Announcing A New UsenetReviewz Tradition – The UNR Annual Friends And Foes Of The Internet Awards

July 17, 2013

globe trophy“Wow! Can you believe it? After complaining that the Chinese, Arabic dictators, and even France, were spying and hacking away at US servers, (both government and private sector,) the NSA was exposed to be tracking, recording, and spying at a level that makes everyone else look like they are using crayons…” One of our senior editors expressed when asked about the events of the last few weeks. The actual question asked around the UNR “water cooler” was:

We have always had the simple knowledge that “If big bro wants to know anything about you, he can find it out.” But how do you feel now that factual evidence has proved that “big bro”doesn’t have to find it out, he already knows it.

adult-gamer-water-coolerSomewhere in the answers received on our “water cooler” question, there was a suggestion that maybe we should present annual awards to the few that work the hardest and get the biggest results in the fight for privacy, and security on the internet. Another said there should be a bad guy award. And so, here’s the First “Annual Friend And Foes Of The Internet Awards!” For our first year we have supplied the first three categories, criteria, and winners. We would like to have 2-3 more categories for next year, plus nominations, to be supplied by our readers. You can send us your suggestions via our twitter, @usenetreviewz. Now on to the awards…

Friends Of The Internet:

  • DPM clegg2Political Friends In High Places Award: This award is for the politician, agency, or government, that contributes in a meaningful, positive, and beneficial towards common sense regulation and legislation advancing the cause of freedom and privacy on the internet. This year the Communications Data Bill has dominated the news in the UK. And fighting against the bill were Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, and Julian Huppert, an MP, and quite successfully we might add. The bill would have allowed active spying on the communications and internet activities of their citizens without a warrant.
  • Internet Citizen Of The Year: This is for the single person that contributes the most resulting in a positive change in policy, or technology; either corporate or government. This year, Edward Snowden. Snowdens’ exposing of the US governments massive spying activities has to be the biggest single contribution to internet freedom and privacy ever…
  • spamhaus_logoCorporate Internet Citizen Of The Year: Much like the Internet Citizen Of The Year, but this award can only be won by corporations and Organizations. This year the aware will be shared by the publications that assisted Edward Snowden to expose the NSA spying programs, The Guardian and The Washington Post; Spamhaus, for their part in averting a global cyber-attack; and the EFF for their relentless efforts at keeping government and corporate noses out of the private lives of global citizens. 

Now here’s the Foes Of The Internet Awards: 

  • recep erdoganPolitical Foes Of The Internet: This is for the governments, agencies, and corporations that are doing everything in their power to stifle freedom and privacy on the internet. There were so many attempts this year we had a difficult time of pinpointing a single event. So, we decided to match this years Political Friends Award and award this infamy to the politicians that worked so hard to get the Communications Data Bill passed, Theresa May, MP. We also have an honorable mention in this category of the PM of Turkey, Recep Erdogan. Earlier this year he displayed how much ignorance that the Internet Foes fight with by saying that “Social Media” was a menace to society…
  • villainVillain Of The Internet: This is much like our Political Foe, but is reserved for corporations and organizations that work to stifle our freedom and privacy on the internet. This category could encompass individuals in general, but will probably usually be filled by a group, or corporation. This year the award goes to Blue Coat for their lack of ethics when selling security technologies with repressive regimes. I has been shown that their technologies and systems have been instrumental in virtually shutting off the entire internet by certain Mid-East regimes.
  • NSAInternet Foe Number One: This category is for the government, agency, or corporation, that contributes in a way that affects virtually every person on the planet. It can be telephonic, data, or internet. This years recognitiooes to the US agency, the NSA. Mainly for their PRISM project which spies on virtually every person that has any kind of electronics devices. The editors here at UsenetReviewz believe that the PRISM program will be exposed as much larger than has been discovered so far.

We hope that these awards will help you determine who’s who when you are making critical decisions on who to support and who to rail against. It’s only through open, honest, and most especially, transparent discourse, that rational regulation and legislation can satisfy all the parties concerned and keep the internet an open, free, and even private, way to trade ideas, entertainment, and communications.

If you have category suggestions, nominations, or comments about these awards we’re more than happy to hear them…just keep it clean, UsenetReviewz is a family oriented “G” rated website. Send us your tweet to @usenetreviewz.

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