Simply Usenet Review

Simply Usenet Review
3 / 5
Simply Usenet Review
Rating 3 Stars
Price €11,50 / Month
Retention 420 Days
Free Trial No Free Trial
Features UK Usenet Provider
No Frills
High Price

SimplyUsenet, a relative newcomer to the Usenet world is providing both an appealing service and an interesting business model. Simply Usenet is a UK based Usenet Service Provider and a reseller of xsnews high speed Usenet connections for UK Usenet users. Currently Simply Usenet is offering some Usenet specials.

Binary Retention

Simply Usenet is currently offering 420 of binary retention across ALL groups.


Simply Usenet offers 5 pricing levels for their service all of which are based upon download speeds. They are

  • 2 Mbps unlimited “ $5 /£3 a month
  • 8 Mbps unlimited “ $8 / £5 a month
  • 16 Mbps unlimited “ $10 / £6 a month
  • 24 Mbps unlimited “ $11 / £7 a month
  • 50 Mbps unlimited “ $18 / £11 a month

Simply Usenet Free Trial

Simply Usenet does not currently offer any free trials. However they currently have special pricing

Simply Usenet Coupons

Simply Usenet is offering monthly specials and discounted pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will a server in my home nation be faster?

A: Generally speaking, yes: servers that are located closer to you geographically will be faster. However, server load, your Internet connection and other factors can play into how fast your connection is in the end, so be sure to try different servers if you feel you should be getting more speed.

Q: I added the maximum number of connections and my connection slowed down, why is that?

A: Adding connections takes up resources on your computer. Thus, adding as many connections as you can will sometimes actually reduce download speeds. Go ahead and reduce your connections until you reach your maximum speed.

Q: Do all USENET services have a search feature?

A: No. Some USENET services offer a search feature and some do not. If you go with a provider that doesn’t offer a search feature, you can check our list of NZB indexers for another option for finding content.

Q: Does the privacy policy matter with USENET providers?

A: Yes, it does. Most USENET providers advertise that they do not log and we generally prefer those who make a point of it. It’s the best way to protect your privacy. This is particularly important for people in jurisdictions where law enforcement and other entities might be repressive to speech and access.

Q: Is there an advantage to providers that offer a newsreader?

A: We think so, particularly for newer users. USENET users who have been using the system for a long time might not need a newsreader and, in all likelihood, bring their own when they open up an account with a new provider. However, for newer users, going with a provider such as Newshosting, which offers a newsreader, is a lot more convenient. It allows new users to skip a step in that they don’t have to hunt down software to use with their subscription.

Q: Should I use the SSL server?

A: Yes, you should always use an SSL server with USENET. SSL encrypts your connection so it can’t be spied upon. Even if you’re just browsing articles and not downloading anything, we highly recommend using SSL whenever you connect to the Internet.

Q: Is the VPN worth the extra cost?

A: Any USENET provider that offers VPN gets bonus points with us, and we highly recommend turning on your VPN whenever you’re online. Don’t just save it for times when you’re worried about security; keep it on. SimplyUsenet offers a VPN option with their plans, as do providers such as Newshosting and UsenetServer. Combined with the other features that Newshosting and UsenetServer use, we prefer those services.

Simply Usenet Special Offers Details

The offers starting on the 1st February are as follows:

  • 8Mb – Was £6.99, Now only £4.99 per month
  • 24Mb – Was £10.99, Now only £6.99 per month
  • 50Mb – Was £12.99, Now only £8.99 per month

The prices for our 8Mb and 24Mb remain unchanged; however our 50Mb plan has been reduced further to £8.99 for February. Simply Usenet states that the above offers, are all “Lifetime Offers, we will not raise the price as long as your subscription remains active”. These offers will initially run til the end of February.


Simply Usenet downloads speeds are extremely good. I have been able to consistently max out my 10 MB connection in the USA and would like to try a 50 MB/sec download option but I do not currently have an ISP that supports this super high speed.


SSL is offered included with every plan. Also no logs are kept, they have anonymous group requests and anonymous posting.

Other Nice Features


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3 Comments about Simply Usenet Review

  • Avatar of Colin B
    Colin B on

    Please could you update ” Simply Usenet is a UK based Usenet Service Provider and is NOT a reseller and offers ultra high speed Usenet connections for UK Usenet users.”

    Please note they are a xsnews reseller.
    Also the ” Unlimited Deal ” is not quite true they Have a Fair Use Policy

    “Excessive Use ”

    “Our unlimited accounts are not to be used as a dedicated connection. Any subscriber using our services unreasonably in a way may have their speeds reduced or in the case of constant unreasonable use their account may be suspended or terminated without notice. It is also our right to prohibit the renewal of your account with us to prevent further abuse. It is at our sole discretion what we believe to be unreasonable use. ”

    Not Good if you ask me.

  • Avatar of Wookiemaster
  • Avatar of dmon
    dmon on

    initialy good, but after month, since they change in september, they have low completion over 400 days, and low speed the evening.
    NO custumer service and no answer about question.
    I change as soon i can.
    see other provider

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