Snelnl Review

Snelnl Review
3 / 5
Snelnl Review
Rating 3 Stars
Price €8.95 / Month
Retention 1238 Days
Free Trial 3 Days
Features Streaming Newsreader
SSL Included
Accepting Bitcoin
Payment Multiple Payment Options

SnelNL is a Dutch provider, which will immediately give it some appeal for those who want to take their service outside the US. The service provides unlimited access and does so at a competitive price. There is software included with the package, as well. This service allows you to stream audio and video files, which gives it some added appeal.

Binary Retention

Binary retention is set it 1238 days, putting SnelNL in competitive territory with other providers. It should enable binary downloaders to find posts from long enough back to keep them happy.


The SnelNL service is priced in Euros. There are several packages available and they work a bit differently than most users will be accustomed to. The packages are differentiated by speed, but since this is a streaming service, it correlates directly to the quality of the video and audio you can stream. The packages include:

  • Small: €3,95 per month for low-quality streams and unlimited downloads
  • Basic: €7,95 for high quality video and audio streaming and unlimited downloads
  • Fast: €8,95 per month for very high quality streaming and unlimited downloads

Free Trial Info

SnelNL offers a free trial that allows you to test out the streaming accounts. It’s fast to sign up and lasts for 3 days. You get a 1GB download limit. This allows you to check out the best speed for your connection, which SnelNL says is usually the Basic package.

SnelNL Coupons

There are discounts for signing up for 6-month and 1-year accounts available from this provider. The free signup should let you know whether it’s worth it for you to go for a longer subscription so you can take advantage of this.

Payment Options

Accepted payment forms include:

  • Credit Cards
  • iDeal
  • PayPal
  • Paysafe
  • Sofort

Special Considerations

SnelNL’s main divergence from most other providers is its streaming service. You’ll want to check to make sure you can handle the highest quality options before you sign up, but the free trial makes this easy.

This service does not work with Linux, but Mac OSx and Windows XP and better are supported.


For the best privacy, users will likely want to log into the European server and use SSL encryption. You can do this trough the included client and it’s very easy.


SnelNL should be interesting to anyone who wants a USENET service that offers them more than downloads. The fact that you can stream binaries rather than just downloading them is certainly compelling and offers something new. With that newness, however, there is still the tried-and-true security of SSL encryption and access to a European server, so there are both new and old reasons to consider this a solid product.

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