UsenetDiscounter Review

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2022

UsenetDiscounter Review
Rating3 Stars
Price€14.75 / Month
Retention1200 Days
Free Trial25 GB
FeaturesDutch Service
SSL Included
Dutch Servers Only

UsenetDiscounter, just as the name says, sells USENET access at a reduced rate. With this Usenet service provider, you can also get bundled VPN service. The company is based in the Netherlands.

Quick Facts:

  • Metered Usenet plans
  • Includes Night Accounts
  • VPN add-on option
  • Up to 70 connections
  • SSL Encryption
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Trial: 25GB
  • 1200 days of binary retention

Binary Retention

All UsenetDiscounter plans come with 1200 days of retention.


UsenetDiscounter offers plans that allow access during regular and overnight hours. The pricing is as follows.

Flat Fee Accounts

Plan1 mo. fee3 mo. fee6 mo. fee12 mo. feeSpeedConnections
5 flat fee  €2.50  €6.75  €12.00  €18.00  5 Mbit  5  
20 flat fee  €3.75  €9.30  €17.40  €33.60  20 Mbit  10  
100 flat fee  €6.75  €18.30  €35.40  €64.80  100 Mbit  30  
250 flat fee  €5.75  €16.50  €31.50  €54.00  250 Mbit  40  
500 flat fee  €14.75  €40.50  €76.80  €147.60  500 Mbit  50  
1000 flat fee  €7.75  €22.50  €37.50  €66.00  1000 Mbit  70  

You can add VPN access along with your Usenet account for €7.00 per month. Pure VPN access can also be purchased for €7.50 per month. SSL encryption is available on all accounts. Account sharing is allowed, as well.

  • 1 month - €10,50
  • 3 months - €29,25 or €9.75 per month
  • 6 months - €54,00 or €9.00 per month
  • 12 months - €90,00 or €7.50 per month

UsenetDiscounter also provides night accounts that you can only use between 00:00 and 12:00 CET. Between 12:01 and 23:59 CET, your account will not be available.

Night Fee Accounts

Plan1 mo. fee3 mo. fee6 mo. fee12 mo. feeSpeedConnections
5 Night fee€1.75€4.50€7.50€12.005 Mbit5
20 Night fee€2.30€6.45€10.80€19.8020 Mbit10
100 Night fee€2.75€6.75€12.00€21.00100 Mbit30
250 Night fee€3.00€7.50€13.50€24.00250 Mbit40
1000 Night fee€3.00€8.25€15.00€27.001000 Mbit70

Free Trial

UsenetDiscounter offers a free trial account. You get a 150Mbit transfer maximum with 30 connections. It comes with the same 1200 day retention and SSL included with the regular paid accounts.


Coupons come and go, but as of the time this review was posted you can get two very good deals from UsenetDiscounter. They include:

Usenet Flat Fee 250Mbit, 12 months of service for €44. Use the coupon code fee19 at checkout to get this special.

Usenet Flat Fee 100Mbit, 12 months of service for €55. Use the coupon code ud100 at checkout for this package.

Technical Details

  • Server name:
  • Authentication: authentication is required
  • Username: Usenetdiscounter username
  • Password: Usenetdiscounter password
  • Port: 563, 443 with SSL enabled; 119, or 80 with SSL disabled


UsenetDiscounter can provide speeds of up to 1Gbit, according to their site. The company does offer a very large number of connections on its most expensive plans. Keep in mind that your computer may not be able to handle so many connections but, if it can, transfer rates will be very fast.

Usenetdiscounter Speed Test


Each plan includes 256-bit SSL encryption. There are no limits on usage and the provider encourages you to use this feature to protect your privacy.

Other Nice Features

The low rates and nighttime access are perfect for night owls. The Netherlands jurisdiction is also excellent for privacy.


If you want cheap USENET access with good transfer rates and don’t mind not being able to access the account twenty-four hours per day, UsenetDiscounter is definitely worth looking into. They may serve as a good backup, as well.

UsenetDiscounter Vs. the Competition

The biggest difference between this provider and others is the time restriction.


This might be a good choice for people who really tend to burn the midnight oil. If you’re not using your USENET access during the day, you certainly stand to save by restricting your usage to the nighttime hours with this Usenet service provider.

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