Giganews Review

Giganews Review
3 / 5
Rating 3 Stars
Price $10.99 / Month
Retention 2367 Days
Free Trial 14 Days or 10 GB
Features Mimo Newsreader
VPN add on
Good Retention

Giganews is a well-known USENET provider. They’re reputable and reliable, but very expensive compared to what other providers charge.

Quick Facts

  • In Business for More than 20 Years
  • SSL Encryption (Privacy Protection)
  • Very Fast Servers
  • Mimo Newsreader Included
  • Claims nearly 100% Completion Rate
  • Company Operates Its Own Servers: Not a Reseller
  • VyprVPN Package Deal Available

Binary Retention

Giganews has good retention figures, with more than five years of binary retention.


Giganews is among the priciest of USENET providers. While this service does have some real advantages, keep in mind that those advantages are not exclusive to Giganews and some of our other providers charge far less for the same level of service that Giganews provides.

Name Price Download Limits Connections VPN Included
Platinum $19.99/month Unlimited 20+ Yes
Diamond $29.99/month Unlimited 50+ Yes
Pearl $4.99/month 5GB/month 20 No
Bronze $9.99/month 10GB/month 20 No
Silver $14.99/month 50GB/Month 20 No

Free Trial info

Every Giganews package comes with a 14-day free trial. There’s no commitment required and, if you decide you don’t want to continue on with the service, you can cancel before your first billing cycle.

Special Offers / Coupons

Giganews doesn’t currently offer any special deals on their service. Bundling their service with VyprVPN—Platinum and Diamond accounts—however, is always and option and brings the price to less than each product would cost individually. Giganews may occasionally run special offers or promotions. Bookmark us and/or signup for our mailing list to stay up to date.

Speed Test

Giganews has very fast servers. They operate their own servers, as well, rather than outsourcing them to a third party.


Giganews adds more connections as you go up in plan price. They offer twenty connections at the very least and more than fifty on their most expensive plans. Most users will not need more than twelve connections to max out their download speed, so keep that in mind when shopping: more connections is not necessarily going to be worth paying a higher price.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration, ports 593 or 443 for SSL. Ports 119, 23 and 80 are unencrypted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Giganews more expensive than other providers?
A: Giganews has always been pricier than other USENET providers tend to be. Their service is very good but, for our money, you can get just as good USENET service from a provider like Newshosting that charges far less than Giganews for any of their plans.
Q: Is the Included Newsreader Necessary?
A: No. You can use a third-party reader like Newsbin with Giganews, and most other USENET apps will work as expected with this provider, as well. The Mimo newsreader is included with a Giganews subscription, however, and it’s easy enough to use to make a good starter newsreader. More advanced users will likely want something more sophisticated.
Q: Is VyprVPN included for free?
A: Only on two plans and the included version of VyprVPN is not as feature rich as some of the company’s other offerings. You’ll have to add the service on to any plan other than the Diamond and Platinum levels. It’s not free; just discounted.
Q: Does VyprVPN offer good privacy protection?
A: Encryption-wise, both Giganews and the associated VyprVPN services are good. However, the VyprVPN service does more server logging than we’d like and users have reported getting DMCA notices from the service after they’ve completed downloads. For our money, you could do better with a VPN service, both on price and anonymity. IPVanish and Slick VPN, the latter available with a NewsDemon subscription are both better options, in our opinion.
Q: Are credit card payments less anonymous than other methods?
A: Yes. Credit card payments are easy to trace back to the purchaser. This is why many people prefer Bitcoin as a payment method for services such as USENET and VPN access. If you’re concerned about having to use your credit card for a payment method, check out our recommended USENET providers. Many of them take Bitcoin, which is a solid option where privacy is concerned.
Q: I got a free trial, but I cannot post.
A: Like all USENET providers, Giganews tries to control spam on its system. To help with this, trial users are not allowed to post to USENET newsgroups. You can post once you purchase a full subscription, however.


You can contact Giganews via various forms on their site or by emailing

Contact Information

1044 Liberty Park Drive
Austin, TX 78746

Security /Company Privacy Policy

Giganews does cooperate with law enforcement if law enforcement is legitimately investigating suspicious activity and the company is presented with a court order. Otherwise, they keep their members information private and do not monitor what’s downloaded on any account, though they do monitor how much is downloaded. Giganews will not rent or sell user information to third parties.

Payment Options

Major credit cards only, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and credit cards through PayPal. Giganews does not accept wire transfers or Bitcoin payments.

Our Opinion

Starting with what’s good about Giganews, it’s not hard to find upsides to what this company offers. They’ve been in business for a very long time, which is always a good thing when you’re considering handing your money over to a company. Giganews runs its own servers and they’re very fast; there’s no denying that. They also provide Mimo, a newsreader, which is easy to use and which should take some of the intimidation out of using USENET for newer customers.

These are good reasons to consider Giganews but, unfortunately, they don’t really put the service above and beyond in terms of what it offers versus what other providers offer.
Giganews is very expensive; much more so than many of its competitors. Other good USENET providers, including Newshosting and Tweaknews, offer comparable services with more payment options at a far lower price point than does Giganews. XLNed offers more at a better price and has servers located in the Netherlands, providing a layer of privacy protection for some users. Notably, many USENET providers offer a newsreader these days and most of them are a bit more advanced and more recently and frequently updated than is Mimo. Mimo is good, but it does show its age.

Giganews could be great, but the price is just too high for what the company offers. While we can certainly recommend this provider on reliability and speed, there are far better options where price is concerned and those services don’t necessarily perform worse, and some perform just as well or better, than Giganews. Additionally, if you want to pay via some means other than credit cards, this provider is not for you.

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6 Comments about Giganews Review

  1. Dan G. on February 25th, 2010

    I have been very happy with Giganews and have been a customer since 2002. They are have the best completion and retention rates so I don’t even bother with trying out other Usenet provider as Im a frequent user of Usenet services.

  2. Marion Marshall on April 1st, 2010

    Yes, I have heard recently there has been a mass exodus back to Giganews because of three things. One, they are innovating – Look at their new VyprVPN service which really useful which they give away free or included with the Diamond plan. Two, reliability – excellent retention and very few incompletes. Three, good customer service / straight forward billing practices – It can the most expensive but then it top tier in every respect.

  3. Jobst on January 8th, 2012

    I have been researching different usenet providers for a few days now, and after reading this page, Giganews went from not even a consideration (because of the price), to now one of the 3 I will choose be choosing between. I will definitely do the 14 day trial to check it out. Thanks for the info.

  4. Gary on January 17th, 2012

    Been using Giganews for over 4 years now. By far the best provider I’ve used. Highly recommended. My download speeds avg around 20 Mbps/2.5 MBps. Definitely consider getting Newsbin Pro for Giganews also. Its worth the extra $.

  5. J on October 30th, 2013

    I have been with Giganews since 2010 because a friend had recommended them. I subscribed to the Diamond plan, purchased Newsbin Pro newsreader, and modified the Windows registry settings to get the fastest possible download speed. I get download speeds as high as 150 megabits per second (18.75 megabytes per second).

  6. burnedonce on October 31st, 2016

    I have been a Giganews user since 2002 and recently tried some other services. That was an unmitigated disaster ( any service ending with .NL beware). So I remain a loyal Giganewser as their service is unequaled and their support, retention and response unparalleled in the industry so far.

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