MegaUpload Ready to Return

October 2, 2012

The arrest of Kim Dotcom and other leading figures associated with the MegaUpload storage locker site was big news in early 2012. Despite the high-profile arrest, Dotcom has announced that MegaUpload is 90 percent ready to go back online, that servers have been ordered and that investors have already lined up to get back in on the project.

According to his Twitter page, Kim Dotcom has just about everything in place to get the servers up and running again. He advises users to be patient and that it is coming. The fact that MegaUpload is being relaunched has made users on Internet forums both excited and a bit suspicious about the future of the company.

Copyright Cops

MegaUpload was taken down due to alleged copyright infringement. The arrest of Kim Dotcom and other individuals associated with MegaUpload was right out of a spy novel, including having helicopters descend upon Dotcom’s home. This high-profile arrest, however, has not been without controversy.

An article in TorrentFreak points out that the Prime Minister of New Zealand has ordered an inquiry into the conduct of the government spies who set up the arrest of Kim Dotcom and the other individuals that were associated with the site. Like the CIA in the United States, the New Zealand intelligence administration, known as the GCSB, is forbidden from spying on people within its own nation. According to the report, that agency did help the United States by conducting surveillance on both Kim Dotcom and Bram van der Kolk, as well as their families.


MegaUpload was one of the most popular file storage services on the Internet. Its speed and its generous offerings for free user accounts both made it a well-known name around the world. The United States was largely behind the arrest of its founders, alleging that the site was conducting rampant copyright violations and, using that as a justification, Kim Dotcom was arrested, his property seized and the site shut down.

Dotcom is currently out of jail and some of his assets have been returned to him. While officials did seize the servers that formerly belonged to MegaUpload, Dotcom’s tweets reveal that the company has already purchased new servers and that everything is almost ready to go for the launch of the new MegaUpload. Whether or not it is able to function under the watchful eye of governments who are already very interested in MegaUpload remains to be seen.

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