Four-Year Retention Mark Crossed by Several USENET Providers

August 22, 2012

Imagine finding a great article on a USENET newsgroup when you were a freshman in high school and being able to go back and find it again this summer after you graduated. With USENET providers now having crossed the four-year mark in some cases, retention on the USENET system has become incredible.

The Providers

Four of our favorite providers have managed to get up to the 1,460 day mark for retention. These include Giganews, UsenetServer, Newshosting and Supernews. With this much retention, it means that there is unprecedented data availability on the USENET system and that those great articles that you wish you could find years after having first seen them will likely still be there, live and ready to read.

For most of these providers, being able to provide this level of retention is only possible because of adding new equipment. UsenetServer, for instance, upgraded all of its server farms and offers the four-year retention period to subscribers all over the world.

The Logistics

It’s no mean feat to provide this level of retention. Every day, the enormous number of newsgroups on the USENET system can generate up to 10 terabytes of new data. That means 10 terabytes per day, multiplied by 365 days per year, multiplied by four. The best USENET providers out there have an enormous backbone link that allows a huge number of users to download off of their systems without experiencing slowdowns or other degradations in service.

Signing Up

Any one of these for providers can offer you the four-year retention. That, presumably, will become the industry standard at some point. For now, however, you have to go with one of these four to get that level of service.

Any of these four are all recommended providers, but any one of them may suit your needs better than others, depending upon what you expect out of the USENET provider. Giganews, for instance, comes with its own newsreader – called Mimo – and can also be purchased with VPN service and a file storage service. UsenetServer is currently offering a 14 day free trial, which offers you up to 10 gigabytes of downloads. You can also try out new providers by using block accounts, which simply means purchasing a given amount of download bandwidth rather than buying a subscription.

No matter what option you choose, any one of these for providers offers excellent service and, on top of that, they all keep articles available for four years after they are posted.

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