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Tera News is a provider of uncensored, unlogged NNTP news server, offering an access to all newsgroups, including all of the binary newsgroups. If you are Usenet power user, we recommend you look elsewhere as you can find unlimited downloads with high retention rates in the ten dollar range.

Binary Retention

Tera News ˜ website is not very generous with information and  while they do give some important pieces of information, such as retention rate, both for binary and text groups, there is no information about the completion rate. Regardless, some other sources state that retention for both binary and text groups is 90-180, although it is unsure if this information is outdated.


Tera News offers daily and monthly pricing options, unlimited downloads, and there is also a new sponsor package available. Daily pricing options have 50, 250 and 750MB of daily download limit. 50 MB package costs $3.95, that amount being a one time setup fee.

Once this is paid, subscriber gets 50 MB of monthly bandwidth for free and does not have to pay anything else further. 250 MB and 750 MB cost $7.95 and $11.95, while unlimited package costs $14.95, although it is possible to get a discount if signed up for 12 months (in that case, price is $12/month).

Monthly block pricing offers 10GB and costs $9.95.

Finally, there is a new sponsor package, offering 30 Gigabytes per year, access to the news.teranews.com and alt.teranews.com premium server, roll over of unused credits to next year and user can reset/rebill before the year is up to get another 30GB of credits. This option costs $29.95 per year.

Free Trial

Tera News does not offer free trial. They offer free account, though, (50MB daily download limit), but it is required to pay $3.95 initial startup fee.

Download Speeds

Tera News does not throttle download speed. In other words, subscribers should get a maximum speed provided by their Internet service provider. On the other hand, the public server has limits on download speed as well as the total number of users at once, while their paid servers have no such limits.


They provide anonymous posting and there is no logging of subscribers™ reading. Their free users also get full access to the binary newsgroups. On their official website, they say that although they carry over 80 thousand groups, the number of groups a server carries should not be used to judge its quality, since there are many groups are nothing but empty groups that were created as a joke or by mistake.


While Tera News tends to advertise everywhere, nonetheless, we still don™t find their Usenet service offerings very competitive compared to our list of best Usenet providers.


Check out our list of best Usenet providers to find better deals.

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Tera News

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3 stars
Free TrialNo Free Trial No
US Serverus server Yes
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2 Comments about Tera News Review

  1. Jeff Smith on February 5th, 2015

    My experience with Teranews.com as a news feed has been short
    and disappointing. I setup an account with them and was charged
    a setup fee. But am unable to use the account due to authentication
    failures. I have tried to contact them but only got an auto-responded
    reply to use a different email address. Any emails to the alternate
    address are bounced back as undeliverable. They provide no other means
    of contact.

  2. Ahmad Khalil on February 14th, 2017

    Same as Jeff Smith. They did not answer my emails about the error 502, so I forgot about them…until they took a years fee from my bank account without permission. Still errors of authentication failures, and still no reply to emails. AVOID!

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