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Rating 3 Stars
Price €15.00 / Month
Retention 1100 Days
Free Trial No Free Trial
Features Dutch Servers
VPN Add on Available
Selling Webhosting
Payment Multiple Payment Options is a reseller for the large Dutch USENET company XSNews. They offer several different packages, which are priced a bit higher than average for USENET providers. They have a great secure payment method that may make them a good choice for some users, however.


Retention rates for this USENET Provider are currently at 1100+. This is low compared to some of our top providers, but it’s still over 2 years of retention, so it’s likely adequate for some users.


Connections, download speeds and whether or not the account is divisible all vary according to the package that you purchase. This provider also offers block accounts. The pricing is as follows:

  • 6 mBit with 4 connections for €6,72
  • 8 mBit with 6 connections for €7,56
  • 10 mBit with 8 connections for €8,40
  • 15 mBit with 10 connections for €10,50
  • 20 mBit with 12 connections for €12,61
  • 60 mBit with 15 connections for €17,50
  • 100 mBit with 20 connections for €22,50

The 10, 15, 20 and 60 mBit accounts are divisible.

Block Access:

  • 3 GB for €3
  • 5 GB for €5
  • 15 GB for €6
  • 25 GB for €8
  • 45 GB for €10
  • 75 GB for €15
  • 150 GB for €25
  • 400 GB for €60
  • 750 GB for €110

All block accounts are divisible and have 20 connections max.

Free trial

None listed on site at present.


None listed on site at present.


This provider offers fewer connections than some of the competition, so the speed might not be as fast as some users could get if there were more connections provided. The leading account in this regard is the 100 mBit, which offers 20 connections.


The system supports 1024-bit SSL encryption, so your privacy is protected on this provider. The company also takes the Paysafe card, which is another way that you can protect your anonymity by not using a payment method that’s easily linked to your actual identity.

Other Nice Features

The block account access might be a good choice for those who just need to download some small binaries. The 3 GB account would be ideal for this use and it only costs €3, so it’s certainly affordable. Support is available in Dutch and in English.


The prices for this USENET provider are high compared to some of our other providers, including our top providers – see it here. The Paysafe card option might be the best selling point with this provider.

Recommendation is a reseller for a good provider, but their prices are high. You might be able to save money by going with one of our top providers.

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