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ExtremeUsenet is a reseller that sells USENET access located in the Netherlands. This reseller is competitive with others of its type, but it does have something of an edge on most of its competition, as well. The reseller offers good speed, in fact, which is one of its most attractive qualities.

Binary Retention

Binary retention on this service is 900 days. These figures are updated on a nightly basis, so check back here if you consider this provider in the future. Text retention is also set at 900 days and the company promises better than 99% completion on its service. There are approximately 150,000 newsgroups to peruse.


The pricing is competitive. The packages are differentiated by being limited in speed with unlimited downloads any time of the day or being restricted to being used between certain hours. The pricing is as follows.

Any time of day, Mbit denotes speed cap:

  • 4 Mbit for 4,00 € / month
  • 8 Mbit for 5,00 € / month
  • 12 Mbit for 6,00 € / month
  • 20 Mbit for 6,50 € / month
  • 30 Mbit for 7,00 € / month
  • 60 Mbit for 8,00 € / month
  • 120 Mbit for 10,00 € / month

Limited to 2:00-14:00 or 4:00 and 16:00

  • 12 Mbit for 2,00 € / month
  • 20 Mbit for 4,50 € / month
  • 30 Mbit for 5,00 € / month
  • 60 Mbit for 6,00 € / month

The speed is very good and this makes the pricing even more competitive.

Free Trial Info

There is no free trial from ExtremeUsenet right now.

ExtremeUsenet Coupons

Not available at present.

Payment Options

ExtremeUsenet takes the following payment options:

  • Credit Cards
  • Giropay
  • iDeal
  • PayPal

Special Considerations

The packages that are limited to certain times of the day are actually very good values. These are worth considering if the hours work for you or if you use an automated system that can download for you at those hours.


Excellent, ExtremeUsenet offers 256-bit SSL encryption over port 563. They’re located in Europe, too, so that’s a bonus for people who want more privacy.


ExtremeUsenet has excellent speed. The prices over at Eweka are better, but the speeds at ExtremeUsenet are definitely higher and ExtremeUsenet is faster than UsenetBucket, as well.

Combine this with a very inexpensive way to get USENET access via the time-restricted packages and this is a provider definitely worth considering if you want your USENET out of the Netherlands.

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Editor Rating
3 stars
Price€ 10
Free TrialNo Free Trial No
US Serverno usa server No
EU Serverno eu server No
PaypalNo Paypal Accepted No
BitcoinNo Bitcoin Accepted No

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  1. Noblelox on December 15th, 2015

    How can you review providers without mentioning DMCA takedowns? No point how fast it is, if all the content is missing.

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