt Binaries Plan Characteristics

Some of the characteristics are:

  • Unlimited download and uncensored access
  • They provide the access for more then 4000 binary newsgroups and over 100.000 newsgroups overall
  • There are no connection and speed limits
  • They are compatible with all the major news clients and they don’t log what users read while online
  • They offer fully customized software
  • No restrictions about use of the newsgroup software

It is recommended that 5-8 streams are used for an optimal performance, although the 20 streams are allowed

Altbinaries History

They have been with us since around year of 2001 and during their existence, they were constantly upgrading the retention capacity; it is reported that during the year of 2006, they offered more than 30 days of retention and in the following year, there was more than 60 days of retention capacity. Today, this number equals more than 6 months.

They have geographically diverse nodes; there are East Coast, West Coast and Europe nodes. For the Windows XP & Vista, they highly recommend the News Rover newsgroup reader.

On the other hand, for the Mac OS X, they recommend MT-NewsWatcher stating that it is currently considered as the best free newsgroup reader available for this OS. It is also handy to know the fact that although the News Rover usually costs $29.95, for the altbinaries Usenet clients it is free.

Altbinaries Misc Notes

If the client wants to upgrade to different package, or, in the opposite, wants to cancel the subscription, it is only necessary to login to the admin area or simply to send e-mail to the support. Advanced clients will find useful the fact that the IP address is not shown in the user’s Usenet posts.

Regarding the affiliate program, they offer the 100% affiliate commission of the initial purchase. Regarding affiliate program payments, there are no minimum or maximum payments, the payment is through the PayPal and there is no escrow period, meaning, the user will have to pay for the first month.

Altbinaries Package Plans

  • Maximum, which offers 80 GB and has the SSL encryption, 20 streams and unlimited picture interface, has the pricing of $12.95 per month
  • Standard, whic differs from the maximum only when talking about gigabytes and price; it offers 40 GB and has the pricing of $8.95 per month
  • Basic package offers 10 GB and costs $4.25 per month

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