2012 Best Deal/Valued Usenet Provider: UsenetServer

May 31, 2017

In our best deal category we have selected UNS this year. Their quality of service, coupled with the features they offer, combine to make their offerings hard to beat on the Usenet circuit. With all their accounts having only unlimited access, (excepting their 3 day and free trial,) the pricing tier becomes a simple matter of how much you can afford to throw down at the time of your purchase. There are a few differences in the accounts that they do offer, and we will discuss this later.

The Last Year At UNS

The last year has been rather uneventful for UNS, but sometimes uneventful is good. During these times you can update, and take care of the mundane chores that often get ignored, or put on the back burner. So, for the past year the development teams over at UNS have been busy spooling, and updating their services. They did have 2 retention increases this year, moving up to a total retention rate of 1,249 days of binary retention, and still maintaining their years of text message retention.

UsenetServer At A Glance

Since we are deeming UNS our best Deal/Valued Usenet provider, we will be giving you a basic outline of their pricing tiers here, along with a few of the high points of their service offerings. Here they are:

  • High-Speed Plus Plan costs only $15.98. Unlimited access, unlimited speeds, and up to 20 concurrent connections.
  • High-Speed Plan costs $13.32 monthly and has unlimited access and speeds, but will allow you only 10 concurrent connections.
  • The 3 Day Plan. Something that many Usenet providers don’t have. 3 Days of access for only $3 will get you 10 concurrent connections, but for $2 more you can get the extra 10 connections.
  • 1,249 days of binary retention, and quite literally, years of retention on the text messages.
  • Server farms are on excellent backbones, to provide for some of the best speeds available from a provider.
  • 14 day free trial, and a friend referral program.

The Trial And Referral Program

They only offer their free trial to their monthly subscribers, so don’t expect to purchase their 3 day access account and get it…it doesn’t work that way. With the free trial you can get up to 10 GB in downloads, which doesn’t seem like much, but it is enough to get the feel. Their friend referral program is another thing that most Usenet providers don’t have. If you refer a friend that stays with them for a minimum of 90 days, they will credit your account with $10…and this works for all their customers, not just special ones.

UNS In The News

Aside from the inevitable updates, and the normal maintenance, UNS has stayed out of the public eye for most of the year. They did increase their retention rates to the previously stated 1,249 days, but very little else happened for them. But out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind. There are those times that says, œNo news is good news. This last year has been one of those years for UNS.

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