UsenetBucket Review

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UsenetBucket Review
Rating3 Stars
Price€12.95 / Month
Retention1600 Days
Free Trial7 Days
FeaturesDutch Servers
SSL Included
Accepting Bitcoin

UsenetBucket is a Dutch Usenet service provider with a lot going for them. They accept Bitcoin and have a good privacy policy and they’ve been good about updating their services to keep pace with the times.

Quick Facts

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Multiple Speed Options
  • 24-Hour Support
  • EU Servers
  • SSL (Privacy Protection)
  • 1600 day of Binary Retention
  • Up to 25 connections
  • No logging
  • Multiple Payment options
  • Accepts Bitcoin

Binary Retention

UsenetBucket is currently at 1600 days of binary retention. This is a bit lower than our best Usenet service providers, but certainly still competitive.


All of their subscriptions come with SSL support, which protects your privacy online.

Name1-month Fee3-month Fee1 year FeeSpeedConnections
Basic Bucket  €2.95  €8.40  €31.85  15 Mbit  10  
Comfort Bucket  €4.95  €14.10  €53.50  60 Mbit  10  
Ultimate Bucket  €12.95  €36.90  €139.85  400 Mbit  25  

All plans come with a 7-day return policy.

Free Trial info

You can try out their best plan, Ultimate Bucket, for free for 7 days with a 20 GB limit. If you’re not interested after testing, just cancel before your payment method is charged.

Special Offers / Coupons

UsenetBucket offers a €1 fee for a 2-day trial of their Ultimate Bucket plan.

Speed Test

UsenetBucket lives up to its claims as far as speed goes. Users should have no trouble getting the advertised speeds from this provider.

Usenetbucket Speed Test


UsenetBucket offers more connections with their more expensive packages, which makes sense, given that their packages allow faster speeds the more you pay. The connection allotments should be entirely adequate for most users and, in all likelihood, most users will be able to max out their speed with fewer than the total allowed number of connections.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

Reader.usenetbucket.comSSL Port: 443

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How hard is it to pay for service with Bitcoin?:

  • A: It’s much easier to use Bitcoin than it was in the past. There are several online services that will allow you to pay online with Bitcoin, and most of them are as convenient as any other type of online payment processor. Buying Bitcoin is very easy, as well.

  • Q: Will I be able to get English-language tech support from this company?:

  • A: Absolutely. UsenetBucket has a very well-written English-language FAQ that will answer most of your questions, in all likelihood. You can also contact support directly; they have English-speaking staff on hand.

  • Q: Would this be a good backup USENET service?:

  • A: Yes. It’s never a bad idea to have a backup USENET service. If you’re getting UsenetBucket, however, remember that they’re a subscription service. To control your costs, you may want to consider getting block access from a company such as Tweaknews in addition to your subscription. It can make a difference if you’re looking for very old binaries that not all USENET services might have available.

  • Q: Can I use my favorite newsreader with this service?:

  • A: Yes. UsenetBucket allows you to use whichever USENET reader you prefer with their service. If you don’t have one yet, Newsbin, Grabbit, SABnzbd, and many others are very popular. You can find writeups and reviews about several newsreaders on

  • Q: Will USENET from the EU be slower if I’m not in the EU?:

  • A: USENET is so fast that this seldom makes a difference. While connecting to a server in another nation might normally slow down your download speeds, keep in mind that USENET allows you to make multiple connections to news servers and that the providers sell their services based on speed. Don’t worry about the download speed lacking; UsenetBucket is plenty fast.

  • Q: I have no idea how USENET works, how do I even figure all this out?:

  • A: You’re at the right site. In addition to reviews, we provide tutorials and other information that will get you up and running with USENET in no time flat. It’s not hard, if that’s what you’re worried about. In fact, USENET is one of the easiest online services to learn and it gets better all the time, making it well-worth the effort!

Q: Should I use the SSL port if I’m connecting from overseas?:

  • A: Absolutely yes, you should. We never recommend connecting to a news server unencrypted. You have the option of protecting your privacy and we strongly recommend that you take it. Using SSL won’t slow your connection down and, in fact, it might speed it up a bit if your ISP throttles USENET traffic, and many of them do.

  • Q: Can I use NZBs with this service?:

  • A: You sure can! You can check out our listing of NZB sites to see which ones are really hot at the moment and which ones to avoid, too.

## Support

UsenetBucket has a fairly extensive FAQ where you can get answers to common questions. Your control panel will provide additional information, and you can contact support through your user control panel.

Contact Information

UsenetBucket B.V.
Planetenveld 353893
GE Zeewolde
The NetherlandsInfo

Security /Company Privacy Policy

According to their privacy policy, UsenetBucket only collects information sufficient to process payment. They do not log any user’s activity on their servers.

Payment Options

UsenetBucket accepts a wide selection of payment options, from credit cards to secure online payment processors. They also take Bitcoin, making them one of the better options for those who need to maintain their privacy when making payment.

Our Opinion

UsenetBucket is a good service. They have fast servers, a great privacy policy, and they accept Bitcoin. They’re not quite at the level of our best Usenet service providers yet; their retention times are a bit lower than companies like Tweaknews and Easynews. They are, however, a good option in USENET service providers, particularly for Dutch customers.The things we like about this service include their competitively-priced plans, the speed they offer, and the fact that they accept Bitcoin. Combine this with a strong privacy policy and the company being located in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction and it’s easy enough to see that this company offers a lot for the subscription price.If you want a Dutch service, or just a service located outside your home nation, UsenetBucket is a solid choice. They’re even more so if you happen to be located in the EU. While UsenetBucket isn’t quite in our top five yet, we do recommend them for Dutch customers and for anyone who’s really adamant about paying with Bitcoin.

Visit UsenetBucket
Visit UsenetBucket

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