NewsDemon Review

Last Updated: May 04, 2024

NewsDemon Review
Rating3 Stars
Price$5.00 / Month
Retention5791 Days
Free Trial15 Days
FeaturesBlock Account Options
Free VPN With All Plans
Bitcoin Accepted

NewsDemon offers a solid Usenet service provider with competitive pricing and plenty of purchasing options. In addition to standard subscription plans, NewsDemon also has block access plans. All their plans also include free VPN.

NewsDemon Quick Summary

  • Unlimited Access: No download limits or speed throttling.
  • Block Account Options: Ideal for occasional users.
  • Server Locations: Servers in both the US and EU, providing excellent speed and redundancy.
  • Privacy Friendly: 256-bit SSL encryption and a strict privacy policy.
  • Free VPN with All Plans: SlickVPN included to enhance online privacy.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Available in multiple languages including English, Dutch, German, and Spanish.
  • Student Discounts: 25% off for students.
  • Payment Options: Accepts Bitcoin, SEPA, iDeal, and major credit cards.
  • IPv6 Enabled: Future-proof connectivity.
  • Compatibility: Works with popular Usenet automation applications.

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How We Test

When choosing a quality Usenet service provider, several factors are essential. Retention, the duration posts are stored on servers, is the most critical feature. Longer retention means access to more articles and better search results. Providers like Newshosting offer over 13 years of retention, significantly enhancing the Usenet experience. Always verify the provider’s retention levels and avoid vague claims.

Other crucial aspects include completion rates, unlimited access, and network quality. High completion rates ensure you can download posts without missing parts. Unlimited access prevents usage limitations, while a provider with its own network and top bandwidth routing ensures consistent speeds. Proximity to server locations also impacts speed, so having servers in multiple regions is beneficial.

Additional features such as full header retention, multiple connections, and security through SSL are also important. Top providers offer these along with extra services like newsreaders and VPNs, enhancing usability and privacy. While price matters, quality service, often around $10-$12 per month, provides better value compared to cheaper alternatives.

Binary Retention

NewsDemon has very good retention figures: They are currently at 5791 days of binary retention.


NewsDemon has a wide array of pricing options which includes both metered and unlimited plans. They also offer block access plans. All of these plans include access to 50 connections, unlimited speed, free headers and posting, header compression, and Slick VPN protection.

Newsdemon Pricing

Free Trial info

NewsDemon offers a free 15-day trial on their plans, both the block access and subscription options. If you’re unhappy with the service for some reason, cancel your account before the seven days are up and you won’t be billed.

Special Offers / Coupons

NewsDemon offers quite a few special offers. If you’re a blogger, you might qualify for a free month of service, dependent upon a review of your blog by NewsDemon. If you’re a student, NewsDemon will knock 25% off your purchase price. The biggest special offer NewsDemon has, however, is their free VPN.

NewsDemon also has a “Price Match Guarantee” page on their website where you can view deals that this provider has that matches other online competitors on a similar monthly service and/or access limits. If the deal you are looking for is not listed, you can submit that particular deal to their team and provide the plan type, deal URL and competitor name.

Speed Test

This Usenet service provider has servers in the US and in Europe, so you should be able to max out your broadband speed on either continent. NewsDemon doesn’t limit speed on any of its packages.

Newsdemon Speed Test


Any plan from NewsDemon, block or subscription, offers fifty connections to their servers. This is plenty for most users and certainly competitive with other providers. Most users won’t need anywhere near 50 connections to hit their highest possible download speed.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

Standard Servers

  • NNTP port(s): 119, 443, 8080
  • NNTP port(s): 119, 443, 8080

SSL Servers

  • NNTP port(s): 119, 443, 8080
  • NNTP port(s): 119, 443, 8080
  • * (THIS IS 256-BIT ENCRYPTED) SSL port(s): 563, 80 or 81
  • * (THIS IS 256-BIT ENCRYPTED) SSL port(s): 563, 80 or 81

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I need SSL? A: It’s a good idea to use an SSL server. It protects your privacy and there’s no extra charge to use one.
  • Q: Will this service work with SANnzbd, Sonaar and other downloading apps? A: Absolutely.
  • Q: Is this service safer than bittorrent? A: Usenet services are generally better for privacy than bittorrent. The one caveat is that using a VPN with bittorrent also provides good privacy protection. NewsDemon offers a VPN connection with the service, so you’ll be able to do both with good privacy protection.
  • Q: Is Usenet faster than bittorrent? A: In almost all cases, yes, Usenet offers faster average download speeds than bittorrent.
  • Q: What is Block Access? A: Block access is a great option for users who would rather pay for a specific amount of data download rather than a monthly subscription. Instead of paying every month, you simply purchase a specific amount of download data and use your subscription until you’ve exhausted it.
  • Q : Will my block access expire if I don’t use it? A: No. Once you purchase block access from NewsDemon, you own it until you use it up. It never expires.


NewsDemon has a web form that can get you answers to the most common questions and, if you don’t find what you need there, you can contact support right off of the same page. NewsDemon support is available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Their customer support comes in several languages including English, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Contact Information

USA Office
3504 Highway 153
Box #14,
Greenville, SC 29611,
Phone: 888.308.4272
Fax: 888.549.3675

UK Office
72, High Street
Haslemere, Surrey
GU27 2LA

Security /Company Privacy Policy

NewsDemon states that they will not share your information with third parties. Like any other Usenet provider, they have to comply if handed a valid court order, but the company states that it will not share your information with third parties for any other reason. Using an SSL server on your NewsDemon account doesn’t incur any charges beyond your regular subscription price.

Payment Options

NewsDemon accepts several different payment methods, including major credit cards, PayPal and even Diner’s Club. JCM, Delta and other online providers are accepted. NewsDemon also accepts Bitcoin payments. NewsDemon also accepts cryptocurrency payments, as well as iDeal and SEPA.

Our Opinion

NewsDemon is a solid Usenet service provider. None of their plans require you to compromise on download limits or download speeds, which is great for those of us who do a lot of downloading. However, not everyone uses their Usenet account all that much, and this is where block access is a great thing. With block access, NewsDemon and other providers that offer it have something for people who only download off of Usenet occasionally and whose usage patterns don’t really warrant a monthly subscription.

NewsDemon also throws in SlickVPN at no extra charge with their subscription accounts. All of this makes NewsDemon a solid provider and a great value. They offer a 25% discount to students, so you should give them serious consideration if you’re in school and you need a way to download and protect your privacy over a school-provided connection. While NewsDemon may not be our best Usenet service, all in all, we recommend giving NewsDemon serious consideration if you’re looking for Usenet access and VPN.

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