Cheapnews Review

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Cheapnews Review
Rating3 Stars
Price€8.50 / Month
Retention2000 Days
Free Trial7 Days or 40 GB
FeaturesEmail Support
VPN Available
Since 2009

Cheapnews offers block and standard subscription USENET access. This Usenet service provider also offers VPN access for an additional fee.

Quick Facts

Block and Unlimited Access

  • EU Servers
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • SSL (Privacy Protection)
  • Free Block Access Trial
  • VPN Add-On Available or as a standalone product
  • 7-day, 40GB Free Trial
  • Up to 48 connections
  • Usenet + VPN option
    • 3 simultaneous logins
    • 256-bit data encryption

Binary Retention

Binary retention is currently at 2000 days and has been holding steady for the last few years. As the Internet grows and Usenet gets more popular this is quite a feat.


Cheapnews has both Flat Fee and Block accounts:

Flat Fee Accounts

NamePrice per monthConnectionsMax SpeedData Limit
Basic  €3.50  10  20 Mbit  Unlimited  
Premium  €6.25  12  60 Mbit  Unlimited  
Ultimate  €8.50  18  120 Mbit  Unlimited  
Stellar  €8.75  24  160 Mbit  Unlimited  
Legacy  €9.25  40  250 Mbit  Unlimited  
Legend  €9.75  48  Unlimited  Unlimited  

Block Accounts

NamePriceConnectionsMax SpeedData
Starter€7.9524Unlimited50 GB
Small€14.9524Unlimited100 GB
Standard€24.9524Unlimited250 GB
Medium€34.9524Unlimited500 GB
Large€64.9524Unlimited1000 GB
Pro€119.9524Unlimited2000 GB

VPN can also be added to subscription plans for € 5,50 per month or as a standalone product for €8,25. Their VPN account comes with the 3 multi log ins and uses the following protocols: PPTP, IPSec, OpenVPN and IKEv2. Their VPN service is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Free Trial info

You can get a free block account from this usenet service provider before signing up. It provides unlimited speed, 12 connections and 40 GB of data.

Special Offers / Coupons

We don’t have any special offers or coupons for this provider at present. Be sure to check back because we share offers when we get them.

Speed Test

Cheapnews tested well as far as speed is concerned. Remember not to pay for a package that offers faster download speeds than your ISP provides, however.

Cheapnews Speed Test


Cheapnews allows between 10 and 24 connections to their servers. Most users shouldn’t need anywhere near 24 to max out your speed.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

For block accounts, use
For subscription accounts use
SSL Ports: 443, 563

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: if I’m not in the EU, will this service be slower? **:**If you’re located on another continent, you might experience somewhat slower service than you would if you were on Continental Europe. However, USENET service providers are so fast these days that you shouldn’t have a problem with getting your full bandwidth.
  • Q: Is there any advantage in an EU company? : The EU might be more friendly to privacy than your home nation and, in fact, that’s why a lot of people get USENET service from a company located outside their home nation. Remember that not all companies treat your privacy equally, however, no matter where they’re located. We include a separate review section on privacy that you can consult for further information on any given provider’s privacy.
  • Q: Are the 10 connections allowed on the lowest-priced subscription enough?****: For most users, 10 connections should suffice, but this is not always the case. That being said, we do not recommend that you decide upon a USENET provider based on the number of connections they allow to their servers. Very high numbers of connections can actually slow download speeds.
  • Q: Should I use an SSL port? : Yes. You should use an SSL port to connect to the news servers for this or any other provider. SSL encrypts your connection, protecting your privacy. This company and some other USENET service providers have affiliations with VPN companies, which offer encrypted privacy protection for all your network activities, not just your USENET service. Newshosting, Tweaknews and UsenetServer are among our top picks for companies that offer both USENET access and VPN service.
  • Q: What’s the difference between block and subscription accounts with this provider? With Cheapnews it’s a tradeoff between limited speed or limited downloads. We tend to recommend block accounts as a backup service and for users who don’t need a monthly subscription to accommodate their data usage. The subscription account limitations on speed aren’t so excessive that they’ll severely impede anyone’s ability to download quickly, but our best providers offer better deals on block accounts and subscriptions.
  • Q: How do I choose a maximum speed? This is pretty straightforward: Your account shouldn’t offer speeds faster than what your ISP can accommodate, or you’re simply wasting money. For example, if you get a 60 Mbit speed allotment from this provider but only have a 40 Mbit maximum speed on your connection, you won’t get your money’s worth.
  • Q: Do live chat and phone support make a difference? They can, but keep in mind that USENET tends to have very few problems. The system is older than the Internet, the technology is very well-established and tested and there are many different programs you can try—most for free—to access USENET. You shouldn’t need much tech support beyond getting set up and, if you’re truly lost, has plenty of different tutorials and other materials that can get you started.
  • Q: I’m having trouble deciding on a company. What’s the easiest way to get started with USENET? -  If you want to get going and aren’t interested in reading any more about it in the meantime, you can sign up with Easynews and use their web app to access USENET. This is the easiest learning curve. If you don’t mind downloading a newsreader and getting it going—it’s very easy—any of our top providers will work very well. Go ahead and get a cheap block access account so you can try USENET out before you subscribe if you’re still unsure.


Cheapnews has a FAQ on their site that you can check for answers to common questions. You can also use the web found on their website to contact support.

Contact Information

For general questions about this provider, email to: You can also use the web found on their website to contact support.

Security /Company Privacy Policy

The privacy policy at Cheapnews says that the company does share information with third parties and that they do use user data for administration purposes.

Payment Options

You can pay for your service through Cheapnews with major credit cards, Bitcoin, Sofort, GiroPay, and iDeal.

Our Opinion

Cheapnews is priced too high for us to give them a recommendation. While they claim to have impressive retention rates, they’re not yet close to the very long retention times offered by our top providers.

We do like the mix of block access and subscription accounts this provider offers but, again, our best providers offer the same at better prices. Overall, Cheapnews does offer a good service and they might be a useful alternative for some users, but for your primary source of USENET access, we recommend that you look at our list of best usenet service providers. They offer everything Cheapnews does, but with better pricing and more retention. Be aware that Cheapnews’s page is not in English, so you’ll have to translate it using your browser or select the English version of Cheapnews’s site when you go visit them.

Altenatives To Cheapnews

Newshosting$5.99Best Overall / Fastest Speeds
Eweka€6,99Best EU Provider / High Retention
UsenetServer$7.95Unlimited Access / NZB Search
Easynews$9.98All-in-One / Usenet Search
TweakNews€7,50Quality Retention / Quality Completion
PureUSENET€5.97Good EU Provider / Free SSL
XLned€7.49Fast Speeds / EU Servers

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