We have received too many complaints about Usenet. to and pressure from industry partners to keep advertising them. Instead of – which is a UseNext brand we are recommending that you choose a provider on our top providers page. (Hint: Supernews , UsenetServer or Astraweb for unlimited download speeds  for about $10/month and they accept ideal payments).

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Conclusion / Recommendation

Choose among our top Usenet providers .  If you are German then  Supernews or Astraweb will give unlimited high speed download speeds  for about $10/month and they accept a variety of payment options – paypal, ideal, visa, mastercard etc.

If you are technical or with a bit of training (signup for our newsletter / training series on the homepage) you could get more bang for your buck by our by choosing among our top recommended Usenet providers .

Other Suggestions

If you are looking a brainless easy to use Usenet service for viewing photos, you might want to check out Easynews. They have plans starting around $10 and have a VERY easy to use interface.

Usenet can be as simple as

If you want to learn more about about Usenet signup for our special offers list and learn about Usenet and receive special offers., is an exhanced version of usenext’s usenet client and is an ok choice for usenet acesss. has a free trial here which you can download and get going with their usenet client quickly and see if you like it. Binary Retention Binary retention for Usenet to is 450 for binary groups and text groups average about 1000 days. They have over 65,000 plus newsgroups also. Pricing All of accounts include unmetered and unlimited downloads at 1 Mbits/sec so basically they charge based on the burst/ high speed mode that you are able to use at times. For a better explanation of high speed mode – check out their homepage here. Prices are based on levels of burst mode which are $10.73/mo for 25 GBs , $16.13 for 50 GB and $26.92 for 150 GBs. Free Trial offers an nice free trial here which includes 2 weeks and 150 GBs of downloads Coupons By signing up for the year package you save an additional 37% over the average 5 GB month plan. Take advantage of their Usenet service here. Speed, with an excellent service, and ultra fast bust mode is definitely a contender for best high speed Usenet service. Check out their video where they show off the high speed download mode. Security/Anonymity SSL included and there is no logging of whatever you download Other Nice Features Their usenet client, similar to newsleecher but more integrated, is perhaps their best addtional feature. Try their Usenet client you will probably be pleasantly surprised. Conclusion has a great usenet client, good pricing plan and with their free trial, its really worth your time to click and quickly check out if you like the service. Remember their selling point is that they make usenet easy. Recommendation By signing up for the year package you save an additional 37% over the average 5 GB month plan. Take advantage of their Usenet service here. makes usenet easy

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