Sunny USENET Review

Sunny USENET Review
3 / 5
Sunny USENET Review
Rating 3 Stars
Price €8.95 / Month
Retention 1000 Days
Free Trial 7 Days
Features Dutch Servers
SSL Included
12 Connections
Payment Multiple Payment Options

Sunny Usenet bills itself as the lowest priced provider out there. They do have low prices, in fact. Their packages are differentiated by the number of connections and speed at which you can download, but the download allotments are all unlimited. They offer SSL security and they offer bitcoin payments. This provider has all of its servers located in Europe. Their page is currently in Dutch, but there is an English translation available.

Binary Retention

Binary retention on this provider is set at 1000 days.


Sunny Usenet offers several different packages. They all feature unlimited downloads and vary based on how many connections you’re allowed to make to the server and the highest speed at which you’re allowed to download. The company offers discounts for longer terms of service. The prices given below reflect the best deals, which come with a 1 year term of service.

  • Sunny 5: 5 Mbps and 5 connections for €1.43 per month
  • Sunny 10: 10 Mbps and 10 connections for €2.23 per month
  • Sunny 20: 20 Mbps and 10 connections for €3.03 per month
  • Sunny 30: 30 Mbps and 10 connections for €3.83 per month
  • Sunny 60: 60 Mbps and 15 connections for €4.63 per month
  • Sunny 90: 90 Mbps and 15 connections for €5.43 per month
  • Sunny UNL: Unlimited speed and 20 connections for €6.23 per month

Free Trial Info

Any of the packages listed above can be tried out for one week at no charge. Sign up for the package to get the free trial period.

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Payment Options

Sunny Usenet accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards
  • iDeal
  • Paysafe Card
  • bitcoin

Special Considerations

This provider advertises itself as the cheapest USENET access provider out there. Whether or not that’s true can change by the day, of course, but they do offer low prices.

Security Anonymity

You can connect over port 563 to use SSL encryption. You can also use port 119 to connect without encryption. This host’s servers are all located in Europe.


Sunny Usenet has attractive pricing, particularly if you go for a longer term of service with this provider. Their download speeds at the top end packages are very good, though some users may be able to get a better deal from another provider than the lower-end packages from this provider offer. The bitcoin payment method and SSL encryption do offer some good security benefits from this host.

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