UnlimiNews Review

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2022

UnlimiNews Review
Rating3 Stars
Price$9.99 / Month
Retention1000 Days
Free TrialNone
FeaturesNo Logging
Speed Limited Plans
3 Price Plans

UnlimiNews is a Usenet service provider that offers unlimited USENET subscription accounts. Their account prices are differentiated by speed and a custom USENET app.

Quick Facts

  • Price Determines Speed - up to 100 Mb/s
  • Unlimited Download Amounts
  • 256-bit SSL (Privacy Protection)
  • US and EU Servers
  • Includes Software - PureNZB client
  • 95,000 newsgroups uncensored
  • 24/7 email support

Binary Retention

UnlimiNews currently offers 1000 days of retention.


On UnlimiNews, the price you pay is determined by your maximum connection speed. The pricing is as follows.

SpeedPriceConnectionsDownload Amount
100 Mb/s  $14.99/month  50  Unlimited  
10 Mb/s  $12.99/month  20  Unlimited  
5 Mb/s  $9.99/month  12  Unlimited  

Free Trial info

There’s currently no free trial available from this Usenet service provider.

Special Offers / Coupons

If you’re a Usenetreviewz.com member, you can get a special deal with UnlimiNews. After you choose to open your account, you’ll be given the option to select our special offer.

Speed Test

UnlimiNews delivers the speed it advertises. Remember, however, that UnlimiNews cannot provide you with a speed faster than your broadband’s maximum speed. Choose your plan accordingly.

Unliminews Speed Test


UnlimiNews uses “slots” instead of “connections,” but they refer to the same thing. The amount of connections you get varies depending upon the plan you provide. The highest allowed number is 50, which is far more than most users will need to hit their maximum speed.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration

Server: news.unliminews.com
Unencrypted ports: 119
Encrypted ports: 563

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are speed-limited accounts a good buy?
A: They can be. The advantage is similar to a block account except that, instead of only paying for the amount of data you download, you pay for the maximum speed you can use. If your Internet connection, for instance, can only give you 5 Mbit/s speed, there’s no sense paying for a speed higher than that, so accounts like the ones UnlimiNews offers provide a good way to get the best value from your USENET budget.

Q: What about their included software?
A: UnlimiNews is among the companies that offer their own software to make using USENET easier. Many of our preferred providers, such as EasyNews, offer their own apps, as well. This is a great feature, particularly if you haven’t worked with USENET before. UnlimiNews’s app is set up and ready to go when you download it—just put in your username and password—so there’s nothing to configure. This makes getting up and running a lot easier for novices.

Q: How do I find out how much speed my ISP really gives me?
A: It’s not as easy as “look at your bill.” Go to any speed testing site and see what you’re actually getting from your ISP. You might even want to try a couple of different speed test sites to get an average, but one or two should do it. Don’t buy a subscription that’s any faster than your maximum speed. UnlimiNews can probably max it out, no matter how fast your connection is, but you cannot get faster download speeds than the maximum connection speed allowed by your ISP.

Q: What other newsreaders are there aside from the included option?
A: There are many different newsreaders out there, but some of the big names include sabNZBD—which is a downloader—Newsbin, and Grabbit. There are also PVRs and more. USENET has no shortage of apps, so it’s definitely worth it to explore. If you just want to stick with what UnlimiNews or another provider offers, that’s certainly acceptable!

Q: Can I use Bitcoin with this provider?
A: Not at present. Many of the best usenet service providers do offer a Bitcoin payment option, however.

Q: Is my USENET traffic safe from spying by my ISP?
A: SSL encryption, which UnlimiNews offers, protects your privacy. As long as you’re using the SSL port, your traffic is encrypted. If you have questions about configuring your client, you can contact support or go ahead and check out the FAQ, which will give you all the information you need.


There’s a live chat window on the UnlimiNews website that you can use to contact support.
There’s also a form provided where you can put a ticket in to their system. UnlimiNews has a very detailed FAQ on their site.

Contact Information

Z51 L.L.C.
2915 Ogletown Road # 1354
NEWARK, DE, 19713, U.S.A
+1 ( 302 ) 294 0 248

Security /Company Privacy Policy

UnlimiNews prominently advertises that it does not log user activity on their servers.

Payment Options

UnlimiNews accepts major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal payments.

Our Opinion

UnlimiNews has some very strong selling points. Mainly, the limited speed accounts are a nice offering for people who use USENET quite a lot for downloading and who cannot get by with a block account. In such cases, being able to save money by only getting a speed that’s enough for your Internet connection, and no faster, can make USENET more affordable.

The included software is a nice touch, as well, and it’s set up so that you don’t have to do any of the hard work of configuring it. UnlimiNews’s software good to go out of the box, but you might want to get more USENET apps if you want to experience what the system truly has to offer. UnlimiNews will let you use other apps on their service and, with live chat customer support, there’s really no way it should be hard to find out if a particular app will work with this service or not.

UnlimiNews is among the providers that offer a package that makes USENET more valuable to customers. In the same way that Newshosting, Tweaknews and UsenetServer offer VPN enhancements to their service, or block accounts, this one makes USENET more affordable and more accessible, which is always a good thing. Whether you have enough bandwidth from your ISP to max out the high-priced plan from this provider or can get by with a small amount of bandwidth and be perfectly happy, UnlimiNews has an offering. If you want to save money with a block account instead of by reducing your top speed, however, check out our Best Usenet Service Providers page for more information on that option.

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